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Podcast: Adrian Tomine, creator of Optic Nerve and author of Shortcomings


Adrian Tomine is one of the world's most acclaimed comics artists. He began publishing his own work at the age of 15, and his series Optic Nerve has run continuously since he was a teenager. His work often focuses on subtle, shifting relationships between young people, and his clean, striking art is broadly regarded as among the best in the field. He also regularly contributes illustrations to The New Yorker and other publications. His most recent book-length work is Shortcomings.

This show was recorded live at the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival in Seattle, Washington.

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Podcast: JJGo Ep 72: Lifelong Learning


Jesse and Jordan discuss lifelong learning, take calls, and cover the events of Jesse's wedding.

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Dignan's Notebook from Bottle Rocket


I've been thinking about Bottle Rocket -- LonelySandwich told me his doggy is named Diggy, short for Dignan, the name of Owen Wilson's character in the film.

At, there's a wonderful transcription of Dignan's notebook, as seen on screen in the film.

I think I would do well to follow Dignan's plan for the gang's next 25 years:

The Next 25 Years

F. Obviously these years will be heavily influenced by the years that precede them.

1. Multiple accommodations

2. When possible

a. Meet people from foreign countries.
b. Find ways to develop properties

Via Kottke

RIP Norman Whitfield

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Last week, I posted a couple of videos from the kings of psychedelic soul, Funkadelic. While Funkadelic were wearing diapers and climbing out of the Mothership, Norman Whitfield was pulling Motown into the psychedelic age with his productions for the Temptations and others. I *love* these records -- there's something amazing about the tension between the orchestral grandiosity, uber-tight vocals and the crazy psychedelic... I dunno... outrageousness.

Above is a favorite of mine, "Masterpiece" from the Temps album of the same name. I used to use that loooooooong intro as theme music for the KZSC News back in college. Below is another classic, "Psychedelic Shack," along with "Cloud Nine," which might be my favorite Temps track.

Whitfield also wrote and produced for The Undisputed Truth and Rose Royce, including the latter's big hit "Car Wash." The former's albums are great -- you can hear Whitfield going apeshit in the studio, with crazy strings and complicated basslines and amazing interplay between the voices. I even like Whitfield's later, disco-yer work -- I have a couple singles by a female vocal group called Stargard he produced that are silly, but great.

Oh, and he wrote "I Heard It Through The Grapevine." Did I mention that? 'Cause he did.

Don't Listen to Your Grandpa, Do Take Any Wooden Nickels!


We have recently scored a mighty treasure of "The Sound of Young America" wooden nickels, and we want to share the wealth. They're good for many things; reminding you to watch The Sound of Young America, inspiring you to be more awesome, and possibly being used as a pog. If you would like one of these little trinkets please send a stamped, self addressed envelope to 720 S. Normandie Ave, #512, Los Angeles, CA 90005.
(The Sound of Young America nickels do not look like the above nickel. Ours have the TSOYA rocket symbol and a gentle reminder to "Be More Awesome.")

Paul Scheer's One Man Entourage


"He brings a humanity to the characters like you've never seen before."

Podcast Coyle & Sharpe Episode 35: For The Benefit of Mankind


Welcome to season two of Coyle & Sharpe: The Imposters! In the early 1960s, James P. Coyle and Mal Sharpe roamed the streets of San Francisco, microphone in hand, roping strangers into bizarre schemes and surreal stunts. These original recordings are from the Sharpe family archive, which is tended by Mal's daughter, Jennifer Sharpe. You can learn more about Coyle & Sharpe on their website or on MySpace. Their recent box set is These 2 Men Are Imposters.

On this episode: The Imposters discuss with a native San Franciscan the appropriate level of mourning for the death of a car.

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Your Morning Progressive Soul


Above: Janelle Monae (formerly of the Outkast/Purple Ribbon camp, now rolling with Diddy) performs "Sincerely, Jane." I bought Monae's new EP, in which she is some kind of soul-music robot from the future, at Target today. I don't like it as much as I liked her roller skating lite disco track from the Purple Ribbon comp, "Letting Go," which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, but at least she's trying some shit. She sings a bit like Kelis, if Kelis could sing a lot better.

Below, the official video for SugaRush Beat Company's "L.O.V.E.", which is some kind of UK iTunes exclusive or something. If anybody knows anything about these dudes, loop me in, because I don't. According to their bio, Rahsaan Patterson (US soul singer) was touring in Australia, met a producer, they met a singer from Denmark... and somehow they came out with this single in the UK. But I'm feeling it.

RIP David Foster Wallace


Periodic Table of the (Fake) Elements


Here, in three parts, is the fake periodic table of the elements from the amazing Look Around You. Click on them to make them larger. It is *so* worth it.

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