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Big Time Gene O'Neill on the new Chili Peppers album


Big Time checks in on his blog with this evaluation of the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album:

Just listened to the new Aerosmith album

Current mood: Dying on the inside

then i found it was actually the new Chili Peppers album. Yikes.

Blood Sugar was the first album I ever bought, so the C-peps always had tenure in a small corner of my heart. Now they've release Stadium Arcadium, which upon release headed straight for the long line of safe, over-produced, forgettable albums from the intensive-care unit of cultural relevancy--primarily occupied by 90s rock fossils like Audioslave (Rage/Soundgarden) and Velvet Revolver (GNR/STP). Maybe this is why Kurt Cobain killed himself.

I think this latest tragedy puts a bookend on my youth and young manhood, and fittingly so that it should be framed by the Peps, who, like me, went from crazy/destructive/irreverant to predictable/staid/over-sincere. We had a nice ride while it lasted, boys. See you at the funeral.

That's not funny, that's just sick!


Milton Berle's Cock, the amazing comedy audio blog, just posted another huge update. This one includes the great National Lampoon album "That's Not Funny, That's Just Sick." The record is one of the best in the Lampoon catalog, and it features one my all-time favorite bits: Bill Murray's "Listener Sponsored Radio." In it, Murray portrays a public radio host during a pledge drive. I don't want to spoil the jokes, so head over there and download it for yourself.



In the upfronts yesterday, NBC announced that they will be launching a new website/broadband channel called "" The channel will feature clips from NBC comedy shows like Conan, Leno and SNL, as well as a bunch of new media buzzwords. CNet, for example, says it will offer users, "a chance to create their own content to podcasts." The Apiary is reporting that in addition to the comedy clips " will also have blogs, podcasts and mash-ups." What even is a comedy clip mashup?

I'm imagining the presentation went something like this... "mashup blog web 2.0 myspace social networking blog blog RSS remix mashup user-generated content vodcast podcast vidcast ipod bookmarking tagging on-demand mobile media thank you, goodnight." And it being the upfronts, it was probably delivered by Jay Leno on a motorcycle.

On the plus side, NBC also announced the pickup of both Tina Fey and Aaron Sorkin's behind-the-scenes-at-a-show-a-lot-like-SNL shows, both of which have a lot of potential. And they announced 30 "Webisodes" of "The Office." Which could certainly be a disaster, but could also be good. Personally, I'm embarassed to even write the word "webisode."

The Kasper Hauser Podcast is coming...


The Graffiti Community Supports Kasper Hauser (thanks Nathan!)

I recent spent a few hours in the home studio with the four members of the Kasper Hauser Skit Club, preparing some material for the Kasper Hauser Podcast. Oh man is it going to be funny. I can't give you a launch date yet, but trust me, it will be awesome.

Podcast: The College Years: Gene Falls in Love


On this Sound of Young America: The College Years, a girl calls in for a contest... and goes home with a new boyfriend.

Also, we discuss broadcast decency. And propose some new rules of our own.

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The State: Sherlock Holmes


This track is from The State's never-released CD, which as they explained at SF Sketchfest, was recorded in the Carribean, while they were really, really relaxed.

The State Official Website

West Coast Live looking for interns and volunteers.


I just got an email from my friend Kathi Kamen Goldmark, producer of West Coast Live, a syndicated public radio show produced live on stage here in the Bay Area.

WCL are looking for a volunteer or intern to help produce the program on show days. This is something I did for quite some time, and really enjoyed. It entails showing up early on Saturday, helping set up, assisting Mitchell, the engineer, and filling in wherever help is needed. If you're interested in helping around the office of the show, I'm sure Kathi would love the help. You can do it for school credit, or out of the kindness of your heart.

West Coast Live is a great show and a really great bunch of people. If you're dependable and bright, they will help you learn more about radio production. No special skills are needed, only enthusiasm and dependability.

If you're interested, email Kathi at producer at wcl dot org.

The Sound of Young America's subscriber history...


This neat graph shows The Sound of Young America's subscriber history, based on the Feedburner metric. Feedburner measures the number of unique hits to the feed in a given 24-hour period, so be aware that downloads for a given show over a week tend to be about 2.5 times the feedburner number. Each bar represents a day, and you can hover over it with the mouse for the exact subscriber number.

The two big peaks you see are the times we were featured on iTunes. The little tiny valleys are the weekends, when less folks are on the internet.


Jonathan Katz's "An Evening of 75 Laughs"

| 0 comments, the online public radio content clearinghouse, is hosting the public radio special "75 Laughs, an Evening with Jonathan Katz." The hour-long special also features H. Jon Benjamin, Bill Braudis, Tom Leopold, Laura Silverman, Ron Lynch, Tom Snyder, and Andy Blickenderfer.

You can listen to the whole thing on PRX, for free, but you have to register. It's quick and painless, though. And once you're registered, you can review some Sound of Young America shows, and help balance out that one star review (out of five) that we got from their editorial board.

Abandoned Computer Games


Home of the Underdogs is one of the most amazing websites around. It's what's called an "Abandonware" site, dedicated to computer software (particularly games) which is now out of print. Of course, LOTS of computer games are out of print, since they're only state-of-the-art for about a year.

The site features hundreds and hundreds of games, in every genre and from every era, and any game that's out of print is downloadable. You can, for example, play Beaurocracy, an Infocom text adventure game from 1987 written by Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Or the original Bubble Bobble. I remember playing Loom for hours on my best friend's dad's Amiga... and I can't even tell you how many hours I spent creating plays in Front Page Sports Football Pro. You can even get old Voyager CD Roms, like this one about Steven J. Gould.

What are your favorites here? Let us all know.


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