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Scientology Metal


I once saw my freshman roomate punch a hole in a wall. He also plays drums, and wants to start a Scientology-based metal band. If you are interested, you can contact Erotikus on MySpace. He lives in the Bay Area.

Ripperton + Pryor + Sammy Davis + Lion =


Let me make this clear: I am anti-pedophile.


I've been thinking a lot lately about pedophilia.

Mostly because of this recurring Dateline NBC segment that there's been a lot of talk about, called "To Catch a Predator." In the segment, a Dateline correspondent leads a would-be internet sex predator into believing that he will meet up with a young girl or boy for sex. When the predator shows up, he's met with cameras and police. Just thinking about the whole thing makes me feel dirty inside.

But besides that dirty feeling, I'm also reminded of "The Brass Eye," the British television series created by Chris Morris. The series is a relentlessly dark satire of this sort of tabloid TV -- from Dateline to Hard Copy and so on. The series ran for a relatively short period in the late 90s, but was hugely influential.

"Brass Eye" did a special on pedophilia in 2001, which was hugely controversial in the UK (though it was really no worse than the series had been), and led to Chris Morris' career stalling out for a time. He's now one of the leads in the UK series "The IT Crowd," but that show's nothing like "Brass Eye."

Anyway, below (in two parts) is that special broadcast. The sound's a bit out of sync, which sucks, but if you have bit torrent software, you can find a torrent of the show here (not to mention one of the full series here).

Part One:

Part Two:

Podcast: The College Years: New York, New York


On this Sound of Young America: The College Years, we celebrate America's Greatest City: New York, New York.

This includes taking travel tips from listeners, and calling various offices in the New York tourism department, trying to get them to reccomend a phone booth that we can use for a simulcast. As it turns out, there is a phone booth in the ground floor of the Empire State Building, but there is not one on top.

I'm gonna be honest: a great effing time is had by all.

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A Chat with Stephen Colbert


Late last year, Tim Goodman of the San Francisco Chronicle sat down with Stephen Colbert for San Francisco's City Arts & Lectures. The Chron podcasted the program, and I share it now with you:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

TSOYA in Stay Free!


The Sound of Young America was written up in the "My New Favorite Thing" section of Stay Free!, an handsome and interesting magazine out of Brooklyn. The write up was from former TSOYA guest Joe Garden, of The Onion. Here it is:

Like TiVo for the less social, podcasts are totally addictive. I bought into the media hype wholesale, but I love ‘em. As soon as they became super easy to use, I started subscribing like a madman. ABC’s Nightline, NPR’s On the Media, the Presidential Weekly Radio Address and my neighbor’s weekly Mohawk vocabulary lesson… I mean, hell, they’re free.

That said, there are two that I listen to without fail. In five minutes the Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing… blah blah blah.

My other essential podcast is The Sound of Young America. Originating in Santa Cruz, TSOYA is hosted by the self-proclaimed “America’s Radio Sweetheart,” 24-year-old Jesse Thorn. (Writer’s disclaimer: I have appeared as a guest on the program twice. Had I not, I probably wouldn’t be aware of the show.) Described as a cross between Terry Gross and Conan O’Brien, Thorn interviews authors, rappers, and, most often, comedians. While Thorn sometimes enthusiastically talks over his guests rather than letting them answer, you still get a solid, well-researched interview, and Thorn only has guests that he admires. Chalk it up to his platform of “new sincerity,” and check out his full-show interview with his radio idol Bob Edwards for classic Sound. (Writer’s disclaimer: Thorn did not talk over me during my interviews, though he probably should have.) – Joe Garden

Patton Oswalt in San Francisco


Here's a great clip of Patton performing at San Francisco's Cobb's Comedy Club.

He'll be back at Cobb's August 24th-26th.

News from the Northern Station


I really enjoy reading the Community Newsletter distributed by my local police station. I found it after I started searching for some information on a shooting across the street, and fell in love. Apparently, the original author has been transferred (I'm looking into whether he's writing anything for his new station), and the verbiage has been a little more subdued, but it still makes great reading.

Here's a story from this week's:

Friday, 11:04 pm, Assault with a Deadly Weapon Arrest: Officer Van Koll and Officer Pera were sent to Haight St. and Webster St. on a report of a large fight about 5:30 pm. When they arrived, they found a woman lying in a pool of blood. There was a large crowd in the area, but no one wanted to give up any information. The woman was transported to the hospital for treatment. Eventually, the officers were able to piece bits of the story together. They determined that the woman had been sliced by a broke bottle during the fight. The officers also learned the name of the suspect. The suspect was a woman that the officers knew from prior contacts. At about 11:30 pm, the officers were sent to Fillmore St. and Golden Gate Ave. on a second report of a fight. This time, the suspect was involved in a verbal argument with another person. The suspect was still wearing clothing covered in blood. The officers immediately recognized that they had an opportunity to arrest the suspect from the earlier fight. When they arrested the woman, she said, “That @#$&% fell on the glass. I didn’t stab her.” The woman was arrested and booked at County Jail.

Congrats Tyler & BJ!

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My pal Tyler and his pal BJ won a million dollars on TV last night! They competed last year on The Amazing Race, and they weren't allowed to tell anyone what happened. I couldn't bear to watch -- reality TV makes me too uncomfortable. But I'm so happy they won! No one "deserves" to win a million dollars on TV, but I can't imagine it going to a better person than Tyler.

If you get the chance, please check out Tyler's great movie, Kintaro Walks Japan, about his walking trek from one end of Japan to the other, to find his father's birthplace, and impress the love of his life, Ayumi. If you click the link, you can order it on DVD or watch the whole thing for free on Google Video. Tyler saved his money throughout high school to buy a camera when he graduated, and he takes it everywhere. It's a really wonderful film.

Also: Tyler is not a hippie. He's just really nice.

Did You Know?


That Prince has the power to make everyone who watches him both gay and AWESOME?


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