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The Roots f. Peedi Peedi - Long Time Comin'


I am feeling the shit out of this new Roots track. I've definately been checking for Peedi Crack (now Peedi Peedi) since he MURDERATED Beanie Sigel's "Gotta Have It" (aka 2005's monster hit that shoulda been). He delivers on this one.

I wasn't as crazy about Phrenology as some, and while I liked The Tipping Point, it certainly didn't blow me away. When I heard the new Roots single ("It Don't Feel Right"), it, uhm, didn't feel right. But this joint right here, this joint is FIRE.

Black Thought is such an amazing MC -- either the most under or overrated in the world. His effortless flow, beautiful voice and stage charisma sometimes make me think he's great. Then I listen to his hit-and-miss lyrics, and his almost total lack of personality, and get dissapointed. But he certainly marries his style to the music like no one else in hip-hop. He's got something -- heart maybe? There's something there that'll never let the Roots become real stars, but will always keep them from being the novelty act that a hip-hop band maybe deserves to be.

Contest: Tuesday July 4th


Another Kids in the Hall Season 4 box set is our prize. Our contest?

What New Jersey city is the center of the semi-fictional universe of The Best Show on WFMU? (Hint: it's not Jersey City, where FMU is based).

Email your answer to contest at Put the date in the subject line and your answer and your mailing address in the body of the email.

Special note: if you don't want to be on the show's once-a-month email list, mention that in your email.


The winner is Melissa from Poolesville, MD, who correctly answered Newbridge! See you all manana!

"More like SNOOZERMAN"


This according to "Big Time" Gene O'Neill:

...more like "Snoozerman"
Current mood: amazed i have nothing better to do

I'm aware of the foolhardiness of a man my age being disappointed by a comic book movie, but my expectations were unique. I knew going in that Superman, like all movies of its ilk, had a low ceiling for substance. But I also heard that the movie was supposed to be really, really gay. Like "Top Gun"-level accidentally gay, so I was eagerly anticipating some iconic innuendo not to mention Superman flying around and punching things into the ionosphere. I will now enumerate my dissatisfaction:

1. The movie is only a little gay and that might have my forceful projections to thank. I mean, Kevin Spacey is a little fruity but he's like that in all of his movies. I was expecting a lot of male-to-male close talking and delicately shrouded references to Super Cocks, but no. Nothing.

2. "Something falling and Superman catching it" encapsulates the full breadth of Superman's "heroics". Seriously, they should've called the movie "Guy who catches a lot of shit". In three hours of movie, he doesn't punch anything or anyone, somehow forswearing the obvious question "how far can I punch this?". Unforgiveable.

3. One of the more interesting subplots is the contest between the guy playing Superman and the girl playing Lois Lane to see who can be less interesting.

4. Superman is racist. He doesn't save any black people and doesn't go to the ghetto once. I guess even he's afraid to go to the ghetto. He's like the George W. of superheroes, which I guess makes Batman the Bill Clinton in that he's an honorary black guy by virtue of acknowledging their marginalization.

5. Clark Kent never seems to write any articles.

6. The best part of the movie was when half the audience would start clapping after Superman did something allegedly awesome and the other half of the crowd would aggressively shush the clappers. This progressed into a real battle throughout the movie. After some decisive losses in the early going, the clappers were really surging towards the end, making for a plot infinitely more interesting than the one on screen. It was so good I was tempted to pick a side and loudly root for them. (Here's a phenomenon I never understood: clapping at the end of movies. Whom are these people clapping for? Do they think the actors and crew are at the movie? Do they also clap at the end of TV shows or after they hear a song over the radio? I swear this only happens in LA. I think these people are only applauding their own self-perceived sophistication at having recognized what they think is a great film, which is hilarious, because the shittier the movie, the louder the applause usually is.)

7. Before the movie, there was a commercial for a cell phone (I think). And in the commercial, they show Rufio dancing around. Rufio! Who is this guy's agent? You can't find fucking Rufio a better gig than a couple seconds of mincing around on a cell phone commercial? This guy went from taking Peter Pan to the cleaners to pre-cinematic obscurity. Terrible. Just terrible.


Contest: Monday July 3rd


Today, the prize is a Season 4 DVD of The Kids in the Hall, courtesy of the really good folks at A&E Home Video.

Answer this trivia question: What was the name of the Toronto theater where the Kids in the Hall first made their name?

Email your answer to: contest at maximumfun dot org with today's date in the subject, and your answer and mailing address in the body. You have until 5PM pacific time. GO!

**Contest Closed!**

Today's winner is Tim from Quensbury, NY, who correctly guessed The Rivoli Theater. Listeners my recall Dave talking about the theater in our interview. Congratulations, Tim! Watch out for tommorow's contest by 9AM pacific!

July is Listener Appreciation Month!


Without You, We Are Nothing.
Together, We Are Better!

All July, we celebrate Listener Appreciation Month on The Sound of Young America!

Every weekday this month, there will be a new contest here on the blog. Every weekday, a new prize. There will be awesome comedy CDs from Stand Up! Records, cool DVDs, a Pee-Wee Herman doll, Mr. T books, and more.

Each weekday, by 9AM pacific time, a new contest will be posted. You will have until 5PM pacific time that same day to email your entry to contest at maximumfun dot org. Your subject line should be the date. The body of the email should contain your mailing address, and your response to the contest.

"There's no 'I' in Challenge Club"


Sound of Young America listener Chris is in a band called The Challenge Club. They have recorded a great Fourth of July song called "Fourth of July," and you can hear it at their MySpace page. They also have a ripping hardcore song called "Oh! The Consitution!" which is about our nation's most important document. They also sell a CD called "A Briefe Description of the Notorious Life of Challenge Club Together with Their Ignominious Death." Good luck, boys!

Kids in the Hall - Girl Drink Drunk


This week's Sound of Young America guest, Dave Foley, is the star of this sketch from The Kids in the Hall.

WTF is this, Pharrell? and other new RAPS


Hear! as Fa Real embarrasses himself with the worst "Mexican accent" I've ever heard in ever on the hook of this otherwise blazing new Snoop single, "Vatos." The man from VA needs to take note of the fact that people are getting seriously annoyed by him, and he hasn't even put his record out. (Thanks to Spine Magazine)

And speaking of Spine... they have some great new stuff up right now.

This new Pharaohe Monch track is begging for an M.O.P. cameo. That's a good look.

These two new Outkast joints are pretty decent, but not setting the world on fire. Big Boi is still bringing some dope new flows. Sounds like Scar on the track, based on the two Purple Ribbon mixtapes, I think he's got a lot of potential.

This new AZ joint is fire. Better than the new Nas, I'd say. I bet AZ gets pretty sick of that comparison.

I guess Chino XL is serious about his comeback. A very talented guy who never put it together, but he's bringing a new flow on this track, which has a nice beat from Cool & Dre. He needs to leave out the similes though. Seriously rappers: it's not cute any more. Chino, please let Talib know about this.

Killer Mike PROMISES HE WILL NOT LOSE. This joint disses Black Owned C-Bone, which seems like a waste of effort. C-Bone apparently made a comment at a Purple Ribbon show which Killa Kill didn't attend along the lines of "one monkey don't stop no show." Mike has responded by declaring himself King Kong. Sez Mike: "You know that wadn't right. You know you was wrong when you did it. I hope you was raised betta than that. I hope yo' side of town doesn't, does not, Does Not, DOES NOT recognize you for the sucka you are." LOLzers.

July is Listener Appreciation Month!


There will be so many giveaways you will go doo-doo in your pants!

Comedy CDs! DVDs! Mr. T Books! A Pee-Wee Herman Doll!

And perhaps most amazingly of all...

A Pez MP3 Player!!!

Yes, it's an actual 512 megabyte MP3 player built into the Pez Boy. The inventor of the Pez MP3 player, Pat, is a Sound of Young America listener, and he's graciously donated this one to us to give to you! Not available in stores! Sold out online! Amazing! Delightful! Remarkable! Astonishing!

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