Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident Ep. 82: Fenriz from Norwegian Black Metal Legends Darkthrone

Fenriz from Darkthrone

The surgery bandages are off and Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident is back in reasonably full-force with Episdode 82. This time around, I travel all the way to Oslo, Norway to sit down with metal legend, music aficionado, and all-around awesome dude Fenriz from Norwegian Black Metal Legends Darkthrone. Pull up a chair as Fenriz and I discuss everything from old school metal to Breaking Bad to Arrested Development to his killer Band of the Week project and beyond (including Captain Beyond). For more information on this podcast and other Dave-related topics, please visit www.davehillonline.com. Also, follow me on Twitter at @mrdavehill for important dispatches of note. Thanks. These are my demands.

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Dave Hill