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I love Ask Metafilter: Planning a Parade


Want to help a guy plan a parade? He needs somewhere to put the beauty queen. Link

Tom Scharpling in Gothamist


Our friend Tom Scharpling of The Best Show on WFMU is interviewed today in Gothamist. He talks about The Best Show, about writing for TV and film, and about what keeps him going:

Now that I have shots at these things, I'm really excited about it. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying how it is. I can definitely be back selling sheet music. I'm one step away from that. I still pass the store where I used to sell sheet music everyday on my way to work. I didn't come from fancy schmancy upper middle class stuff. I come from a family of blue-collar people and it feels like I was meant to run a landscaping business and it's like the movie Final Destination. Instead of the grim reaper chasing me it's a guy with a push mower trying to get me back to where I'm meant to be. I just have to keep things moving now before reality and my inevitable fate catches up with me.

Link (thanks Ben)

TSOYA: "The Best Show" with Tom Scharpling and clips from The Best Show (MP3)
TSOYA: Another show, this time with Tom and Jon Wurster (MP3)
TSOYA: Another show with Tom, this time in streaming format (RealAudio)

T-Shirt Design: Whaddya Think?


Also: on a related note, I'm still working out a pricing structure for the shirts. My inclination is to charge cost (which'll be something like $12) to folks who are financially subscribing to the show, and something like $22 (including shipping) to non-subscribers. They'll be nice shirts, by the way. That make seem out of whack?

Entourage, by Chip Pope


Our friend Chip Pope offers this insightful commentary on HBO's Entourage:

Dude, bro, dude, dude, bro, dude, bro,bro!


HBO is so fuckin' awesome on Sunday night, Brah! Between the fuckin' hilarious misadventures of Vince and Co. on "Entourage" and the "Tourgasm" guys, I'd have to go to ESPN to find more useless, idiotic, misguided testosterone! I'm so glad I'm paying for this channel!

Fuck her hard for me, bro!

(Oh, unless "Entourage" is meant as satire. Then, I hate it. I only like it if its theme is that to truly be happy, you have to be famous and bang a lot of hot fucking chicks with fake titties while you star in stupid, big budget movies. If it has any other level to it, I fucking hate it, brahhhh!)

Signed, Test Market Asshole

"Mommie, where do beats come from?"


"They come from Just Blaze's MPC 4000, my darling."

Kids Rock! in San Francisco


For those of you following the saga of my 10-year-old brother Eddy Demon's band, "Total Annihilation," there is a new chapter. Your attendance is expected.

From bassist Dorkmeister Harmoniak:

TOTAL ANNIHILATION is playing yet another show, this coming Saturday, 17 June at The LAB, on the corner of Capp and 16th Sts. (2498 16th St.) in San Francisco. We are playing as part of the KIDS ROCK festival, an all day event featuring numerous bands featuring numerous kids. If you're new to TOTAL ANNIHILATION, or just haven't been paying attention, it's the band featuring the songs and guitarings of whacked-out 10 yr old freakazoid Eddy Demon, for whom I, Damon (a/k/a Dorkmeister Harmoniak), play bass. Our drummer, Pietro d'Amato, 13, is the second coming of Keith Moon.

Our sound can peel paint!!!

That's a good thing. Visit us at to whet your appetite, then come to the show. I think it's free. It can't be pricey. There'll be uniquely hand-decorated CDs and t-shirts available, lots of new songs making their debuts, maybe even a new bandmember!

The music starts at 3pm with Hellakraptor, followed by Rock Ceremony, and then, at about 4:45, TOTAL ANNIHILATION!!! That's right: come to find we're headlining this shindig! And there's a reason: we're shit hot! (Don't tell the boys' moms I said that. Actually, you can. They already know)

Louis CK interview on AST


Fascinating interview with Louie CK over on AST. Here's an excerpt.:

Louie: Actually, the way that Conan ended up happening was that Saturday Night Live threw everybody off, all the people [in the cast], they had a big overhaul, and so they had a big audition at Catch in New York for every comedian.

At the time, every club in the city was closing. The Improv closed, and there was no work anymore, anywhere. It was ’92, and the ‘80s comedy surge was, I mean, it was gone. At the Comedy Cellar, there would literally be nobody in the audience, and they’d make you do the show, because if somebody happened to wander in there couldn’t be no show, so you’d literally be on stage in an empty room and you had to do the jokes. I mean, it was fuckin’ awful.

So it was like that for a few years, and I was going broke. And SNL was like the last chance, the last boat leaving, so Dave Attell, Laura Kightlinger, Sarah Silverman, Jay Mohr and me and a bunch of other people all auditioned. I remember that I was put first on the show, and the SNL people hadn’t shown up, and the guy that ran Catch, Louis Faranda, was trying to put me on anyway. He was like, “Go on.”

“But they’re not gonna see me.”

He said, “I don’t care.”

It was cruel as shit. And I think that Jon Stewart was there and he offered to go on and stall for me, which he did. But finally I had to go on, and as I went on stage they all filed in, and I remember that David Spade was with them, and he had seen me, so he made them sit down, Jim Downey and them, and said, “Watch this guy,” which I’m forever indebted to him for even though I didn’t get on SNL.

It made a difference, because I went on and I had a really solid, good set, and then over the following week Laura Kightlinger got cast, Dave Attell, Sarah, Jay, everybody but me [got cast], like everybody that was on that [showcase] but me.

I was just devastated, like it was just not gonna happen, and I had no more options. I wasn’t making a living. And the rent in New York is crushing. So, I remember calling Mark Maron, who was living in San Francisco -- he had kinda begged off New York to go to San Fracisco -- and I called him and I was asking him what it was like. I was up until dawn talking to him on the phone and deciding, “I’m gonna leave New York, go to San Francisco to do standup, but probably segue into another… I don’t know what.” I was so fucking depressed.

The next morning -- I think I slept for half an hour -- and then I got woken up by a phone call out of nowhere from Robert Smigel, who dug up my number.

He said, “Jim Downey from SNL told me that you’re really funny and that they weren’t sure if they were gonna use you or not, but I’d like to take a chance on you. I’m writing for Conan.”

I didn’t even know what that was.

So, I got some shit to him that I wrote, and my short films, and my standup tape, and it took me about a week to get the job. Thank fucking God. Thank God. I don’t know what would’ve happened to me if I hadn’t gotten hired there.

Link (new parts are going up as Matt transcribes them)

Yacht Rock: They might blow up, but they won't go pop.


Episode 9 of Yacht Rock is out. Got an email from listener Beach about this, and it is indeed one of the top dumb internet things.

John Cleese retiring to academia?


According to the (UK) Times, John Cleese is retiring from comedy.

“I’m too tired to write new comedy,” the Monty Python star told The Times in a rare interview. “I can never do better than Fawlty Towers whatever I do. Now I very much want to teach young talent some rules of the game.”

Cleese, 66, will act as a “comedy professor”, holding masterclasses with students. Their set text will be insights gleaned from a lifetime in the business of making people laugh.

Cleese compliments Ricky Gervais and Eddie Izzard, and calls Bill Hicks a genius. He also mentions that he's not in "Casino Royale," (neither is his character, Q), and plugs the release of a World Cup meets Fawlty Towers single called "Don't Mention the World Cup."

Related from TSOYA: "Fawlty Towers Revisited" Interview with Author Lars Holm (MP3)

This is a rap public service announcement...


Seriously folks, if you're not on the Killer Mike bandwagon by now, download The Killer Mixtape and hop on board. Came out last year, and it is wall-to-wall bananas. Sometimes I think he might be a better MC than Big Boi. Don't quote me on that, but know that Mike is serious.

"Ask your older brother 'bout me / I'm O.G."

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