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Neil Pasricha: Creator of 1000 Awesome Things

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We here at Maximum Fun do our best to bring you all things awesome. We look far and wide. But sometimes awesome is closer than we realize. Neil Pasricha is the creator of the 1000 Awesome Things blog. It’s a countdown of all the awesome things that we come across in our daily lives that we may not always acknowledge. Some of them you’ll immediately identify with, and others you’ll think to yourself, “Oh yeah! That IS awesome.” Pasricha spoke with me about awesome smells, chicken wings, and the kindness of people.

Chris Bowman: 1000 Awesome Things was originally started as a diversion from all the bad news that seems to circulate every hour of every day. How did you settle on this idea?

Neil Pasricha: Well basically, I started in June of 2008. At that time, if you flipped open the newspaper it was filled with the same stuff every day. The polar ice caps were melting, there were pirates storming the seas, the economy was on the verge of collapse, and there were wars going on all over the world. Everything was so heavy. 1000 Awesome Things was meant to be that one little place where we turn the lights out, put a blanket over our heads, and just talk about popping bubble wrap, or snow days, or the smell of a bakery.

To find out what else Neil Pasricha has to say click Read More

Wyatt Cenac meets Slim Thugga


Slim Thug tha Boss meets Wyatt Cenac the class act who used to write for King of the Hill.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Slim Thug Feels the Recession
Daily Show
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Political Humor Ron Paul Interview

They discuss how the recession has hit the hip-hop industry. Then they put together this hip-hop video on the theme of fiscal responsibilities.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Slim Thug's Music Video - Still a Boss
Daily Show
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Political Humor Ron Paul Interview

Bucky Sinister, author of "Get Up": Interview on The Sound of Young America

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Bucky Sinister

Bucky Sinister is a poet, comedian and recovering addict. His most recent book is "Get Up: A Recovery Guide for Misfits, Freaks and Weirdos."

Put This On: Launch Party!

10/30/2009 - 20:00 - 23:00
Pasadena, CA
Venue Name: 
Rising Sun Jeans

We're proud to announce the launch of Put This On, a web video series about dressing like a grownup from Jesse Thorn and Adam Lisagor.

We'll be partying the night away on Friday, October 30th from 8-11PM at Rising Sun Jeans in Pasadena, California. Music will be provided by DJW, refreshments by your boys at Put This On. The pilot episode will screen at 9 and 10 PM.

Stay fly!

Earl Weaver On Manager's Corner


Contains a lot of swearing. Even better than Tommy Lasorda on Kingman's performance.

via John Moe.

Marc Maron Commentary on The Sound of Young America: RRL

Marc Maron

Commentator Marc Maron says he's not ready to buy a belt pre-distressed by an Indian boy.

Prince - Head (Live in 1981)


Sometimes I think "Dirty Mind" might surpass "Sign O the Times" as my favorite Prince album. SO MANY POWER JAMS.

Podthoughts by Colin Marshall: "CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast"

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Boy, CD Baby has come a long way. Once an upstart outfit whose vaguely sketchy, disreputable-feeling web site put your Podthinker off more than one purchase, they've become the hep place to be for emerging and/or unsigned musicians with product to move. They're so legitimate that they even produce a bunch of podcasts, the first of which, the CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast [iTunes] [XML], provides genuinely useful information to all the internet's up-and-coming singers, strummers, rappers, key-pressers, hitter-of-resonant-objects-with-sticks, etc.

From the sound of it, they need all the useful information they can get. It's well-known how steep a hill independent musicians face. Assuming they've got the chops, they then need, in no particular order, access to solid recording gear, a decent engineer, media contacts, a compelling story, a modicum of professionalism, a road budget, venues to play, an open mind, some sort of lawyer, filled-out copyright paperwork, healthy fan relations, a strong grasp of social media, management, willingness to play weddings, a sharp mastering ear, a capacity to hold their liquor and enough money to cover taxes. (Also, the ability to podcast doesn't hurt.) If that list is as tiring to read as it was to write, think about how rough it must be to attain.

Fortunately, the CD Baby crew covers these (exact) subjects and others, clearly and conversationally, one at a time. Sometimes they do this in interviews with relevant music-industry figures, and sometimes they do this in roundtable discussions amongst themselves. For the former, they chat with folks like mid-level venue booker Alicia Rose [MP3], Max Fun favorite and success-by-Internet Jonathan Coulton [MP3], veteran publicist Alex Steininger [MP3], Hall counterpart John Oates [MP3] and rocka-ternt-indie-kids'-sanga Dan Zanes [MP3]. For the latter, they take on news, rumor, personal goings-on and such musician-affecting topics as potential concert mishaps [MP3], Twitter [MP3] and what, exactly, a "360 record deal" is [MP3].

Quibbles about increasingly busy, garish production aside, the podcast deserves accolades for the sheer applicability of the facts and recommendations it provides. The advice given by guests and hosts alike is always understandable, reasonable and, most importantly, actable-on; nothing they tell the listening musician to do lies too far outside their reach. Some of the commentators seem to believe they're providing the cold, bracing splash of reality that these poor, naïve bands and solo artists so badly need, and maybe they are, but nothing said on the program strikes your Podthinker as especially harsh. Making oneself into a successful musician seems, at bottom, no different than founding and operating any sort of business venture: you do your branding, your product development, your advertising, your sales, your distribution, your networking.

But maybe indie musicians don't want to hear that. Your Podthinker, who only sits on the periphery of the DJing and ambient worlds himself, isn't quite sure. After listening to a few dozen episodes of the DIY Musician Podcast, he certainly feels relieved not to have to slug it out in the teeming arena of the struggling singer-songwriter, but nothing he heard was applicable only to said troubadorial combatants. It's advice for the working musician, sure, but anyone doing any type of creative work can and should take the lessons to heart.

Vital stats:
Format: music-biz interviews and roundtables
Running since: May 2007
Duration: 20m-70m
Frequency: semi-erratic weekly
Archive available on iTunes: all

[Questions, comments, ideas, suggestions or threats for Podthinker Colin Marshall? colinjmarshall at gmail.]

Jordan, Jesse Go! Ep. 112: Bananacakes with Seth and Jonathan from Uhh Yeah Dude

Seth Romatelli
Jonathan Larroquette

Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette join Jesse and Jordan to talk about smart phones and dumb everything else.

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The Roots - How I Got Over

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New video from the Roots crew. Thought's singing sounds a lot better than Captain Kirk's.

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