MBMBaM: Face 2 Face 3: Live in Austin

12/11/2011 - 19:00 - 22:15
Austin, TX
Venue Name: 
Blue Theatre

Now that Top Chef Texas has gotten you all warmed up for us, comedy advice show My Brother, My Brother and Me is traveling to the the Lonestar State. You've listened to their beloved podcast on the internet, and now The Brothers McElroy are climbing out of your iPod and right onto your face (well, not literally, although that would be a pretty impressive show) with a live recording from the Blue Theatre.

Come and hear the brothers take questions from the audience about life, love and laughter or maybe extract a question from an internet weirdo about Alf fan fiction. There's just no telling. Also, because of their completely inability to censor themselves, you're almost certain to hear some advice that's far too offensive to include in any recording. See you there!

Our 9PM show is sold out, but tickets for our 7PM show are going on sale today, November 29, at 6PM ET. Grab them here!


Great show

Drunk Bill Cosby is the best! Thanks for the awesome show, brothers! Also, thanks for not leaving me hanging as you exited the show, Griffin :)

Can we get some visual action here?

Is it possible to get this on video for the folks who aren't fortunate enough to live in the great land of Texas?

Don't get me wrong, I love the audio that is always provided, but a legit video version would be wonderful too. Cause, you know, you're all just unbelievable beautiful. Model-status, really.

I'll try

I will be at the early show, and I'll try to video it. I only have my phone for video though, so it might be a little janky. Anyone else with a better set up want to volunteer?

Awesome, thanks!

Any chance this will be up on youtube soon?