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NPR Listeners: Exactly How You Picture Them


Every year, National Public Radio does an extensive listener survey, which is designed to help them sell adverti... I mean encourage corporate giving which is graciously acknowledged with underwriting announcements. You can check it out here, but I'll try to highlight a few key/absurd points.

NPR News listeners are 84% white.

They are 78% more likely to categorize themselves as "liberal" and 2.27 times more likely to categorize themselves as "very liberal."

They are 97% more likely to belong to a country club.

They are 8.86 times more likely to read The Atlantic Monthly, and 5.66 times more likely to read The New Yorker. They are 73% less likely to read The Source. They are 76% more likely to watch The West Wing, which is double impressive because that's pretty close to the only prime time TV show they're MORE likely to watch.

They prefer Leno to Letterman and Conan to Kilborn or Kimmel, but they do like Letterman 17% better than the rest of America.

They're about 2.5 times more likely to visit Europe.

They are 58% more likely than the average American to play Frisbee, and 3.72 times more likely to go cross-country skiing. They are 2.22 times more likely to do Yoga. They are also 30% less likely to watch Pro Wrestling on TV.

In their leisure time, they are 79% more likely to birdwatch, 67% more likely to play chess, and 42% more likely to collect electric trains.

They are 92 percent more likely to shop at Nordstrom.

They are 41% less likely to buy a rap CD, and 93% more likely to buy a New Age CD.

They are 81% more likely to own an espresso maker.

They are three times more likely to own a Volvo, three times more likely to own a Subaru, and 3.9 times more likely to own a Saab.

They are 68% more likely to buy soy milk, and 67% more likely to buy veggie burgers.

They are 56% more likely to have a housekeeper.

All I can say is: hah hah hah.

How was work today?


Jesse seems to be bak to full strength, but until I hear the difinitive "Sign off, NOW, Mr. Garden," am going to post a handful of other items. Specifically, Jesse asked me to post a little "Behind the Scenes" at the Onion. So here it is in all its boring glory!

While not at the Onion, this is how my day began: feeding the stray kittens in my back yard. Any day that begins with kittens can't be all that bad, I guess.

Following a quick trip to Costco, a subway ride and a lot of sweating, this is what I arrive to: air-conditioned comfort and Jessie Dean, my pal and our office manager. Any day she's in a good mood can't be all that bad, I guess.

(Note: Amelie asked that I replace her picture with something else. As I respect Amelie and her privacy, I am replacing it with the hand-drawn inspirational poster that is next to her desk.) Every day, I pass by Amelie Gillette (and a hand-drawn inspirational poster by her desk), AKA The Hater. As you you were once able to see, she's preparing to hate on something. I believe in this case it is Snakes On A Plane. Any day that begins with hating can't be all that bad, I guess.

Finally, I've handed my jokes to Dan and Eric, our interns, to type up and wind up in my office. I've been meaning to clean for a while. That couch, for example? It's under all the paper? Totally functional if I would move everything off of it. What you can't see in this photo is Joe's Cold Beverages, the bodega I run there. The three tenets are value, convenience and wetness of beverages. Temperature can vary. Any day with cold beverages can't be all that bad, I guess.

This is our Thursday meeting where we go over certain daily and weekly content, like Stat Shot, Infogrpaphic, American Voices and material that's only in the print edition, like obituaries and wedding announcements. It can be a long and grueling time poring over jokes. Not the laughter-filled envoironment you would think. Today went well, though, because we talked about our various horrifying exam stories. Clockwise from lower left: Megan Ganz, Mike DiCenzo, Dan Guterman, Chris Karwowski, Chet Clem and Andrei Nechita. Any day aw nuts to it.

These are the fake magazines I make out of the cardboard that comes in our Chinese food orders. The reason the upper left one (White Baby Magazine) is so perforated and whited out is that Dan Guterman can not stop fiddling with things. In this case, he chose to stab my fake magazine with a pencil. I have since bought him a Rubik's Snake to fiddle with. It does okay.

And these are the origami bears I fold to keep my hands occupied. Right brain activity or some such nonsense.

And lastly, this is our fake Albert Brooks autographed photo. I have a few more blank photos. Let me know if you want me to sign one as Albert Brooks for you, and I will send you one. I can also do Robert Altman if you'd like.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Pilot


Here's the pilot for Aaron Sorkin's SNL behind-the-scenes dramedy, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

(thanks, Marty!)

Children of Los Angeles: Now is YOUR TIME TO SHINE


Our pal Nick Adams sends along this choice tidbit about our pal, the wonderful San Francisco-bred, LA-based comedian Al Madrigal.

Sunday Afternoons for Kids!
Sunday, Aug 6 12pm

Al Madrigal

Madrigal was the 2004 HBO Aspen Comedy Festival winner for best stand-up comedian. He recently appeared in the television show The Ortegas. Madrigal teaches children the elements of a funny story.

In collaboration with 826LA, the Hammer Museum continues its series of workshops for children ages 8 to 13 on creative ways to write about and understand visual art. Space is limited to 20 students, and reservations are required. Email or call 310-305-8418 by Thursday, August 3 to reserve a space for your child.

News from Scranton, Pennsylvania


Not to butt in (again) on Joe's SUPERB guest-blogging, but I'm pretty excited to have a stolen internet connection for the moment, so I thought I'd share this great picture that Kelly from Scranton, PA sent. This is shot right outside Scranton's City Hall.

Now, if the picture looks unremarkable to you, check out the banner on the right-hand side, just above and to the left of the traffic light. Click the picture to enlarge it, if you can't read the text. Does that company name ring a bell?

Someone in Scranton's city goverment deserves a promotion.

Rejoice! Fries French Again!


If you ate in any of the Captol Hill House of Representatives cafeterias, you had to eat Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast. Until now. Story here.

My favorite quote comes from a spokesperson for Representative Bob Ney (R-Ohio), one of the goofballs that originally sponsored the move

"We don't have a comment for your story," said a spokeswoman for Mr. Ney.

Way to cut and run, Congressman Ney. Let Frenchdom ring!

Thanks to Reason Online for the tip.

Can I do a Hang It Up/Keep It Up?


Note: Hang it up/Keep it up is a regular feature of the Sound of Young America and Jesse Thorn, and while I am a guest of Jesse's, my views represent neither his nor those of TSOYA. That in mind, here is my special guest Hang it up/Keep it up!

Hang it up: The fake name construction X-y McY.
Nasty McCrabbyPants. Dirty McSlopbucket. Friendly McHappyhead. I'm certainly guilty of doing it, and I confess my laziness and ask forgiveness. Rather than make a joke, I made a joke shorthand, like saying "I just ate the burrito from hell," or "That rollercoaster ride was like a rollercoaster ride on acid." And it appears in certain places where they should know better. Take the time to make an actual joke and hang up the Stupid McNotfunny.

Keep it up: Recreating vintage rock videos.
I present to you a recreation of the Donnie Iris video "Do You Compute."

The ">original video isn't that memorable, the song isn't that great, the sterile lab setting of the original has been replaced by a basement, and this was in all likelihood a total goof, but that makes me love it all the more. They still took the time to lovingly mock a video no one remembers. That's devotion. Keep it up!

Laptop Died...

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So my posts may not be as robust.

Andrew J. Lederer tonight in NY


If you live in New York want to check out a very talented yet criminally underknown commedian, go see Andrew J Lederer run through his show he's taking to the Fringe Festial next week.

"There'll be a second and final New York preview of "Anthology" on Sunday afternoon at 5PM at Jimmy's No. 43, 43 E 7 St, Btwn Bowery and 2nd Av. in the East Village. (It's down a long flight of steps and in a performance space accessible from the rear of the bar.) Come, pay what you wish (no one will scoff it it's nothing) and help me get comfortable with the material before taking it to Scotland."

I've seen Andrew perform several times, from fluid 10-minute conversations to his epic 60 minute monologue "Me and Hitler" and I am always entertained. I always regret missing "Bridge Burner," his hour monologue about how worked very hard to get a break and blown nearly every single one of them he's gotten.

And while he says that there's no charge, you should put in a few bucks if you can afford it. He needs a little something to eat while he's in Scottland.

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