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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 600: Millennial Kraken with Chris Fairbanks

Chris Fairbanks

Fan-favorite Chris Fairbanks (Do You Need a Ride? podcast, stand up comedy) joins Jordan and Jesse to celebrate their 600th episode and take calls from listeners about momentous occasions that have happened in their life since the show started. We hear from someone who had twins born two years apart, a true baseball hero, and a midwife who delivered her first baby in spectacular fashion.

Happy 600 episodes, thanks for listening for all these years!!

So... You're Canadian with Dave Hill Episode 2: K. Trevor Wilson

K. Trevor Wilson

Dave continues his quest to get to know our mysterious neighbors to the North, one Canadian at a time. This week, Dave chats with comedian, actor and seriously Canadian person: K. Trevor Wilson ("Squirrely Dan" on Hulu's Letterkenny).

New episodes of So... You're Canadian are released every Tuesday on Maximum Fun!

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The Greatest Discovery Ep 59: One Chop Chump (TOS S2E12)


When a hunky new crewman reroutes the current path, the Enterprise recalculate the logic of their mission. But when it turns out Harry Mudd and his army of Robo-people are behind this, it's time to stand-up to temptation and throw out some insane requests. Will Mudd ever feel like settling down? Are there more glowing orbs on the ship? Will Discovery season three provide androids like this?

It's the episode that gives us Mudd, and leaves us searching for more.

CIPYD 203: Nick Turner and Lyra Smith

Nick Turner
Lyra Smith

Welcome aboard!
This week we are thrilled to have Nick Turner and Lyra Smith from the brand new podcast Get Rich Nick to tell us all about their wonderful dog! We also have a big Crumboat update as it was Crumb's first big road-trip to Arizona. Plus, a My Mutt Minute from Mary & Bear that may or may not have made us cry!

Tune in!

Stop Podcasting Yourself 598 - John Cullen

John Cullen

Comedian John Cullen joins us to talk high school reading lists, children’s entertainers, and an island wedding.

Download episode 598 here. (right-click)

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Troubled Waters Ep 14: Tight vs Loose

Troubled Waters
Flula Borg
Emily Duke
Blair Socci
Steph Tolev

Flula Borg, Blair Socci, Steph Tolev and Emily Duke join host, Dave Holmes to settle once and for all, does middle school suck?

Team Tight
Flula Borg and Emily Duke

Team Loose
Blair Socci and Steph Tolev

This week, it's our back to school episode and our contestants share some truly insane school stories, tackle some punny questions, and argue over a childhood prank story sent in by a listener.

Flula Borg wants to plug his single "Self Care Sunday" and The Punies podcast.

Blair Socci wants to plug her upcoming live shows and the Blair and Greta show and recommends Robby Hoffman and Punkie Johnson.

Steph Tolev wants to plug her album I'm Not Well and Deb & Steph on Comedy Central and recommends Dave Ross' new album.

Emily Duke wants to plug Garbage People and recommends Chris Gethard Presents.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes.

Find us on Twitter! We are @TroubledPod. You can also find us on Facebook .

Call us on the official Troubled Waters hotline! Our number is 323-300-4984. Our producers will have a new prompt for you to answer and we may just use your call on the show.

Don't want to pay those pesky international calling fees? Email us a voice memo!

Written by Riley Silverman and John-Luke Roberts, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and produced by Christian Dueñas and Laura Swisher.

MBMBaM 475: Edchup


For millennia, mankind has searched for what could be universally considered the worst, yuckiest, most profane, most inscrutable condiment to ever exist, or ever would exist, forever and ever. We’re pleased to announce: The search is over.

Suggested talking points: Joker Watch, Pennysweets, Flesh Bottle, A New Possum Kingdom, Briefcase Use Case, Hummus Smuggler

Transcript available here

Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 60: Party Time!

Elaine Swann
William Nakamura

Paula’s throwing yet another ping-pong-party, but is she doing it right? Etiquette authority Elaine Swann comes by to offer support. We check in with a few new theme songs and show descriptions. And we serve notice to Frontier Communications. We want that money. Can you hear us now!?

Elaine Swann
Lifestyle & Etiquette Expert
Founder of Swann School of Protocol
Facebook: @elaineswannofficial
Instagram: @elaineswann
Twitter: @elaineswann

House band
William Nakamura, Tuba


The Jackie and Laurie Show #192: I Haven't Done Everything!


This week on Jackie and Laurie, you can't joke til you finish math, stop recording shit, and I'm just complaining cause it feels good.


Comic of the Week: Kristal Adams @thedarkkristal


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The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 277: Up Your Worf and Around the Corner (DS9 S5E3)


When Quark’s old flame returns to the station, Worf becomes the galaxy’s least likely dating consultant. But when the lady’s security detail decides the Ferengi is a threat, Worf will need to puppet Quark via harmonica holder. Is Major Kira a unicorn? What’s the worst movie to see on a first date? Are there any scenarios for which Quark doesn’t have a honey stick? It’s the episode with the sad drink and the happy drink.

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