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The Philadelphia City Paper + TSOYA

Posted by Maximum Fun on 9th April 2006

The Philly City Paper has a regular feature where local artists talk about something they love… and guess what? A local artist loves The Sound of Young America…

I’m a comedy nerd. So is Jesse Thorn. Only, he has a radio show. The Sound of Young America is a weekly radio program out of KZSC in Santa Cruz, Calif. Each week Jesse interviews comedians, authors and other artists that comedy nerds find cool. Lest you think by “comedians” I am speaking of the local Chuckles’ open-mic winner; let me present you with a sampling of his guests: Louis CK, Paul Feig, Patton Oswalt, Mike Nelson, Shelly Berman and Terry Jones. If none of those names sound familiar then I’ve just wasted about 26 seconds of your life. Otherwise, fellow nerd, check out The Sound of Young America at or subscribe to it in iTunes.

–Don Montrey
Comedy writer, member of ComedySportz and sketch group Bad Hair

Thanks, Don!