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Nutsy in Repose


Nutsy was cold this winter (odd, given LA's temparate clime), and he asked for some winter clothes for Christmas. In his stocking, he got a sweater and some booties (which I think Santa got from my mom), and in the mail yesterday, he got two hand-knit scarves! The scarves were knit by listener Dylan's mother-in-law-to-be, and were much appreciated.

Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO! Episode 6


In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!...


Broadcast live from a Zeppelin.

Jordan and Jesse talk about Del Monte Fashion Peas
Kyle sent in a New Yorker cartoon.
A photoshopped Project Runway cover
Some suggestions from the message board
Even a fashion peas short story

Top Fives

We hear top fives from a few awesome listeners, and a couple psuedo-celebrities, like Patton Oswalt.

Clifford & Kidd

Carrie (R) and Amy (L) let us know that they are serious candy enthusiasts, and so they're providing us with their top five candy bars of 2006.

#5 - Abba-Zaba Bar -- Chewy Taffy with a Peanut Butter Center. "A satisfying, toothsome experience." Reccomend in the halloween "fun" size.

#4 - Curly-Wurly -- braided caramel covered in chocolate. A British import, worth finding. Particularly good when refrigerated and smashed.

#3 - Kit Kat White Chocolate - a special edition that's been "mainstreamed"


(note that the difference between #s 1 and 2 was within the margin of error)

#2 - Take Five Bar -- hailed for including a salty pretzel

#1 - Butterfinger crisp -- the wafers cut the intensity of Butterfinger to great effect

An extensive discussion follows of C&K's habit of calling companies who make products they really like. C&K had a great time talking to the lady on the Nutella help line, and got a lot of cool stuff in the mail. We all point out that we'd love to get free stuff from any of the companies picked as top five, and we would love in particular to podcast from Annabelle Candy in Hayward or Hershey's in Hershey, PA.

Top 5 Video Games under 19.99

Jordan explains that while he really loves video games, he is also extremely miserly. Thus this segment is born. Our guest is Heather Campbell from Play Magazine.

Jesse says all of his picks are Katamary Damacy.

Jordan's Picks
#5 Devil May Cry III - As Japanese and Crazy as Katamari is Japanese and Cute.

#4 Donkey Kong Jungle Beat - In this "2D Platformer," you control a monkey using a pair of bongo drums as your controller, which is pretty much all you need to know. We discuss the crazy ideas of the Nintendo company.

#3 Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater - "The Metal Gear games have two things in spades: great ideas and bullshit."

#2 Ultimate Spiderman - Swing around for hours on end.

#1 God of War - Pornographic violence, pornographic pornography.

Heather's Picks
#5 Street Fighter Collection - Combines several Street Fighter variants, costs only $14.99. Includes "Third Strike," which Heather says is the best Street Fighter game.

#4 Orbital - Simpler, but addictive. Available only as an import.

#3 Killer Seven (Jesse cuts her off before she even talks about it, whutta jerk)

#2 God Hand - Like Streets of Rage, and lots of fun.

#1 Katamari Damacy - Of course!


* Say hi in the new forums!
* Should we have more or less about our personal lives on the show?
* Who's sadder, Jordan or Jesse?
* DEL MONTE FASHION PEAS. What can you do with that? Personally, I want to know where the songs and poems are.
* What are your top fives of 2006? Call us at 206-984-4FUN, or email with them! We'll talk further on next week's show.


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Jeff Chang on Jay-Z


The wonderful Jeff Chang (one of the hip-hop journos who A) gets it and B) isn't retarded) has a big-ass piece on Jay-Z in The Nation. Well worth your time. It's one of only two on Jay-Z that I've read that were worth the paper they were printed on. The first was a kelefa sanneh piece in the New Yorker that came out shortly before The Blueprint in 2001. Chang's piece runs down Jay's history and his changing meaning in the rap world.

Harry Shearer's "The Making of: You Wouldn't Believe Our World"


From Late Night with David Letterman, featuring Michael McKean and Chris Guest (doing a proto-Corky St. Clair). A look behind the scenes of the making of a musical industrial film celebrating the name-change of a fictional multinational corporation.

Talk amongst yourselves.


People of Antarctica: YOU WILL HEAR US!


Have no fear, Antarctica residents: you can finally hear The Sound of Young America. Our thanks to the good people at Antarctica's brand new community radio station, Radio Qualia. Broadcasts start once the supply plane bearing CDs of the show arrives from South Africa January 11th.

Manute Bol: Real American Hero


As Pulled My Groin points out, in response to our discussion of Manute Bol on Jordan, Jesse GO!, this man is a Real American Hero. (And a Real Sudanese Hero as well).

(Music in the video is by Ed OG and Masta Ace)

Sacha Baron Cohen on Fresh Air


As himself, not as Borat. Streaming audio is available now, or you can listen today on your local NPR station.

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