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Rejoice! Fries French Again!


If you ate in any of the Captol Hill House of Representatives cafeterias, you had to eat Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast. Until now. Story here.

My favorite quote comes from a spokesperson for Representative Bob Ney (R-Ohio), one of the goofballs that originally sponsored the move

"We don't have a comment for your story," said a spokeswoman for Mr. Ney.

Way to cut and run, Congressman Ney. Let Frenchdom ring!

Thanks to Reason Online for the tip.

Can I do a Hang It Up/Keep It Up?


Note: Hang it up/Keep it up is a regular feature of the Sound of Young America and Jesse Thorn, and while I am a guest of Jesse's, my views represent neither his nor those of TSOYA. That in mind, here is my special guest Hang it up/Keep it up!

Hang it up: The fake name construction X-y McY.
Nasty McCrabbyPants. Dirty McSlopbucket. Friendly McHappyhead. I'm certainly guilty of doing it, and I confess my laziness and ask forgiveness. Rather than make a joke, I made a joke shorthand, like saying "I just ate the burrito from hell," or "That rollercoaster ride was like a rollercoaster ride on acid." And it appears in certain places where they should know better. Take the time to make an actual joke and hang up the Stupid McNotfunny.

Keep it up: Recreating vintage rock videos.
I present to you a recreation of the Donnie Iris video "Do You Compute."

The ">original video isn't that memorable, the song isn't that great, the sterile lab setting of the original has been replaced by a basement, and this was in all likelihood a total goof, but that makes me love it all the more. They still took the time to lovingly mock a video no one remembers. That's devotion. Keep it up!

Laptop Died...

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So my posts may not be as robust.

Andrew J. Lederer tonight in NY


If you live in New York want to check out a very talented yet criminally underknown commedian, go see Andrew J Lederer run through his show he's taking to the Fringe Festial next week.

"There'll be a second and final New York preview of "Anthology" on Sunday afternoon at 5PM at Jimmy's No. 43, 43 E 7 St, Btwn Bowery and 2nd Av. in the East Village. (It's down a long flight of steps and in a performance space accessible from the rear of the bar.) Come, pay what you wish (no one will scoff it it's nothing) and help me get comfortable with the material before taking it to Scotland."

I've seen Andrew perform several times, from fluid 10-minute conversations to his epic 60 minute monologue "Me and Hitler" and I am always entertained. I always regret missing "Bridge Burner," his hour monologue about how worked very hard to get a break and blown nearly every single one of them he's gotten.

And while he says that there's no charge, you should put in a few bucks if you can afford it. He needs a little something to eat while he's in Scottland.

My, it's hot.


And if H. Jon Benjamin doesn't make you hotter, you are the Ice Ruler of Icierland.

Mel, The Mighty Boosh


First order of business: Mel Gibson has totally lost it. Not cool.

Second order of business: My friend Damon from the amazing band The Eternals* passed along some links to the BBC show The Mighty Boosh. The clip is funny, but I don't know a lot about the show, as I don't live in the UK.

So today's question is: What is the deal with The Mighty Booosh?

And these links are in honor of the occasion of meeting my chubby baby niece (left) for the first time: Google Search Results for Crying Babies and an article in which photographer Jill Greenberg defends her series of photographs in which she made babies cry.

The article's highlight–"Kid models aren't very expensive—not as expensive as monkeys, for example."

*and just a touch more about the Eternals. Their label is having a 50% off sale on all their CDs for a limited time. Go and kick the tires of an Eternals CD for bargain basement prices. Or, I just ordered a bunch of their remix CD High Anxiety, and the first, oh, five people who email me (joe DOT garden at gmail dot com) will receive a free copy if they PROMISE to pass it along to someone who might like it if they themselves do not.

Congratulations, Jacob!


Our listener appreciation month Grand Prize Contest Award Sweepstakes Delight Winner is Jacob from San Marcos, Texas! He wins a Pez MP3 player, on which he can store his Sound of Young America MP3s! I love you all! Goodnight!

Today's Contest: Dirty Found


Listener appreciation month enters its last week today, and there are still some great prizes on the way. Today, we're offering a copy of Dirty Found #1. Dirty Found is the adults-only spinoff of Found Magazine, though it shares Found's gentle, funny tone, so don't please expect pornography.
To enter today's contest, email contest at maximumfun dot org, and tell us the worst thing you did as a child. I'll share your stories tommorow, no names attached. Make sure, as always, to include your name and mailing address in the email in case you win. A winner will be randomly selected. Please note that you can only enter this contest if you are over 18. I'm very serious about this. Again, Dirty Found is far from pornography, but it does include grown-up stuff like love notes that isn't for kids. If you are a kid, come back when we get to giving away the Mr. T picture books later this week.


Our winner is Sean from Springfield, MO

The last contest of listener appreciation month...


Our very last contest (of 25!) is for these two booklets on being a young person in yesterday's America. One is called "What Teenagers Want to Know" (it includes advice on how to avoid going steady too early). The other is called "First Camping Trip" (it includes advice on how to construct a lean-to). Both are full of amazing stuff.

ALSO! Today is your last day to enter to win our Listener Appreciation Month Grand Prize, a Pez MP3 player. I'm cutting off entries at 5PM pacific tonight, but until then, everyone who enters is eligible to win. I will draw from ALL the entries I have received over the past month.

Just email contest at maximumfun dot org, and include the date in the subject and your name & address in the body.

Ready... set... GO!

** Contest Closed **

Congrats to Miles from Fort Worth, TX!

I'll make it up to ya...


No new show this week, I just don't have time to do the editing.

HOWEVER, I can see that you're enjoying Joe's work, AND... here's a link to a live stream of one of Sleater-Kinney's last concerts.

See you in a week or so!

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