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Borat at the Toronto International Film Festival


After a projector malfunction at the premier of "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," Borat took part in an impromptu Q&A on stage at the theater.

I'm not really the type to get excited about movies. But I am so fricking excited about this movie. Jiminy Christmas am I excited.

Ricky Gervais on Jonathan Ross


Ricky Gervais talks about the second season of "Extras" on British late-night television. Also, they seem to be trapped in a lava lamp.

(Thanks Martin!)

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Elton Brand + Werner Herzog = A movie??

This is the face Elton Brand made after Antawn Jamison admitted he had never seen "Little Dieter Learns to Fly"

Uhm, so apparently, one of the two producers of the upcoming Werner Herzog Vietnam drama "Rescue Dawn" is Elton Brand. Of the Los Angeles Clippers.

As a production, "Rescue Dawn" had a shaky start, according to its rookie producers, nightclub owner Steve Marlton, and Elton Brand, of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers, Initially, they had planned to invest $2 million of the then-$11 million budget, but after filming began in Thailand all of the other investors dropped out, leaving them holding the bag.

"We liquidated properties, made bridge loans and made personal sacrifices," Marlton said.

I think NBA players probably do the coolest stuff outside of their sport. Brand has a ways to go before he can top Manute Bol's work with refugees in the Sudan (or Bol's reputed lion-killing), but producing a Werner Herzog movie's right up there with Adonal Foyle's pro-democracy NGO.

Have you reviewed The Sound in iTunes?


If you haven't, here's your chance. The reviews make a big difference... and every review I get helps balance the one that was headlined "Host is Irritating."

(Still better than that one on Yahoo! Podcasts that said the show was like a gay version of Lovelines. And meant it as a put-down.)

Tony for Mayor!


Holy mackerel... get a load of the crazy-ass jewelry Ghostface is rocking in this shot, taken at the Funk Master Flex Custom Bike & Car Show in Atlantic City. I believe that's a gold Ghostface, robe & all, holding up the world Atlas-style. Also: note the all-diamond four-finger GHOST ring. Click the link and see Busta's crazy dookie chain he's been rocking lately. Good lookin' to Nah Right, which is definately the hottest hip-hop blog going.

*Edit* no idea why the photo's not showing up no matter what I do, but click through to Nah Right and check it out there.

Fixed wheel bikes are an a-hole move.


FIRST, LET IT BE SAID: I rode a bike to work for years, and I biked to school most of my senior year of high school -- a 35-minute ride. I am a supporter of urban cycling.

But fixed wheel bikes are for assholes. They have no breaks for no reason other than aesthetics and arrogance, and they represent a bold extension of the urban cyclist's "I am by far the most important person in this shared public place and I shouldn't have to stop at all for anyone no matter what and if I do have to stop, no matter who is right, I will become incensed and spit on a car or kick a pedestrian or whatever is neccesary."

This is something that as a law-abiding cyclist and downtown San Francisco pedestrian have seen far too many times. To the extent that my goodwill towards urban cyclists (further note: I was 21 when I got my driver's license and have only occaisionally owned a car) was worn down to nearly nothing.

I've seen fixed wheel bikes with brakes on the road. These are totally reasonable -- they're a challenge and simple and all the things that fixed wheel cyclists say they're interested in, but without the danger of something that goes 25 miles an hour on city streets without brakes.

Now, back to your

Coyle & Sharpe in the SF Chronicle


Legendary music journalist Ben Fong-Torres writes a monthly column on Bay Area radio for the SF Chronicle called "Radio Waves." In this month's edition, he penned an interesting piece on Coyle & Sharpe, as heard a few weeks ago on TSOYA.

Here's the link.

Who wants to be Michael Showalter's assistant?


Michael Showalter needs an assistant in the warst way:

ARE YOU AN ENTERPRISING YOUNG MAN/WOMAN LIVING IN NYC? For instance a college student or recent college graduate? Are you interested in being my intern/assistant for a little pay several hours a week? If so, please contact me and let me know! I’m looking for just such a person. If you are this person or think you know who this person is you can contact me at


Patton Oswalt & Jeff Garlin shoot the s**t.


This fascinating Hammer Museum podcast features a conversation between our pal Patton Oswalt and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin.

MP3 Link

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