Baseball Card Movie


No sooner do I post about the Internets Celebrities than Cas, their director, posts this great short documentary he made about sports card collectors.

When I was a kid, I was a huge baseball card nut. My favorite player was Mark Grace, and somewhere in my mom's basement is my collection of Mark Grace cards -- I think I got to three hundred before the number of sets each year really exploded in the mid 90s.

I'm still fixated on stuff -- I love thrift stores and garage sales and estate sales and ebay -- but I'm not a collector anymore. Being a collector has a special satisfaction, but it also never ends. I'm glad to have let it go.

Free Darko's Bethlehem Shoals, Big Baby Belafonte and Silverbird 5000: Interview on The Sound of Young America


Bethlehem Shoals, Silverbird 5000 and Big Baby Belafonte are three of the authors of the baskeball blog Free Darko. Their distinctive perspective on the game is reflected not just on the blog, but also in their first book, "The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac." They claim in our interview, among other things, that they started watching basketball because it went so well with their interest in Ornette Colemen records. It's certainly the only basketball guide that features an elaborate visual metaphor based on the Aztec calendar.

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Rickey Henderson & Jim Rice on Letterman

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Congratulations to Rickey Henderson, one of the greatest baseball players of all time. And to Jim Rice, because if Jim Rice is in the Hall of Fame, Kevin Mitchell can't be far behind. Also: Willie McGee. And finally, Ken Oberkfell.

"Mayne Street"


Here's an episode of our pal Kenny Mayne's new web series Mayne Street, recommended by our other pal Brian Stack in the comedy video links post on the forum. Besides Mayne, it features Stack's hilarious wife Miriam Tolan, Jon Glaser and Jordan Carlos, among others. I've watched several episodes of the series and enjoyed them all.

Speaking of sports humor... I've been hesitant to embed any episodes of the Sklar brothers' very funny series Back On Topps because it has a lot of product placement and brand integration, and as you may know, I hate that shit. Besides the (hilarious as always) Sklars, that show features our pal Janet Varney and Brian Huskey from The Naked Babies, who are hilarious as well. Also: sports stars. Anyway, if you don't mind characters occaisionally waxing rhapsodic about their phone service for five or ten seconds (oh, and a premise driven by a brand), you can find that show here. It's also really funny.

Podcast: ESPN Anchor and Author Kenny Mayne


Kenny Mayne has been a fixture on ESPN for fifteen years. He's best known for his exceedingly dry wit, which he displayed as an anchor on SportsCenter in the 1990s, and in semi-fictional field pieces for ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown. He recently published his first book, a combination humor book and memoir called "An Incomplete and Innacurate History of Sport."

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Maximum Fun Fantasy Baseball


Season Two of the Maximum Fun Fantasy Baseball League is getting ready to kick off. Our commissioner this year is Paul Reiser (not that Paul Reiser). I remain Superfluous Figurehead Commissioner for Life.

If you're interested in participating, you have to get an invite from Paul, so post in the forum thread here. The league is open to all MFers in good standing (that means you).

While you're thinking about the Best Sport in America, why not listen to our baseball episode, featuring "Spaceman" Bill Lee and a special baseball quiz from Tim & Eric?

(Photo: Don "Caveman" Robinson, baseball legend)

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