Spin-Offs Pt.1 | EP#27

The Goosedown

Kim & Jasper discuss their favorite spin-offs from the world of television, music and video games.


Great episode

This is my first time listening to this podcast, and I loved it! From DeBarge, to Snoop Dogg, to A Perfect Circle (I forgot about them!), to Pam, to Maxine Shaw--my personal hero.

Interesting side note, both Tischina Arnold and Ericka Alexander had roles on The Cosby Show.

And there really is no other good reason not to hire these talented actors and put them in varied roles. Hollywood studios need to have a bigger imagination about who can portray what character.

Because I really enjoy your podcast, is there any way to make it available on Stitcher?

So glad you enjoyed the

So glad you enjoyed the episode. This is not the first time we've gotten the Stitcher question, we will look into that.

Thanks for listening....and Maxine Shaw is one of my heroes too!