Second Draft

Jonah Raydio
not Rob Schrab

Second Draft

So it all went wrong this time. Our guest, Rob Schrab put in the wrong address to his GPS and ended up 40 miles away from the studio. We were backed up against our deadline date so we needed to record one to go up today. So we started recording without him, actually called him and did sort of an interview while he sat in traffic. Then Jonah hung up on him and Rob called back and threatened to cut all of Jonahs close ups when he directs MST3K. It was really funny and worked out well and with a great game in the second act of the show we were back on top of the world with forty minutes of a great podcast we had salvaged from the ashes.

Then the recorder failed.

So we made another one and thats what you’re getting. Rob wouldn’t pick up when we called back. Neil cheated in the game by using all Jonahs successful answers from the first, now lost, round. We talked band feuds. It was a real experience.



Jacques Dutronc - Et moi, et moi et moi

American Werewolf Academy - Its Just Blood

Multiple Bobbys- Paralytic Sunshine Scam

Adrian Teacher and the Subs- Modern Art

Adrian Teacher and the Subs- Slowly Dying

Jeffrey Lewis- End Result

HIckey vs The Voodoo Glow Skulls

Going Out- I Think I Proved My Point

Qwam- Doggie Door

King Pin - Incoherent