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Just as it appears on the radio...


If you're a monthly donor, you can listen to the podcast of The Sound of Young America just as it appears on the radio. Intros, outros, music. Also, higher bitrate MP3s.

The standard feed sometimes includes some interview material that doesn't fit in the radio show, but the radio version sometimes includes a comedy bit or commentary that doesn't make it on the podcast. And there's an episode every week (including occaisional re-runs).

If you want to listen to the show as it appears on the radio, and you're a monthly donor to, email me and I'll give you the feed address.

Sean Kingston on my block


Sean Kingston shot this video on my block. The theme is: Ghostbusters rays turn shit from Jesse's neighborhood into crazy colored nightmares. And there's a pool.

70 Minutes of Maron


Standup - Marc Maron from Troy Conrad on Vimeo.

Marc Maron, performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in LA.

Marc also has a new podcast called "WTF."

Brent Weinbach Interview: The Sound of Young America

Brent Weinbach

Brent Weinbach is a comedian from San Francisco, whose unique style has ingratiated him to some, and had the opposite effect on others. One CBS executive banned him from the Late Late Show on the grounds that he was "too weird." His new CD, available September 15th, is "The Night Shift."

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"Max at Sea" by Dave Eggers


I read "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" in college. I liked it, especially the parts that weren't crushingly, overwhelmingly sad. The funny parts, for example. Loved those.

I think people who read more novels than I do are used to them being crushingly, overwhelmingly sad. I'm not, really, and it kind of fucked me up.

Then for a long time I didn't read a bunch of Dave Eggers stuff. Frankly, I was worried it would be super sad. I can't handle that shit.

But this... this is not sad. This is pretty much one of the greatest things in the history of the world.

You probably have heard that Eggers wrote the script for Spike Jonze's film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. That's pretty great. But did you know he also wrote a novel based on the screenplay?

Given the following...

A) Where the Wild Things Are is pretty much the greatest thing ever.
B) Dave Eggers can really kick out the jams when he wants to.


C) This is gonna be fucking great.

Also, last night, while my wife was doing the stuff ladies do before they go to bed (remove makeup? un-style hair?), I read this excerpt in The New Yorker, called "Max at Sea." It's fucking great and you should read it.

Additionally, there's a lovely profile of Spike Jonze in the Times Magazine that was just put up on the website.

God's Pottery - Christ'd


God's Pottery reverse-prank Mike Birbiglia.


Julie Fader, Singer/Songwriter: The Text Of Young America


Julie Fader is a Toronto based singer/songwriter and artist. She’s also a touring member of the Chad Van Gaalen band, Great Lake Swimmers, and the Sarah Harmer band, among others. But on 09/08/09 Hand Drawn Dracula will release Outside In, Fader’s first solo effort. It’s a sonically gorgeous, multi-layered record full of warms textures and heartfelt sentiment. Fader spoke to me about the influence of environment, the importance of trust, and learning to let go.

Chris Bowman: Outside In is your first solo record, but you are not new to this. How did you get your start?

Julie Fader: Seventh grade. When I moved back to Hamilton, Ontario. I had to make a decision between vocal and instrumental and the thought of singing was horrific. So I chose flute. My parents made me take private lessons because my dad was super excited that I was going to try and learn an instrument. They had never forced me to take lessons. My brother and sister had to go for violin lessons and piano lessons and they didn’t take to either. So (my parents) decided with the youngest child that they wouldn’t make me do that. But having to take lessons was fun. Years later, being such a music fan, I was drawn to people that played music. I would hang out and listen to them jam. So when a bunch of people were playing, I brought my flute and a couple of songbooks because the idea of playing by ear seemed far fetched. So we learned some Neil Young songs and that’s how I got my start.

Announcing: Put This On


Are you a guy who dresses like a 13-year-old?

One who's interested in stepping it up a notch?

Does your girlfriend buy your pants?

Or... are you a style guy?

Someone who has more neckties than he'd care to admit?

More shoes than your wife?

Either way... Adam Lisagor and I are planning a web series for you.

It's called "Put This On," and it's for men who want to dress like grownups. Stylish, handsome grownups.

We're funding our pilot through Kickstarter, a cool new website that makes it easy to fund projects. Here's how it works: you make a pledge. If we meet our funding goal, you pay up (automatically), and the project launches. If we fail to meet it, you don't have to pay.

Video production is expensive and time consuming, and we're trying this new model to pay our bills. I think that with your help, it'll work. And that the product will be really valuable to a lot of people.

We've got until the end of the month. Let's do it!

Internets Celebrities: The Vend Diagram


My people, The Internets Celebrities, come strong with a new film called The Vend Diagram about street vendors in New York City.


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