Meet Bill

Jonah Raydio
Bill Corbett

“I learned I can be bought. That’s what I learned”- Bill Corbett on “Meet Dave”

Good podcast to y’all. On this weeks installment of the show, we sit down with RIFF TRAX riffing/Crow T Robot playing/Meet Dave screenwritin’ Bill Corbett. We talk riffing on movies, Garrison Keillors creepy behavior, the Masterclass teachings of Steve Martin, Meet Dave and literally dozens more things. It was great, a real treat for all involved. Don’t trust anybody who says otherwise. They’ll have bigger flaws if they’re willing to lie about something like that.

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Even In Blackouts- Tears of A Clown

Bedrooms-Change Your Mind

Har Mar Superstar- Bring It On Home (On Tour Now!)

The Mad Splatter- Cabin Fever

Chill Parents- Bored

Luxe- Force of Change

The Tracys- People Scare Me

Satellites- I Wanna Be Something