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Telling it like it is...


Wisconsin Public Radio recently cancelled Harry Shearer's "Le Show" on its seven stations. I met Shearer once, and he was very nice to me. And he was great in Wayne's World 2. And I think it's cool that he was on the Jack Benny Show. That said, I found myself nodding when I read this:

Defending WPR's decision, Corriveau said of "Le Show": "The quality is inconsistent. Sometimes he's brilliant; sometimes he tends to ramble on and it gets kind of boring."

I know that TSOYA and Le Show share a fair number of listeners... what do you think of Le Show?


I have a dream...


Perhaps it was the intense weekend of driving around in 100 degree heat while looking for an apartment this weekend in LA, but I had a bizarrely vivid dream last night about the San Francisco Giants. As some of you may know, the Giants lost their starting catcher, Mike Matheny, to concussions a little earlier this season. His future is cloudy in more ways than one.

Last night, I had an exceptionally vivid dream about the Giants' catcher situation. I dreamed that Eliezer Alfonso, their backup catcher had also been injured, but that they had brought in three veterans to work the plate. The three men:

The starter was Mike "Spanky" LaValliere, the former Pittsburgh Pirate. I even calculated in my dream an age for Spanky -- 41 -- based on a made up age of 24 in 1989 (where did I get that?). Apparently, I can do arithmetic word problems while dreaming, but I can't get it through my skull that this guy retired 11 years ago.

Backing up Spanky was Kirt Manwaring, seen here colliding with my childhood favorite Mark Grace. Unlike LaValliere, Manwaring was actually the Giants' catcher once upon a time. Of course, that, too, was most recently in 1995. Check out the look on Manwaring's face -- he's saying, "HA HA, Grace! You may be married to the cute pilot chick from Northern Exposure, but look what I've got... the BALL!"

The final member of the catching triumverate was Benito Santiago. Santiago actually signed with the Mets this year, at the age of 41, though I guess he's more like 35 in steroid years. Santiago played for the Giants for a while a couple of years ago, and actually played quite well (again, I'm guessing it was the 'roids). I was least surprised that he showed up in my dreams, though given his horribly grizzled face, I would have expected him to appear as some sort of Carribean pirate or Latin American kidnapper-for-hire. Either way, he'd be wearing sport sunglasses.

All of this would be a wonderful extension of Giants general manager Brian Sabean's "Remember When?" ballclub building strategy. So I say, go for it, Giants! Make my dreams come true!

Bilal Flips the F*(& out on national TV


Remember this post, about how much I like Bilal? And about he he kept doing crazy s*&t like flipping out on the Tonight Show?

I present to you: Bilal Flipping Out on the Tonight Show

Today's Double Contest: Doug Stanhope


Today's prizes: Doug Stanhope's CDs "Sicko" and "something to take the edge off." Your chance to revel in the base glory of standup's kind of sleaze and scathing social satire.

Here's the contest: draw a picture of what you did on your summer vacation. Doesn't have to be true, and in fact, it should NOT be true. You can draw it in real life and scan it, or draw it on the computer and send it over to contest at maximumfun dot org. Please keep it small in file size, so my mailbox doesn't fill up again -- or even better, upload it somewhere and email a link.

Include today's date in your subject line, and your address in the body of the email. If you don't want to be on the email list, make mention of it.

You have ALL WEEKEND for this, as I'm not sure I'll be able to post a contest on Monday. Your deadline 7AM pacific time Monday. Ready, set... GO!

As seasons change...


Today's Sound of Young America contest asked for haikus on the theme "Seasons Change (The Sound of Young America)." I chose the winner randomly (congrats to Michelle in Lebanon, CT)... here's here winning poem:
T.S.O.Y.A is
cool in the summer time and
hot in the winter

Michelle's sister Carol offered:

T.S.O.Y.A. Spring,
Now reborn in summertime,
a contest haven.

and the particularly winning (I thought):

Please donate to the
Sound, so Jesse can purchase
warm clothes for winter.

Jer offers:

Wooing our Sweetheart
to Russia is quite futile
This one's USA's

Troy from Hattiesburg (a radio listener?):

my show is awesome
no one will give me money
a time to sell rocks

Neal in Massachusetts:

Cold Thorn gives way to
sound of casting pods in spring -
a New Sincerity.

Mike in Illinois stokes the fires of a dormant feud:

Garrison Keillor
woefull jokes waste good bandwidth
The Sound is rising

Jill in Rock Island, IL offers:

Sweetheart Jesse Thorn
Interviews people for people
Snow Rain Sun and Fall

Thanks to all who entered! New contest tommorow!

Today's Contest, 7/13: Andy Andrist's "Dumb It Down for the Masses"


Another comedy CD courtesy of Stand Up! Records is today's prize. Your challenge is to write a haiku on the theme, "Seasons Change (The Sound of Young America)."

Email your answer to contest at maximumfun dot org, include your address and poem in the body and the date in the subject. If you dowanna be on our list, mention that. I'll close the contest around close of business, pacific time.

Ready, set, go!


See new post for winners.

Lauryn Hill in Santa Cruz Saturday Night


just announced by the Catalyst in Santa Cruz.
Ages 16+
$50 in advance
Doors open 8:30PM/ Show starts 9:30PM
Buy tickets

Sometimes people try to tell me Mr. T is old irony.


Then I read something like this, and my faith is renewed. THE T IS FOR TOUGH BUT IT IS ALSO FOR TENDERNESS.

Just wait until the part of listener appreciation month when we give away the MR. T BOOKS!

I love Ask Metafilter part 4(?): Eccentricities


Let's just say you're a boring person, and you want to spice yourself up with a charming eccentricity. Probably the best way to choose one is to ask metafilter, right?

Question: is this New Sincerity? Are acquired eccentricities New Sincerity? At first I thought no, but now I think that they may well be.

Today's Contest, 7/12: Jimmy Shubert's "Pandemonium"


Today's Sound of Young America contest is for a copy of the Jimmy Shubert CD "Pandemonium," courtesy of Stand Up! Records.

Here's your question: what are the nicknames of the three hosts of "The College Years?"

Email your answer to contest at maximimumfun dot org, with the date in the subject, and your answer and mailing address in the body. If you don't want to be on our email list mention it. Remember that entering one of the little contests also enters you in the contest for the Pez MP3 player at the end of the month.

Ready, set... GO!


Our winner is Arthur from Sioux Falls, SD, who correctly answered "America's Radio Sweetheart," "Big Time," and "Boy Detective."

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