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MS-Paint version, By Dan Ball!

Ultra-realistic version, by Mike Powell


Update your links, please!


So, I moved the blog from to today. Your RSS feeds, if they point to shouldn't need an update (and if you're reading this via a feed, that's probably how you got it.)

Unfortunately, moving your blog to your own host "frees" your blogger URL. Literally while I was transferring the blog... a spammer grabbed

Luckily, blogger deleted the spam blog, and an alert listener snagged the URL and sent me the login. So it looks like things are OK.

Please do update any links you may have, though.

"I am this close to raping you."


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 4 EVA.

Self Defense with Former Sergeant Fred Armisen


This is a treasure. I presume this is from his pre-TV days?

2006 DMC World DJ Championship Routine


From France, DJ Netik

TSOYA group on Facebook


For those Sound of Young America listeners who have access to Facebook, the popular NO PARENTS ALLOWED guide to casual sex and binge drinking, an awesome TSOYA listener has created a Sound of Young America Fans group! He (she?) tells me that if you click that link, you'll have to sign in to Facebook, but otherwise, it should take you right to the group.

If you ain't got Facebook, you can always add The Sound of Young America in MySpace.

What's your awesome idea for the Tell-A-Friend Contest, anyway?

Here's a great idea for a poster.


I thought it up on my way to the fair yesterday.

There are two big brown bears in the woods. One of them is drinking from a bowl of milk, the other one is looking up at you... and he has a milk moustache.

The caption of the poster reads: "BEARIES AND CREAM"

I will give an awesome prize to somebody who makes the best version of this poster on the computer. Feel free to use windows paint.

Letterman + Python = A Beautiful Dream


David Morgan coming through on the YouTube tip once again. (Slightly awkward transitions due to the clips from Live at the Hollywood Bowl being edited out for time).

Am I going to go off on a Cee-Lo rant again?


Hopefully a best-of Cee-Lo collection will introduce people to what's actually good about Mr. Green. Decent track selection (although obviously the focus on his pretty-good solo work to the detriment of his great Goodie Mobb work makes it a little weaker than it would otherwise be).

That said, I'm pretty sure this is my favorite Cee-Lo song. When I heard this song the first time, I was pretty much ready to storm the record company for a Cee-Lo solo record. In fact, this song could be my favorite all-time Dungeon Family song, and the fact that it was never a single, and that the DF album never got any promo support when Outkast were at their hottest, was a crime.

I present: The Crooked Booty.

Also: All of this was around the time when he was wearing custom preacher robes made of YSL print fabric. That was great.

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