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Double-Hawk, etc.


From Demetri Martin's Comedy Central special:

Watch out for Demetri popping up all over everywhere -- he's due to be the official spokesman/model of the next version of Windows.

Demetri on TSOYA (MP3)

"John Hodgman is a very funny man."


Dang... how's that for a lead on All Things Considered? Hodgmania continues to sweep the nation. Here's the story.

Previously, on an obscure program listened to by 1/1,000th as many people:
Hodgman on TSOYA (one)
Hodgman on TSOYA (two)

Pine Oaks Community Newsletter


I think that this community newsletter is sweet and hilarious.

The Word Nerds take a crack at jokes...


Every week, The Word Nerds, a couple of high school teachers (and long-time Sound of Young America supporters) with too much time on their hands, take a crack at the English language on their podcast. They recently dedicated an episode of their show to jokes, and it's as entertaining as always. I'm sure the subject is of special interest to TSOYA listeners, so I thought I'd share it hear. A Sound of Young America recommended listen.

Can I make a reccomendation?


Brass Eye is one of the funniest television shows every produced, and I just found out you can buy it on a region-free DVD from You have no business missing this amazing series.

If you visit this past TSOYA post, you can watch an episode of the program, youtube-style. That tiny screen, however, can hardly match the full power of this amazing program on your television set.

Imagine the satire of South Park, executed with a scalpel instead of a baseball bat. A withering mockery of Hard Copy-style news... even more relevant today as 24-hour cable has itself veered dangerously near parodic territory.

Anyway, it's 14.99 (don't know how to make the pounds symbol) at sendit, 17.99 at, and if anyone can find any better prices for the US, let us know. But seriously, get on this now.

Powerful Testimony from Mr. Rogers


Mr. Rogers speaks before a congressional committee on behalf of public broadcasting, I cry. Thanks to Carla for reminding me of this amazing piece of video.

And on the subject of Mr. Rogers and me weeping like a baby, I can't reccomend this episode of This American Life enough, for Davey Rothbart's amazingly moving story of his childhood relationship with the man himself.

How to spend your holiday...


Watching D'Angelo and the Soultronics live on the Chris Rock Show.

Then listening to a full set recorded during rehearsals for the Essence Festival. (Band includes ?uestlove, Roy Hargrove, Pino Palladino, Jeff Lee Johnson, Anthony Hamilton on backup vox, etc etc etc)

Jonze in my Bones
Cruisin / Me & Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine
Shit, Damn, Motherfucker
Send it On
When We Get By
Brown Sugar
Lady / Medley

Exactly what's wrong with Dane Cook.


Whether you're a fan or a less-than-fan, you'll learn a lot from this exceptionally well considered piece on Dane Cook in Salon. It's worth watching the ad to read.

No new show this week...


I'm syncing up the production schedule of the show with that of KUSP. In the meantime, visit us on iTunes and download a show you've never heard before!

Podcast: The Impostors


This week on The Sound of Young America, a special show dedicated to The Impostors, Coyle & Sharpe.

My guest, Mal Sharpe is one half of Coyle & Sharpe, a legendary pair of street put-on artists. In the early 60s, they roamed the streets of San Francisco with a tape recorder hidden in a briefcase, looking for marks. Their insane questions were met with amazing credulity by ordinary San Franciscans. Sharpe recently released a three-CD, one DVD box set of their work together.

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