Shlubby White Guy Eddie Murphy

Jonah Raydio

Shlubby White Guy Eddie Murphy

No guest this week and we recorded on a Sunday afternoon. Talked Neils self inflicted haircut bet, Jonahs old shiny jeans, and gum chewing. You normal Sunday afternoon stories. Neil tells a half remembered story from an Ian MacKay interview with Henry Rollins. Jonah introduces the new segment “Jonah’s Right, Prove Him Wrong”, where you the viewer get a chance to tell him why he’s wrong about things. Write us at to get your chance to argue with him.

And if you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, please come by the grand opening of World Famous Original, where Jonah will be DJing and Neil will be drinking. Cash will be there too.


Tenement- Your Life of Mine

Mike Krol- 15 Minutes

Dillinger Four- I Coulda Been A Contender

Armalite- Dans Hands Melt

Mike Phirman- Chicken Monkey Duck

Grandaddy- Brush With The Wild video

Aaron Beckhum- Carpenters Song