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Aziz Ansari on Kimmel


Aziz Ansari has been a highlight of Parks & Recreation so far, and he's hilarious in this appearance on Kimmel.

A Pledge Drive Treat


The Sound of Young America: TV Pilot from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Here's a pledge drive treat.

Last year, I made a pilot for Current. They were planning an expansion into half hour programming, and were looking for an interview show that spoke to months their demographic. They were willing to do something without claiming any ownership of my IP, and really respected and got what I was up to. It was a great fit.

We put together this pilot (Mark Rinehart produced, ably), but by the time we'd finished, there'd been an administration change at Current, and they ended up with a very different prime-time programming plan. So we had this pilot, but there was nothing they could do with it. The parting was amicable.

We taped two radio interviews -- one with Patton Oswalt, then some later one with Ben Karlin. A few months after that, we wrote and taped some interstitial pieces in a day here in LA, including a mini-interview with the one and only Maria Bamford. I actually think the show came out pretty neat. Enjoy!
You can download the show directly with this link.

The Third Floor on The Sound of Young America


The 3rd Floor on The Sound of Young America from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Here's the final video from our Portland Sound of Young America show.

Portland's own Third Floor sketch comedy.

Baseball Card Movie


No sooner do I post about the Internets Celebrities than Cas, their director, posts this great short documentary he made about sports card collectors.

When I was a kid, I was a huge baseball card nut. My favorite player was Mark Grace, and somewhere in my mom's basement is my collection of Mark Grace cards -- I think I got to three hundred before the number of sets each year really exploded in the mid 90s.

I'm still fixated on stuff -- I love thrift stores and garage sales and estate sales and ebay -- but I'm not a collector anymore. Being a collector has a special satisfaction, but it also never ends. I'm glad to have let it go.

MaxFunDrive 2009: The Halfway Point


We're midway through the third annual MaxFunDrive, and while we're not quite printing money, we're doing great. Here are a few highlights:

We've had a total of 271 new donations, including existing donors who raised their monthly gifts. That's most of the way to our base goal of 300, and more than halfway to our "things are going great!" goal of 500.

Of those, 223 have been monthly donations, which sustain the day-to-day operations of Leading the way have been Doug Stewart, who became our first Jesse's Golden Eagle at $200 per month, and Rebecca O'Malley, who became our first Jordan's Platinum Angel at $100 per month.

Our monthly income has been increased enough to meet our first goal: an offer to our editor to come on for an extra day a week. If it's accepted, it'll mean more original Sound of Young America content, including comedy, commentaries and reviews.

We've had some really awesome podcasts, which I've tried hard not to clutter too much with pledge drive chatter.

Here's the plan for the coming week:

500 new donors seems well within our grasp. I don't think it's unreasonable to shoot for eight or ten percent of listeners paying for the show, and we're getting closer to that now.

We'll have more awesome shows, including a big blowout JJGo and a couple of really great Sound of Young America interviews.

We're almost out of special pledge gifts, so we'll be announcing a really awesome new gift for folks who give $10 or more per month in the second half of the drive.

There's a great thread on the forum about the drive, where you should feel free to ask any questions you have. You can also of course use the contact link at the bottom of the page.

And above all: my thanks to all those who've given so far!

The Irish Breakfast Milkshake


I'm a milkshake enthusiast, always have been, so when I saw a cookbook called "Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes" in a book catalog a few months ago, I made sure to ask for a review copy. After all, who knows when The Sound of Young America might turn into The Splendid Table?

The book is really lovely, and author Adam Reid includes tons of amazing milkshakes, from the simple to the absurd. Last night, I made a cucumber lemon mint shake, and that was after looking for a relatively simple recipe. I couldn't wrap my head around Sweet Corn & Basil or Blackberry Lavender.

My favorite shake I've made from the book so far was a very simple one -- one that I actually managed from stuff I had sitting around my house.

It's called The Irish Breakfast Milkshake. There are no bangers or fried potatoes in it -- it's actually a tea shake.

It's very simple to make.

You start by steeping four black tea bags in about four ounces of boiling water. Then take out (and squeeze out!) the bags, and refrigerate the super-tea you've made until it's cool (half an hour or so).

In the blender, mix your tea with about eight scoops of french vanilla ice cream and about an ounce of honey. Be sure to use a spatula to push it down and mix it up a bit between whooshes of the blender.

The vanilla ice cream and the complex tea flavor play so wonderfully together, and that lovely honey sweetness is a perfect crowning touch. Super easy, super delicious.

All hail Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes!

Swamp Dogg on Studio 360


Our pal Swamp Dogg on our pal Kurt Andersen's great show Studio 360.

Just added: a new pledge gift.


The good folks at Internets Celebrities have sent us ten copies of their brand new DVD to give away to good donors. If you want one, put Internets Celebrities in the little box when you donate.

Above: their must-see video "Checkmate."

Blitzen Trapper Live Video on The Sound of Young America


Blitzen Trapper on The Sound of Young America from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Another segment from our live videos from the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. This will be podcast in audio form in a couple of weeks.

Kanye West f. Mos Def & Freeway - "Two Words"


Previously unreleased video.

I remember hearing the snippet of this that was on the mixtape that came out before College Dropout. I don't think I could have been more excited about a song.

I still get pumped when Freeway goes, "Turn y'all rap n*ggas to two words: FAST RUNNERS."

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