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MK131: Hopalong Bingo & The Joyland Jazzers (Black Owned Amusement Parks, Gaslighting, Clergy, and Matrimony)

Minority Korner

We kick this week off, by discovering our dear lil James had grown up to be a Minister of Love!!! Yes yes, ya'll James got his licence and is ready to officiate your wedding- which he did this weekend! The twins get into it and all that went down in Central Park. Nnekay then takes us on a ride to Amusement Park Past! She talks about three major amusement parks that were owned and for black people and all the glamour that occurred at these amazing spots. Then James breaks down gaslighting- what is it, how can we protect ourselves- ESPECIALLY since our current administration are pros at it. So relax and come hopalong into this episode.









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Chuck Brown, Godfather of Go-Go Music: "The Song That Changed My Life" on The Sound of Young America

Chuck Brown

Known as The Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown created a new take on funk music in the 1970s with strong dance beats and an infectious spirit. His early hits as a guitarist and singer included "I Need Some Money" and "Bustin' Loose". He's a local legend in Washington, D.C., where go-go originated.

His new 3-disc CD/DVD set We Got This includes his first Grammy nominated song, "Love", recorded with Jill Scott and Marcus Miller.

He spoke to us about a song he considers very influential -- "Mister Magic" by the jazz-funk musician Grover Washington.

The Song That Changed My Life, by Chuck Brown

Grover Washington, "Mister Magic"

Wale f. UCB - Pretty Girls


This song is a serious jam. Seems a little old to be doing on TV, but maybe it's picking up some steam - I thought it was a hit when I first heard it, but it doesn't seem to have made too much noise.

Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, Minor Threat and The Evens: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Ian MacKaye

Ian MacKaye is a punk rock legend. His bands have included Minor Threat, Fugazi and most recently The Evens. He's also an icon in the straightedge movement and a scion of the world of DIY. His independent record label, Dischord, has run for more than 20 years without contracts. He joined us live on stage in Washington DC at the Bentzen Ball.

(photo by Jenny Lewis)

MaxFunsters March on Washington: 11/15


If you're a MaxFunster in the Washington, DC area, then join forum superstars ebeth, Craxworth and Carol for an evening of awesome fun on November 15th. Ebeth and Carol will be visiting from points north, and everybody's headed to the Arlington Drafthouse to see the great Mr. Paul F. Tompkins. More info about the meetup here, and tickets for PFT here. I've met both ebeth and Carol, and nicer meetup hosts/guests you couldn't find. Will they meet R&B superstar Keith Sweat? There's no way to predict it... but last time, THEY DID!


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The man Wale isn't quite as impressive to me as he is to some, but he does have skills, and that D.A.N.C.E. song is bananas, so the combination is great. A little rapping is great for cutting the general... uhm... Frenchness of the original. Nice to hear someone repping the District, too. Besides these MaxFunsters who are planning a meetup around the Paul F. Tompkins show, of course.

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