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Jesse on Never Not Funny

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My friends at the podcast Never Not Funny invited me on their show recently, and it was a pleasure and an honor to accept their invitation. Never Not Funny has been one of my favorite podcasts for years; I listen every week.

Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknap, the host and producer of the show, will be guests on The Sound of Young America in a few weeks. Jimmy was a guest a few years ago, shortly after he and Matt launched the show.

Above are the first 20 or so minutes of the show, which are free. If you subscribe ($20 well spent), you can get the full episode and for a further five bucks, the video.

Ya Boy - What's Jerkin'


You know I represent the Sco down here in the City of Angels, and right now, that means supporting goofy songs about jerkin. And I'm fine with that. In fact, I am on record as an active supporter of all silly dances.

MaxFunDrive 2009: And Proud We Are Of All Of Them


We're now up to 731 new donors, surpassing our goal of 500! Thanks to all the folks who have supported us!

Below, I'll be thanking the folks who've given.

First, I want to thank Doug from Edmonton for becoming our first Jesse's Golden Eagles member, with a $200 per month pledge. Doug said his motivation was a bit of "No one wants Jesse to be homeless, eh?" and a bit of "Game on, MFers!" Rebecca from Seattle was the first Jordan's Platinum Angel. We met Rebecca this past week at our live show and she's a peach. My thanks to Doug and Rebecca.

I'd also like to thank Hampton Catlin and Amy & Alan Starling, who become Jordan's Platinum Angels on the last day of the drive.

Click through for all our thank yous.

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 97: Minnesota Danny


Jesse and Jordan are live in Seattle with the Monsters of Podcasting. They make and try the Minnesota Danny for the first time.

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Thanks to our challenge donors!


More than 50 existing MaxFun donors have stepped up to the plate this pledge drive to challenge new donors to give.

These good people, who already give to MaxFun, have offered a bounty of $11 for each new donor we bring in. This is vitally important for us, since it helps cover the tremendous cost of the pledge drive (last year we spent $3000 on postage alone). My sincere thanks to all of these good folks, and perhaps most importantly: let this be a challenge to those of you who don't yet donate!

All the challenge donors are after the jump.

Support the MaxFunDrive 2009!


Thank you for supporting! Your donations are the fuel that powers the Maximum Fun Speedboat!

We're happy to thank you for your donations with a gift.

All donors during the Maximum Fun Drive will receive a special Maximum Fun Pack. This pack includes your very own letterpress-printed Maximum Fun Club card and fun stickers, plus access to our donors-only "The Sound of Young America on the Radio" feed, the weekly, as-broadcast, hour-long version of The Sound, which is released the weekend before the interviews are podcast individually.

If you donate $5 a month or more, you'll also receive a specialthis-drive-only Maximum Fun Drive t-shirt.

Donate $10 or $20 a month, and you'll receive a t-shirt *and* a thank you gift.

Donate $100 a month, and you'll join "Jordan's Platinum Angels." You'll get a t-shirt, a thank-you gift, plus an invitation to a special dinner June 11th, 2009 (the evening before MaxFunCon), hosted by Jesse (or lunch with Jesse next time you're in LA).

Donate $200 a month, and you'll join "Jesse's Golden Eagles." You'll receive the above, plus free priority registration to MaxFunCon next year.

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Maximum Fun Drive Thank You Gifts

Donations of $10 or more per month made May 1st or later will receive our very special pledge gift - Mustache TV!

The best part of the Maximum Fun Drive is, of course, the thank you gifts. Here's a list of these amazing treasure just waiting to be claimed by new donors. These gifts typically go in the first few days of the pledge drive, so give quickly if you want them.

To get a thank you gift, pledge at ten dollars or more a month, and indicate your top three preferences, in order, in the field provided. We can't promise you'll get your first choice, but if past experience is a guide, you should get one of your picks.


Plus two special gifts for donors at the $20, $100 or $200 level:
  • John Hodgman pack, featuring More Information Than You Require, the audiobook of Areas of My Expertise, John Hodgman Hobo Chalk and More Information Than You Require taxonomy of knowledge poster
  • George Saunders pack, featuring a signed & numbered limited edition chapbook of Saunders short fiction, "A Bee Stung Me, So I Killed All The Fish," plus George Saunders merchandise.

Your 2009 Maximum Fun Drive T-Shirt


Here's your Maximum Fun Drive 2009 T-Shirt, as designed by Brian Kaas, and selected from our finalists by our committee of experts: Tig Notaro, Al Madrigal, Ariel Schrag, Paul Scheer, and my mom. My thanks to Jamie, Scott, Tom and all the folks who submitted designs. The stuff we got back was truly spectacular.

All you have to do to get one is donate $5 a month or more. It will be printed once and only once, so give now or forever hold your peace.

Lloyd Kaufman, Troma Entertainment Madman: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Lloyd Kaufman

Lloyd Kaufman is the madman (some might say mad genius) behind Troma, the independent film company that commands one of the most passionate cults in cinema. His films include The Toxic Avenger and most recently, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. His new book on directing is "Make Your Own Damn Movie." A musical version of The Toxic Avenger recently opened on Broadway.

Your 2009 Maximum Fun Drive Thank-You Gifts


The best part of the Maximum Fun Drive is, of course, the thank you gifts. Here's a list of these amazing treasures just waiting to be claimed by new donors. These gifts typically go in the first few days of the pledge drive, so give quickly if you want them. There's almost certainly something here you can't live without. Click through for a full list.

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