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Best Conan Ever?


Tonight on Conan... direct from Kazakhstan, the one and only Borat.

Then one of this country's funniest men, the great Jack McBrayer.

Then some of the metalest metallers around, Mastodon.

Good deal.

Zach Galifianakis Live at the Purple Onion: March 6th


Four months is a long time to wait, but at least we know it's a'comin'. Shout Factory! will be distributing Zach Galifianakis' live DVD, and they always do a great job with these things. Here's the non-standup details:

Interspersed throughout the DVD is a remarkably emotional, hilarious interview between Zach’s “twin brother” Seth and Brian Unger (NPR’s “Day To Day” satirical reporter, “The Daily Show”), shedding light on how Zach came to be where he is today. There is also a glimpse into Zach’s bizarre personal life as the camera’s follow him off-stage. Bonus features include deleted scenes and extra behind the scenes footage from the show, and more.

And bonus features:

"The Awkward Slapping Bit, Zach Shaves & Outtakes from Brian Unger’s Interview With Seth Galifianakis"


SkyMaul is out today - LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK!


Kasper Hauser's SkyMaul is in stores TODAY.

I think this the funniest book of the year, and one of the funniest of the decade. It is brilliant satire. Many great people, like George Saunders, Patton Oswalt, John Hodgman, Fred Willard, David Foster Wallace and Dave Barry agree with me.

So I am offering a money-back guarantee: if you buy this book, and you do not think it is fucking hilarious, mail it to me, and I will refund your purchase price. This money will come out of my own personal pocket.

This is an amazing gift for the comedy fan on your list, even if that comedy fan is you. It is dark, delightful, silly, surprising... just buy it now.


If you buy the book today, release day, add a comment to this post.

One random person who buys the book will receive a copy of "SCTV: THE BEST OF THE EARLY YEARS" on DVD... a three-DVD set that retails for many more dollars than SkyMaul (which is only about ten bucks).

It's that easy, folks! GO!

Happy Halloween!


This seasonal charmer was created by our pals at Elephant Larry.

Just when you thought you couldn't anticipate it more.


Todd Hansen, editor of The Onion, on the Borat film (from AST):

"I was one of the lucky few to see Borat several months ago at one of the very early advance screenings in NYC. My ex pecations were very high going in... so much so, in fact, that I was afraid I was going to ruin it for myself before it ever had a chance by expecting too much for any movie to deliver. I have lterally been going nuts ever since trying to keep my mouth shut and not tell anyone about what's in it because the fact is -- it exceeded even my own wildest versions of a best-case scenario.

It is sheer brilliance. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. If you don't think Borat is one of the funniest movies of the last five years or more, chances are you're probably just not that into comedy. I was floored, and so was the whole audience. It was months ago, and just thinking about it I am floored still.

My main point: get ready to be happy."

Tim Burton - Vincent


Happy Halloween!

Thanks, Sam

By all accounts...


Beck killed on Saturday Night Live this week. All I could find online was this video of him performing on German TV. Anybody got an SNL link for me?

Interview: Miles Rohan of the Corduroy Appreciation Club


Miles Rohan always wanted to start a club. Also, he really liked corduroy. So he started a Corduroy Appreciation Club, with cocktails, speakers and secret rituals, to meet every year on 11/11 -- the date most resembling corduroy.

Do you really like corduroy, or clubs, or both?

If I’m not wearing at least one piece of corduroy, I don’t feel right. The repetition, the parallel lines, the thickness I’ve always thought, provided a kind of order and support. And because I’m not entirely the most orderly person, it helps. But even when I was little I loved corduroy. It made me feel grown up and sophisticated. I’m more of a pin wale person, but at times I love a nice wide wale.

I like the idea of old social clubs, like The Elks and The Moose Club quite a lot. More secretive groups like The Masons or Skull and Bones have always fascinated me. That’s what the Corduroy Appreciation Club is based on, old, mysterious social clubs with secret symbols, mottos, handshakes and the like.

Do you have officers?

There are several people who help a great deal with the Corduroy Appreciation Club. I had tried to get it off the ground for a few years, but just couldn’t. My wife, Jordana, is beyond helpful and was integral to the eventual launch. She’s a graphic designer and was able to articulate much of my ideas about aesthetic for materials like our corduroy swathed membership cards. Beyond her, many friends have been incredibly helpful and supportive. We have a Vice President, a Director of Operations, a Corduroy Social Council Chair, and several “Cord-inators.” We have a new president of our UK Chapter.

What if there was a club chair made of corduroy? It'd be a nice chair, and perfect for meetings or social occasions.

That’s a marvelous suggestion. Like a corduroy throne? As we expand I think that each chapter should have one. I know The Masons have special chairs. We have plans to actually have a clubhouse or lodge by November 11th, 2011. 11/11/11, the date which most resembles corduroy—ever. And the place would be essentially made of corduroy, corduroy covered walls, furniture, rugs, and lampshades...everything corduroy.

Your rules state that you must wear at least two items made of corduroy. Unless you're wearing a corduroy suit, isn't that a little odd?

I don’t think so. People seem to like the challenge and the serious nature of the rule. People wear corduroy hats or skirts, many women have corduroy purses. The rules encourage creativity. People have come to meetings with homemade corduroy headbands, shoes, necklaces, ipod cases. Some claim to have on corduroy underwear, but I’ve just taken their word, I’ve never checked. We’re having official Corduroy Appreciation Club Corduroy Ties made up for purchase.

Please share one of your club's secrets.

Our most prominent and public club symbol is a left-facing whale, which is a pun on wale. Wales are the raised ridges which make corduroy, corduroy. Whales also poses longevity, sociability and intelligence-all attributes the CAC wishes to aspire to. We have a complex system of numerology based on the number 11 because it’s the first natural number to resemble corduroy and is therefore extremely important to us. The Hendecagon, an 11-sided polygon figures prominently. Our secret rituals cannot be divulged here or anywhere. Members face dismissal if they are found to betray the Loyal Corduroy Oath.

The Corduroy Appreciation Club meets November 11th at the Montauk Club in Brooklyn. The guest of honor will bill author Jonathan Ames. I'm sure it will be a great event, though for obvious reasons I have to reccomend that you skip it in favor of Prank the Dean's New York debut at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

Podcast: The College Years: Feelings


It's a big day for Jesse, Jordan and Gene as they take calls on the topic of "feelings." Who will share the most emotional story?

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