Judge John Hodgman Episode 27: The Friendship Inquest


Friends Adam and Will have a dispute about social networking. Is it Adam's responsibility as a young adult to get with the program and join the online social networking world, or is Will pushing his own life choices on his friend?


Ice Cream Judgement

JJHo -

We were disappointed by your response to the question concerning the
tub of neopolitan ice cream (to wit: was the tub of neopolitan ice
cream deceptively large or deceptively small?).

To your credit, however, the question posed was perhaps not the most accurate inquiry to solve the mystery of how a seemingly large tub of
neopolitan ice cream could be eaten in two days when one expected it
to last two weeks. The puzzled former roommates arrived at the
conclusion that the TUB itself was somehow at issue - either the tub seemed larger than it was or was smaller than it appeared
(same thing). In other words, that the tub played an optical illusion on the two men. It is more likely, however, that the deception lay not in tub size but in the density of the ice cream. Many brands of ice cream contain a high air to cream ratio, thus requiring less substance to fill a container but greater volume to satisfy a stomach. Since the ice cream has been whipped with a large quantity of air, you would eat more ice cream to correct for the increased air to cream ratio, resulting in a quickly dwindling tub of neopolitan ice cream.

Marc & Norah Van Beck


LUDDITES UNITE! Adam is right. Facebook is an obnoxious distraction.

nice voice

is it just me or do will and adam sound hot?


If I was subscribed to Facebook I could like this episode...

Adam does, in fact, have a

Adam does, in fact, have a friend who lives in the DC area who is a science journalist who only shares meaningful links on facebook, namely his own science articles. Once this friend got to interview Elmo and shared the outtakes only on facebook. Adam loves Muppets, but could not listen to these outtakes. I had to describe it to him over the Bell telephone.

-a concerned friend