Vince Averill

Jonah Raydio
Vince Averill

The following podcast is scheduled for one fall! Comic, record label owner and podcaster Vince Averill joins the gang. We talk the world of wrestling, hardcore music, and Neils od shirts

We recap the last bit of our Pioneertown Air B&B experience, how Vince was a hardcore version of Rick Rubin, and Jonah and Vince experience at the Holy Trinity Dance party.

We break down the Micharl Jackson exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in the UK and Cash tells a stupid joke that nobody has the context to appreciate.


The Hempsteadys- Still Life With Woodpecker

Grade- Weave

Threat Level Burgundy - Guest Check

AJJ- The Final Cut

Fine Motor- See It In The Dog

Initiate HC- Nasty Woman

Twin Frames- Not The Way