So... You're Canadian with Dave Hill Episode 7: Maica Armata

Maica Armata

Strap on the ice skates and get ready for another exciting episode of So... You're Canadian with Dave Hill! This week, Dave chats with comedian, musician and seriously Canadian person Maica Armata, a native Montrealan who is studying speech and pathology, and trains Dave on the correct pronunciation of "poutine" and also gives him the low-down on the Quebec Independence Referendum that was all the rage in the nineties. It's nuts. Dave's new book Parking the Moose is out TODAY! Buy it here or wherever incredible books are sold.
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Switchblade Sisters Episode 40: 'The Innkeepers' with 'Summer of 84' Co-Director Anouk Whissell

April Wolfe
Anouk Whissell

The Innkeepers

This week we've got one of the director's of the new film Summer of 84, Anouk Whissell. Anouk is a member of the Montreal film collective known as RKSS, along with François Simard and Yoann Whissell. You may know them best for their previous effort, 2015's uber-violent Turbo Kid. Anouk is on the program to discuss Ti West's The Innkeepers. April and her praise the beauty of the "slow horror" genre and how it puts the audience ill at ease. Anouk describes her love for practical effects and the realness of the image on screen. She details the breakdown of directing duties between her and her RKSS fellows. And she goes through the freedom and challenges of making an independent horror film. Plus, she elaborates on her love for American horror and how that has influenced all of her work.

You can see Summer of 84 in theaters now.

And if you haven't seen it yet, go watch The Innkeepers on Amazon.

With April Wolfe and Anouk Whissell.

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 160: The French Correction

Jonathan Goldstein

Two Quebecers quarrel: should they speak English or French when they're out and about in their hometown of Montreal?

We're joined this week by expert witness Jonathan Goldstein, host of CBC's WireTap and author of I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow (along with several other excellent books).

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Now I'm just duplicating posts.


State of the Industry Address 2007

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Our pal Todd at Dead-Frog scooped me on this one, but check out the clips (above) from Andy Kindler's annual State of the Industry speach at Montreal's Just for Laughs comedy festival. Every year, Andy takes on all the shitty things in the comedy industry, from Delta Farce to Robin Williams to the bachelorette party. And usually Jay Leno.

Andy was a guest on The Sound a couple of years ago, and he talked a bit about why he speaks publically about things that are shitty. Here's an MP3 of the show. Andy's a great comic and he has a heart of gold.

And speaking of Montreal, both Dead-Frog and The Hater have been there offering recaps... both are worth reading.

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