Judge John Hodgman Episode 191: TL;DNR


Andy brings the case against his friend Katie. Several years ago, he persuaded her to read his favorite fantasy series. She also agreed to finish the series by his birthday. The date has come and gone, but Katie has not completed the books. Should she pick up the pace?

Thanks to Joseph Wang for this week's case name!

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new phrase for my vernacular!

It was something like...

"If you want to live in a world of people that is something you should never say again"

OK, DNR = Do Not

OK, DNR = Do Not Resuscitate
but what's TL: ??


This case name is a play on the phrase "TL;DR" which stands for "too long; didn't read" (usually used online as a snarky comment in reply to a long post).

Andy is acting quite the woolhead!

As a Wheel of Time fan, I thought this was an excellent episode! And justly ruled. (Jesse, I chuckled heartily at the Joseph Campbell joke.) Though, I really thought the tongue-lashing was going to segue to an overturned decision on Pizza Parley: By the judge's own definition, Meredith and Jason didn't have a contract (or a wager or bet). She was doing him (and her brother) a favor. Where is the benefit to her? It's all sacrifice on Meredith's part and all gain for Jason, both then and now.

Condescension towards genre fiction

The condescending tone of Judge John Hodgman toward genre fiction was quite disappointing.

It's Never Too Much

One can never be too condescending towards the Wheel of Time or its fanboys. I made it through the first 4 books before figuring out that the characters are relatively shallow, particularly the women, and that Jordan just likes to hear himself talk.

I doubt he was super serious

Sounded mostly tongue in cheek to me, as is usually the case. Hodgman has professed his love for GOT (and other scifi and fantasy works) on multiple shows and is a self described nerd and former literary agent. I think he's just fine with genre fiction.