Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident Ep. 83: Metal Injection Editor Rob Pasbani

Rob Pasbani
Shaina Feinberg, Ian Ball

Episode 83 of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident is hellbent for leather as I sit down with Metal Injection editor Rob Pasbani in his cavelike apartment in Brooklyn to discuss topics including but no limited to heavy metal (duh), Dick Cavett (duh), professional wrestling, Howard Stern sightings, and much more. I also encourage you to support Maximum Fun, the fine people who bring you my podcast, at maximumfun.org. As if all of that is not enough, I check in with my lovely and talented secretary Shaina Feinberg and Ian Ball delivers the Hot Jamz as usual from London. For more information on this podcast and other Dave type stuff, please visit my website at www.davehillonline.com. And follow me on Twitter for up to date information on what I had for breakfast and stuff at @mrdavehill.

Stay hydrated,

Dave Hill