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Podcast: Rapper Peedi Crakk aka Peedi Peedi


Peedi Peedi is a member of the group State Property, and is signed as a solo artist to Rocafella Records. His debut solo album, "Prince of the Roc," is due later this year.

In our interview, Peedi talks about growing up with hip-hop, not rapping publicly until age 17, and his current state of malaise. He also talks about his relationship with fellow Philly MC Freeway -- when the two met, Freeway as dressed as a ninja, doing ninja moves. (Obviously, they became fast friends.)

In our bonus audio Peedi talks about his identity as a Latino and a Philadelphian. He also clarifies his beef with Juelz Santana and his role with The Roots.

Note: our host's servers are having a bit of trouble, so if you have a hard time downloading, come back in a couple hours.

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Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO! Ep. 11: Worst Jobs Ever with Jen Kirkman

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In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!, we're joined by comedian Jen Kirman, and we discuss our worst jobs ever.

Jen Kirkman's new album just came out via our friends at AST records. You can buy it for only $10 here. Here's a sample: "Cockroaches"

Jesse and Jordan visit an Amusement Fair in our introduction. A discuss of what we want to be like when we are old is had.

Jen Kirkman Pt. 1

We are joined by comedian Jen Kirkman, and talk about our worst jobs ever. Jesse counted votes, 15 at a time, 8 hours a day, for several weeks. Jen Kirkman had several phones thrown at her in a crazy, Glen Garry Glen Ross-like stockbroker office. Also, a racist country club.

Jen Kirkman Pt. 2
We hear from listeners on their worst jobs... counting pedestrians, being hit on by elderly creeps, and perhaps most bizarrely meeting a Barry Manilow fan group at Barry Manilow's college's bookstore.


Our High Five Contest continues with some awesome entries. We want to hear what you want to be like when you're old. And so on.

* What will you be like when you're old? Call and tell us! 206-984-4FUN.
* What defines "being a grown-up" for you?
* What should Jordan do about this bachelor party? TELL US.


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Call 206-984-4FUN to share your thoughts on these ACTION ITEMS.

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Spike Milligan


The Phantom Strikes Again!

Prodigy - "New York Shit"

| 0 comments In a recent XXL interview, you talked about how you, Al and Hav talk about how you have a love of Hip-Hop and how you just have a love for the music. There’s a whole bunch of MCs out making noise, like Saigon for example. What do you think about him?

Prodigy: I don’t like him. How come?

Prodigy: I don’t like nobody really. I’m biased. I only like Mobb Deep s**t. Everybody else could suck my d**k.

Are you a designer?

(above: the new TSOYA aesthetic)

I'm in the midst of a redesign of this site (that's right... one day, this circa 1999 monstrosity will be put out of its misery), and it looks like I may need some graphic design help. It won't be too much, but would probably include a logo, a few graphics for the site, and suchlike. Hopefully not a gargantuan time commitment, but some.

I am totally willing and able to pay (though fan discounts are encouraged). I'm interested in anyone from a college student with great skills to some kind of million dollar design genius who just finished redesigning the Louvre.

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, email me at jesse at with some idea of your rates and some idea of your work (a portfolio or whatever people do). If you have any bright ideas you want to kick to me, I'd love to see those, too.

Jacobus of the 14th Century returns!


My favorite videoblogger is Jacobus of the 14th Century. In this piece, he explains where he's been (the vlog's been quiet for a month or so)... turns out he was hanged! (Unsuccesfullly.)

Podcast: The College Years: Andrew Sings, Song Poems & Jay's Kids

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The College Years is a look deep into the vaults of The Sound of Young America. Take a journey with us every two weeks or so as we post a new program from our salad days.

This week, two new (old) shows. First, we talk about Song Poems, a bizarre music scam that's preserved on LP. Then we talk to the curator of Jay's Kids, a now-defunct website dedicated to bringing together the many children of Screamin' Jay Hawkins (perhaps 50 in total). On the second show (found below the first), we talk with boy singer Andrew Anton about his romantic and heartfelt music.

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Podcast: Author Vendela Vida


Vendela Vida is the author of "Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name," as well as co-editor of The Believer magazine. Her first novel was "And Now You Can Go."

Zach Galifiakankis on The Best Show


Don't miss a collision of TSOYA favorites as Tom Scharpling hosts Zach Galifianakis on The Best Show on WFMU tonight. If you live in the New York area, you can listen from 8-11 PM Eastern at 91.1 FM, or you can cruise over to this page to listen live over the net, or catch the archived show if you miss it live.

Did I mention I'm sitting on a kick-ass interview with Zach that'll air later this month on TSOYA? And that's above and beyond the interview you can find in our TSOYA Classics archive.

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