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Stop Podcasting Yourself 548 - Amber Harper-Young

Amber Harper-Young

Comedian Amber Harper-Young returns to talk dance crazes, chick flicks, and sunburns.

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#186 - Best Musical Instrument LIVE with Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Recorded live at Dragon Con 2018, the boys are joined by Tom Kenny, who in addition to being the voice of Spongebob and many others is the lead singer of Tom Kenny and the Hi-Seas, which means he's the perfect person to talk with about musical instruments as together they pick the best one!

International Waters Ep 130: All Babies Are Racist

Emily Maya Mills, Dave, and Molly Hawkey
Emily Maya Mills
Holly Burn
Simon Kane
Molly Hawkey

Emily Maya Mills, Molly Hawkey, Holly Burn and Simon Kane join host, Dave Holmes for shark heists, transatlantic newlywed games, and Smash Mouth musicals

Emily Maya Mills wants to plug her album, By A Thread and Clean Freaks on WhoHaha and recommends The Dress Up Gang.

Molly Hawkey wants to plug SpermCast and recommends The Big Ones podcast.

Holly Burn wants to plug her upcoming live dates and her YouTube channel and recommends Peach Club on YouTube.

Simon Kane wants to plug John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme on Radio 4 and An Execution (By Invitation Only) and recommends Samantha Bee's segment on Asgardia and National Theatre of Brent.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes

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Written by Riley Silverman and John-Luke Roberts, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and GuiltFreePost in London, produced by Christian Dueñas and Laura Swisher.

Dhinga Gavar

Baby Geniuses

Hello babies!

Make sure to check out Lisa's new book Coyote Doggirl, in stores now! She's doing some in store events, so if you're in SF or NY go catch one! On this episode- did you know Emily is on a trivia team? And she hasn't told Lisa or I about it? On Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for Dhinga Gavar, a festival celebrated in Jodhpur, in Western Rajasthan in India. Women are encouraged to don sticks and hit men with them.

Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 10: The Lying Game

Dr. Jonathan Bowman
Giovanni Garbutt
Abby Savell

We get a return visit from Dr. Jonathan Bowman, who instructs us how to tell if someone is lying to us. But we’re not sure we can trust him. Then, Paual reveals her deep fear of being the first person on the scene of an accident, and Giovanni Garbutt of @American First Responder explains how to respond first. Speaking of lying (possibly) or dying (allegedly) - we get an update on the status of our missing survivalist Thomas Coyne.

House band
Abby Savell, steel drum


Dr. Jonathan Bowman
Professor, Communication Studies, University of San Diego
Website: Dr. Jonathan Bowman

Giovanni Garbutt
President, American First Responder
Twitter: @afrtraining
Facebook: @Americanfirstresponder

Abby Savell
Twitter: @nesta_steelband
Facebook: @NestaSteelDrumBand
Instagram: @nesta_steel_drum_band

The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 227: Be The Industrial Mixer You Want To See In The World (DS9 S3E4)


When Jadzia whips out some treacly keyboard skills at a dinner party, she puts the Siskos in an awkward position. But as her life turns into a bad episode of Fool Us with Penn and Teller, it starts to seem like Dax may have forgotten more than just her level of musical proficiency. Which host is in the pocket of Big Pun? Are Dax and Sisko chess hipsters? How does anyone get any shuteye on the Defiant? It’s the episode where we find out who’s Charlie Brown, and whose balls he’s trying to kick.

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Pop Rocket Ep. 191 2018 Summer Jams

Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh, Guy Branum, Karen Tongson, and Margaret Wappler
Pop Rocket
Guy Branum
Karen Tongson
Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh
Margaret Wappler

Between the VMA's and Yom Kippur, we've got our own version of the high holidays here at Pop Rocket: The SUMMER JAMS episode! We will anoint OR NOT anoint the title of Song of the Summer to the most banging artist of the past few months. And yes, the band is back together again. The full panel - Guy Branum, Karen Tongson, Wynter Mitchell (don't forget) Rohrbaugh, and Margaret Wappler - put on their Grammy judge hats and measure up the best cuts from music makers this past season.

What criteria make a tune a summertime anthem? Is it the dance beat? The song's ubiquity? The convertible factor? A dark city feeling? Does the magic of Cardi B's "I Like It" rest solely on its sample of Peter Rodriquez's I Like It Like That? Is Zedd, Marren Morris, Grey's "The Middle" too much negotiation and not enough sex, love, and urgency? Find out which song made Silas get down like no one was watching and which panelist has a knack for converting jams into pet cat lullabies. Shout outs also go to honorable mentions and listeners' suggestions that didn't quite make the cut.

All Abouts

Margaret is all about Mandy Moore's newly remodeled mid-century modern home in Pasadena.

Wynter is all about TV writer and producer Linda Bloodworth Thomason's op-ed in The Hollywood Reporter where she channels a glowing fury and details the misogynistic bullying she faced from disgraced former CBS CEO Les Moonves. Les Moonves, Go fuck yourself!

Karen is all about the post-BBC reboot of The Great British Baking Show.

Guy is all about Cynthia Nixon's appearance at the old school, crusty Brooklyn gay bar The Metropolitan before the New York Governor Primary.

With Guy Branum, Karen Tongson, Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh, and Margaret Wappler.

Summer Jam Finalists:

Cardi B - I Like It

Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey - The Middle

Ariana Grande - R.E.M.

Maroon 5 - Girls Like You

Lizzo - Boys

Years & Years - All For You

Migos - Walk It Talk It

Drake - In My Feelings

Drake - Nice For What

Calvin Harris feat. Dua Lipa - One Kiss

Troye Sivan - Bloom

Summer Honorable Mentions:

Big Freedia feat. Lizzo - Karaoke

Years & Years - If You're Over Me

Matt Rogers - Be A Bitch To Your Friends (This Pride)

Aloe Blacc - Brooklyn in the Summer

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Produced by Laura Swisher for Edited by Shana Daloria.

Who Shot Ya? Episode 54: Jennifer Garner's 'Peppermint' and Getting the Band Back Together

Who Shot Ya?
Ricky Carmona
Alonso Duralde
April Wolfe


You heard right, the band is back together! This episode marks the return of our Switchblade Sister April Wolfe. And this week the crew is talking about the divisive (and pretty racist) new Jennifer Garner film Peppermint. Ricky discusses his feelings on Twin Peaks: The Return. April celebrates the the life of her beloved cat. And Alonso questions whether fall is arriving or not. Plus, the gang listens to messages from the "Who Shot-Line." This week's questions was, "Which actress, who has never fronted an action film, deserves to be an action hero?" And as always, 'Staff Picks.'

In news, Candyman is coming, Olivia Munn is chastised, and Facebook apologoizes for taking down those nude Burt Reynolds photos.

Weekly Movie Recommendations:

Ricky - Old Boy
Alonso - Starting Over
April - Let the Corpses Tan

PLUS, we have two Spotify playlists. One is for Movie Soundtracks and the other is for Movie Scores. Check 'em out!

Next week we're discussing The Predator.

With April Wolfe, Alonso Duralde, and Ricky Carmona.

You can let us know what you think of Who Shot Ya? at @WhoShotYaPod on Twitter. Or email us at
Produced by Casey O'Brien and Laura Swisher for

Story Break #74: Warhammer: Blood Bowl

Story Break

We tackle (YES THE PUN WORKS FINALLY) Warhammer's take on American football - Blood Bowl! Plus a new ending segment - an audio trailer of the movie!

Norm MacDonald Gaffe, Kavanaugh's Alleged Misconduct, Elon Musk Smokes Weed, Paul McCartney’s “Come Together” Claim, Hurricane Florence, Serena Williams Fined, Cavill out as Superman?, Cynthia Nixon Smeared, Pizza's Very Dangerous, Trump Still a Jerk



INTRO 0:34

Old-Timey Singing
Bev Like These


Paul McCartney and John Lennon “Come Together”
Serena Williams Fined $17K
Elon Musk Smokes Weed
Norm MacDonald’s Big Mouth


Trump’s Puerto Rico “Conspiracy”
Cynthia Nixon Smeared
Manafort To Take Plea Deal
Brett Kavanaugh
Thoughts on “Fear” Book
Recent Obama Speech
Register to Vote!

TIDBITS 1:00:42

Pizza Responsible for 2300 Hospital Visits
Henry Cavill Out As Superman?

WI-FIVE 1:15:53

OUTRO 1:17:48

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