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Red Hot Entertainment Celebs + TSOYA = Match Made in Heaven


Is that International Super-Celebrity Paul Scheer of The Human Giant wearing a Sound of Young America t-shirt at the MTV movie awards?! It is?! TRULY AMAZING!



Now I'm just duplicating posts.


State of the Industry Address 2007

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Our pal Todd at Dead-Frog scooped me on this one, but check out the clips (above) from Andy Kindler's annual State of the Industry speach at Montreal's Just for Laughs comedy festival. Every year, Andy takes on all the shitty things in the comedy industry, from Delta Farce to Robin Williams to the bachelorette party. And usually Jay Leno.

Andy was a guest on The Sound a couple of years ago, and he talked a bit about why he speaks publically about things that are shitty. Here's an MP3 of the show. Andy's a great comic and he has a heart of gold.

And speaking of Montreal, both Dead-Frog and The Hater have been there offering recaps... both are worth reading.

All of 2006's TSOYAs in one torrent


If you want to download all of 2006's Sound of Young America broadcasts at once, you can do it. You will have to use TORRENT technology.

Here is TSOYA 2006 on MySpleen.

If you need an invite, email me and tell me your favorite TSOYA moment for identity verification purposes.



You know what's so great about this show? Everything.


Podcast: Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast: Ep. 14: The News 6 Update


This week: Bay Area news update -- more at six.

Please continue to subscribe and review the show! You can also check out KH's videos on YouTube.

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Hear Episode Fourteen

The Industry Shits on The Wire


The Wire is the best television program ever created in any genre.

It is so spectacular that I can barely bring myself to watch other shows.

It is borderline perfect.

It is smart, sharp, brilliantly acted, spectacularly written, it has real meaning. It is art.

And it got ZERO Emmy nominations.


HBO, as a network, got EIGHTY SIX nominations, and how many were for its best show?


Fuck you television industry people. Seriously, fuck you.

Kasper Hauser in New York Magazine


Hey! New York Magazine's "Approval Matrix" picks up on Kasper Hauser's This American Life parodies, as heard on the Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast. Needless to say, they approve, though they use the variant spelling Kaspar Hauser, which I worry will keep anyone from hearing them after seeing it in the magazine.

Here's the first of the shows, and here's the second. You can of course get them free in iTunes as well.

NY Magazine isn't the first big media outlet to pick up on the genius of Kasper Hauser. Just a few weeks ago, the prestigious Very Short List described the parodies as "sweet, imaginative portraits of sweet, ridiculous people too genial to realize how ridiculous they can be." Which is a nice way to put it.

By the way... have you bought Kasper Hauser's SkyMaul yet? If you haven't, you're making a terrible, terrible mistake. When Patton Oswalt was over the other day, he was talking about his copy. "Oh my God, those guys are SO FUCKING FUNNY," was the specific quote, I believe.

Sly is back, and he's reppin the Yay.


Fuck the haters, Sly is back, and stooped though he may be, he's nearly as bad as ever.

"If You Want Me To Stay," my favorite song of all time, performed with a very solid band this past Sunday, followed by "Sing a Simple Song" and a shortened version of "I Wanna Take You Higher." Sly's moving pretty well for a guy with as pronounced a hunch as he's displaying here. As you'd imagine, his upper register isn't as strong, but his lower register is rich and sounds wonderful. I'm just happy he's back. We lost JB, nice to see Sly stepping back into the spotlight.

And did you check out his Bay Area lid? REPPING THE YAY.

(via The Soul Imperialist)

Podcast: They Might Be Giants

John & John

They Might Be Giants are giants in a field of their own creation. Their funny art-rock has it's roots in the New York performance art world, but it's gone through many incarnations in 25 years. The band's most recent record, The Else, is largely produced by The Dust Brothers. They've also begun podcasting and offering free concert downloads.

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