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Burning Man: Laying Down the Gauntlet


Kasper Hauser is laying down the gauntlet on his Burning Man enemy: DJ Marmalade (or DJ Orange Juice, or something like that, he can't remember). Sounds like some crazy shit went down in the contact improv area:

"Right when I was about to go off, this cracked out white hippie with dreads, chapped lips, and bubble goggles just wanders right into the sacred space, whips it out and starts pissing. I was doing this incredible form (Tiger style), the drums were going off, a dude was playing a shakahathsi flute, and my foot wheeled right into the spot where this guy was pissing (for about 5 minutes solid I should add)..."


Andy Kindler "The World Stands Up"


I really have a hard time imagining a more charming live performer than Andy Kindler. I went to see him a few months ago in San Francisco, and my girlfriend and I are still making Andy Kindler faces at each other.

Thanks to Ivan for posting this video of his set on Comedy Central's "The World Stands Up"

Dance Crazes


Chicago: Footworkin'

Harlem, New York: Chicken Noodle Soup

Dance crazes are extremely New Sincerity.

The Roots rip the Late Show to shreds


Say what you will about Black Thought. He's not always the most exciting rapper, he can be a little cold, he's not super-lyrical. But damn can he rip a mic live. Watch as he destroys the David Letterman show, with a drum-tight band behind him. Every single word is clear -- no hypeman finishing his lines or any other BS. Every line ends stronger than it began. Does this dude have gills behind his ears like Kevin Costner in Waterworld? When does he breathe?

I hate this celebrity crap


I hate sincere celeb worship.

I hate ironic "guilty pleasure" celeb worship.

I hate this new snide contemptuous celeb bashing (that's actually worship in disguise).

This right here, though, this is great. Jeremy Piven takes on an entertainment reporter named Billy Bush at the Emmys.

A milestone!


As of this week's show, The Sound of Young America has been downloaded over half a million times! Hurray!

Zach Galifianakis on Physical Comedy


A meditation on comedy in all its forms, from The Comedians of Comedy film (available from Netflix).

Thanks to Keith Huang for the clip.

Important News Re: Space Food


It shouldn't be crumbly, etc. New York Times reports.

You could perhaps be interested in acquiring


All now available!

Monty Python on ABC's "AM America" in 1975


Here's a find and a half for you... Monty Python horsing around as "co-hosts" of "AM America," circa 1975. Bizarre to see their antics sequeing directly into Peter Jennings reporting on the fall of Saigon, or anachronistic commercials for Kellog's.

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