Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 38 - Total Non-Recall

Dr. Alan Castel
Zac Krone
Christin Webb

Remember that thing you said you weren’t going to forget? Paula doesn’t. Which is why we have cognitive psychologist Dr. Alan Castel on hand to help us jog our memories. Which, it turns out, might involve actual jogging. And speaking of things that are going once... going twice... in this week’s Career Corner, Auction Specialist Zack Krone helps us find out if Paula has a future as an auctioneer. Also, if Paula has no future at all, at least we’ve now discovered what we’ll be listening to at her funeral.

Dr. Alan Castel
Professor at UCLA, Cognitive Psychologist
Author, “Better with Age: The Psychology Successful Aging”
Website: Alan Castel

Zack Krone
Benefit Auction Specialist
Owner, California Coast Auctions

House band:
Christin Webb, contrabasoon

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