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Getting a Jordan Jesse Go shirt in the mail.


I am told, by Frank in NYC, that this is how it feels.

Getting a Jordan Jesse Go shirt in the mail.


I am told, by Frank in NYC, that this is how it feels.

Franz Kafka International Airport


Prague's Franz Kafka International Named World's Most Alienating Airport

Is this the insane crowning achievement of The Onion News Network? Well, it's certainly the crowning achievement in the subject area "insanity."

Podthoughts by Colin Marshall: "The Economist"


The Economist
has long been your Podthinker's news source of choice, not just because it's actually well-written, nor because its covers are often hilarious, nor because of its dedication to internationalism, though any one of those qualities would constitute more than enough to recommend it. No, what's particularly, especially, near-uniquely choice about it is its sheer variety. Between no other pair of glossy covers does one discover nearly as much different stuff as is to be found between The Economists'. Perhaps not everything inside will be grippingly fascinating to everyone, sure, but it's well-nigh guaranteed that something will be. Top that, Readers' Digest.

It's a pleasure to report that The Economist's podcast [iTunes link] upholds the very same ethos of subject diversification. That's not so say that the show is dissolutely all over the place, anchored as it is by a few recurring segments. The most common and straightforward of these is "From the Paper", a selection of articles from the week's audio edition: leaders, financial stories, book reviews, the paper's world-famous obituaries, that sort of thing. Other episodes offer more focused content, such as interviews with the likes of U.K. shadow schools secretary Michael Gove [] and geek-stuff publisher Tim O'Reilly [], fireside chats (now on hiatus) between editors Christopher Lockwood and Adrian Woolridge and reports from The Economist's many, many correspondents on such handy topics as how to get around and do business in Thailand. (Turns out you shouldn't bow. Just shake hands.)

As a longtime Economist reader, your Podthinker can't help but be delighted at hearing the paper's distinctive, plummy house style read out loud, especially by actual Englishmen (and sometimes Englishwomen). Non-Economist-readers' mileage may vary, but the information provided is still pretty darn solid. It helps if you care as much about the United States' financial bailout plans as El Salvador's presidential election as the G20 summit as what Togo's finance minister happens to think about cloud computing. If you don't, you'll still find one out of four or five episodes fascinating; if you do, welcome to paradise.

For a publication so slick, proper and professional, though, its podcast can be surprisingly rough-edged. There aren't many major problems, but the devil, as always, is in the details: choppy editing, sometimes iffy sound quality, hiss from the voice that's coming in over Skype. (C'mon, even GarageBand can attenuate that!) But, for fellow Economist addicts out there, this sort of thing can be overlooked with time. The fact of the matter is that this podcast taps the same source of information as does the newspaper, magazine, newsmagazine — whatever you want to call it — without which we can barely endure seven measly days in a row unless we're prepared to suffer irritability, violent tremors and — probably — a spastic colon. Perhaps we should simply be grateful that they don't charge for it. After all, where else can one learn if and when Indonesia is at a crossroads?

Vital stats:
Format: news variety
Duration: 5m-30m
Frequency: not quite daily
Archive available on iTunes: last 20

[Podthinker Colin Marshall knows how best to store his current issue of The Economist: in his back pocket, vertically folded once. If you know a better way, tell him at colinjmarshall at gmail. Discuss Podthoughts on the forum here or submit your own podcast for the next by-Max-Funsters column here.]

Jordan Jesse Go Ep. 94: Visionary with Kurt Andersen

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Kurt Andersen, author and host of Studio 360, joins us for a wide-ranging discussion, including disastrous restaurants and Sega Saturn.

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Jordan Jesse Go Rider: A FABRICATION

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Look, I've been getting emails about this all day. The so-called "Jordan Jesse Go concert rider" that was leaked this morning by is completely fabricated. Also: the employee who leaked it from our confidential files has been fired. Plus, I think the demands are perfectly reasonable if you're trying to do professional-quality work. The point is this: we're not spoiled Hollywood types, we don't bathe in Perrier, we use regular old Crystal Geyser just like you. Don't get it twisted.

Here's what's true: the Monsters of Podcasting are coming to the Pacific Northwest, with a show in Seattle on April 23rd and one in Portland on April 26th. Here's what isn't: any demands on the list of demands that strike you as innapropriate or whatever. Again: don't get it twisted.

Note: if you are a venue wishing to book The Monsters of Podcasting, please talk to me about this denial before repeat *before* you set up our green room.

Slovin & Allen - The Time Machine

Slovin & Allen - Time Machine
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games

Slovin & Allen are re-uniting, according to The Comic's Comic. Even better is the sketch above, from their Comedy Central Presents special. S&A were guests on TSOYA once, many many years ago (MP3).

Party Down Episode One


Next week on The Sound of Young America, we'll have interviews with three of the stars of the new Starz comedy Party Down: Adam Scott, Jane Lynch and Martin Starr. All three have other amazing credits -- Scott was the hilarious evil brother in Stepbrothers, Lynch has been the highlight of several Chris Guest movies and, recently, Role Models, and Starr of course was wonderful in Freaks & Geeks. I first heard about the show a couple years ago, when co-creator Rob Thomas was on TSOYA to talk about the end of his series Veronica Mars.

Starz has posted the first episode of the Party Down on YouTube, and it's embedded above. It even features a guest turn from Veronica Mars star Enrico Colantoni. The first episode is really enjoyable, but I think the show finds its voice in episode three. Either way, highly recommended viewing.

Also: as Aaron notes in the comments, the first two episodes are available in Netflix on Demand, and apparently new episodes will be as well after they air.

Dana Gould, standup comic and writer: Interview on The Sound of Young America

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Dana Gould is a comedian who's widely credited as one of the fathers of "alternative" comedy. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he helped bring comedy out of the funk of the "Evening at the Improv" scene and into the thriving world of alternative culture. He was also a writer and producer on the Simpsons for six years, among his other writing credits.
His new special, Let Me Put My Thoughts In You, is now available on CD and DVD.

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