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Spam Theater from BBTV

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I know what you're thinking: "This is very funny, Jesse, and I love BoingBoing TV. But when will you and Jordan appear on this internet video program?"

The answer is soon, my little darling. Sleep now, and perhaps when you awake, we will be ready.

Kids in the Hall - The Car Fuckers

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Brand new from The Kids in the Hall, and hilarious, to boot.

Don't miss them on tour, I've seen their new live show and it really delivers. Lots of great new material, plus old faves.

If you are a fan of The Kids in the Hall, you should probably listen to this show with Dave Foley (and Chuck Klosterman, to boot!).

Kasper Hauser tonight in San Francisco


If you live in the Bay Area, don't miss a special performance by Kasper Hauser tonight at the lovely, intimate Punchline Comedy Club. Come on... you can take the BART there!

The show's at 8PM, and it's part of The Onion Comedy Series.

Tickets here, or call 415-397-PLSF.

B.o.B. - Haterz Everywhere

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I'm getting kind of excited about B.o.B. -- he feels like a 2008 iteration of the Dungeon Family, even more than, well, the Dungeon Family does.

This isn't his best track, Rich Boy's not much of a rapper, but it's a pretty good one, and an interesting take on the "trance-hop" meme that's been going around. We'll see if B.o.B. has depth to match his style, but as I said... I'm excited.

Podthoughts by Ian Brill: "Stephen Fry's Podgrams"

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It's been a while since I've done one of this. It will be a lot longer until I do another. You see, I've taken a new job in L.A. that has kept me very busy. But I wanted to put in one last podcast review for you good MaximumFunsters.

Stephen Fry, the British actor/writer/raconteur, has delved into the world of podcasts. He calls them podgrams (iTunes), mind you. It makes sense that he would change the word a bit. The podcast form itself bends to Fry's will.

He promises us that every odd numbered show will be improvised, even numbers based off of written pieces. Or maybe it's the other way around. Quite honestly I can't tell the difference. All of his episodes sound like professional speeches. They are constantly witty, lively, full of insight. Fry is the kind of orator one would think we had lost due to a world where information has increasingly become bite-sized. Instead delivered every few weeks or so from an iTunes subscription is commentary that wouldn't be out of place in an intellectual salon.

Fry's latest show, his third, communicated such a profound thought that I was truly thankful I downloaded this podcast. There are a lot of podcasts I'm entertained by but I don't think I've ever felt enriched like I was after listening to what Fry does with an Oscar Wilde quote. When asked why America is so violent Wilde replied "it is becuase your wallpaper is so ugly." It seems a flippant remark at first but Fry evolves it into an argument that the aesthetics one encounters throughout their lives can severely affect their behavior. The world is then no longer seen as "good" or "bad." Now you have to take into consideration how the world looks and feels and how being constantly exposed to industrialization has made us react. I have chewed on this mental nugget since I heard it last Friday.

It's not all profundity on Fry's Podgrams. A lot of it is simply cheery anecdotes. But when Fry starts an anecdote it can end up being a profound thought, as well as vice versa.

I want to thank Jesse for giving me this opportunity to sound off on podcasts every once in a while. Many thanks go out to those who read my posts, as well as those whom recommended podcasts. Thank you so much. This was a lot of fun.

Podcast: Ego Trip! with Brent Rollins and Gabriel Alvarez


Brent Rollins and Gabriel Alvarez are members of the hip-hop media collective Ego Trip. The group produced the acclaimed magazine Ego Trip in the late 1990s. Since that time, they've written two hilarious and insightful books - Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists and Ego Trip's Big Book of Racism. More recently, they've produced specials and series for VH1, including last year's White Rapper Show and their current series, Ego Trip's Miss Rap Supreme.

Alvarez has worked for many years as a hip-hop journalist, and was a contributor to the Adult Swim series The Boondocks. Rollins is one of the world's top urban designers. His works included the logo for the film "Boyz in the Hood" and the cover for many albums, including the seminal "Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Blackstar."

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Ricky Gervais: "New Hero of Comedy"


Meetups May 1st in Chicago and LA!



Meetup days are fast approaching.

For the LA meetup, we're meeting at the Ikea food court in Burbank on May 1st at around 6:30 PM. The This American Life Live! show is down the street at eight, but tickets sold out very fast. Please let me know if are planning on going to both Ikea and the TAL show, so I can figure out if anyone's coming with me to TAL :). One way or the other, we'll have some fucking meatballs and lingonberry drink.

In Chicago, Jason aka GymboyUSMC is organizing a meetup that same night. Here are details for that joint:

JJGo/TSOYA Chicago Meet up
Thursday May1st

Sweet Occasions in Andersonville
5306 North Clark
Chicago, IL 60640

Come hang out and meet up with other listeners. Purchase required. They specialize in desserts and ice cream. They also have sandwiches, salads, and quiche. We will be meeting in their back room. There are lots of good local bars we can hit following the meet up – Mary’s Attic is a lot of fun!

Per Jordan and Jesse’s orders we do have to have at least one hook up at the meet up.

Take the redline to Bryn Mawr and head west to Clark Street.

In my experience with MaxFun meetups, everyone is really nice, and a pleasant time is had by all.

TSOYA in the UC Santa Cruz Magazine


There's a very nice piece in the UCSC Alumni magazine about me and The Sound of Young America this issue. Scott Rappaport writes about how the show has gone from campus radio to PRI, and I think he did a great job of encapsulating the journey and conveying what TSOYA is all about.

Hopefully some rich UCSC grad will now become my patron.

Just kidding. There are no rich UCSC grads.

Read the article here.

Podcast: TSOYA Classic: Perceived Sleights with Bruce Bridgeman and Robert Weide


We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Sound of Young America Clasics.

This week on the program: UC Santa Cruz professor Bruce Bridgeman and Curb Your Enthusiasm Executive Producer Robert Weide.

Bruce Bridgeman (left) talks with us about his unusual area of research: world-famous Santa Cruz tourist attraction The Mystery Spot.

Robert Weide started his television career as a comedy documentarian, but his relationship with Larry David eventually led him behind the camera for David's series "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Weide served as Executive Producer of the series, and directed many episodes.

Please share your thoughts on the show in the comments section!

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