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Elephant Larry - Your Mother


Great new stuff from Elephant Larry. As usual.

Jay-Z and MJB - Can't Knock the Hustle


Lovin this. Mary is even on pitch for much of the song. I would say they have the US Open - advantage Jigga.

One question, though: what's the story with the horn players pretending to play horns while the keyboards play the horn parts? Did they run out of microphones? Did they accidentally have a casting call for dancers when they meant to have one for saxaphonists? Oh well.

Slick like a gato, fuckin' Jay-Z.

Merlin Mann Goes Steampunk


Steampunk DIY from Merlin Mann on Vimeo.

Will someone please take away Merlin Mann's video camera?

Thank you.

PS: I love that guy.

Clooney on The Daily Show


It is alarming how charming and delightful Mr. George Clooney is. It's a good thing he made friends with Sodebergh and became a star just when it looked like he might go back to being a non-star all those years ago. Now he can make sweet-ass movies, of which I hope Leatherheads will be one.

Also: he had a pet pig for many, many years which slept with him in his bed.


Podcast: Jordan, Jesse Go!: Ep. 55: Diamonds


This week on the show Jesse and Jordan are joined by their biggest guest ever. Discussion of Elliot Spitzer, SXSW and much much more.

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Podcast: Dan Kennedy, author of "Rock On: An Office Power Ballad"


Dan Kennedy is the author of two books of comic memoir, the most recent of which is "Rock On: An Office Power Ballad." The new book covers his brief career in the music industry, which began when he (a youngish, white Orange County native) produced a retrospective commercially for the anniversary of Motown Records, and ended in a round of mass layoffs. Kennedy has also written extensively for McSweeney's.

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Podcast: TSOYA Classic: The Power of Love with Dan Savage and Neil Strauss


We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Sound of Young America Clasics.

This week on the program, syndicated columnist, author and podcast host Dan Savage and writer Neil Strauss.

Dan Savage writes the syndicated sex and relationships advice column Savage Love, and hosts the podcast of the same name. He's also written several books, including "The Commitment," which focuses on his family's feelings about gay marriage. Savage himself is gay, in a committed relationship, and has a small child.

Neil Strauss has written extensively for the New York Times and ghost-written several celebrity books, but he became nationally known for his book "The Game," which delves into the world of "pick-up artists." Strauss wrote a piece on the subculture for the Times, which led to him eventually becoming a leader in the community. He recently released a sequel to the book.

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LA MaxFun Meetup: May First!


Hey gang!

Jordan and I have been meaning to have a follow-up to our first (very succesful) MaxFun Meetup here in LA, and we've finally got a date!

Here's the deal: on the evening of Thursday May 1st, MaxFunPal and international radio superstar Mr. Ira Glass will be hosting a live-to-theaters This American Life event. It'll feature a live presentation from Ira and a screening of one of the upcoming, season two episodes of the TAL Showtime series. The event will be broadcast live (or, on our coast, tape-delayed slightly). I think it's gonna be really cool, so we're going to have a meetup.

We'll be catching the show at the AMC Burbank 16 in beautiful "downtown" Burbank. You'll have to buy tickets in advance. They go on sale Friday.

Ticketing info is here.

We'll all get together beforehand -- if you're more familiar with Burbank than I, and can suggest a better location than the Ikea food court (lingonberry drink!), then please do so on the message board.

If you want to have a MaxFun meetup wherever you live, be it at TAL Live! or elsewhere, post on the board and I'll help however I can.

iTunes Favorites!


Hey! Check it out! Both JJGo and TSOYA are in the iTunes "Staff Favorites" flipbook on the front page of iTunes podcasts! Cool! Thanks iTunes!

Now... off to load some .dell files into my Zune.

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