Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 317: Human Onion with Justin McElroy

Justin McElroy

Podcaster Justin McElroy joins Jordan and Jesse in a MaxFun podcast mashup for a discussion of remote recording, Miami sightseeing, and the amazing power of onions. Plus, it's the pledge drive! Go to to get involved!

Action Item:

• What should Jordan do in Miami?

Episode 68: Tom Papa

Tom Papa

Episode 68 of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident is rocking you like a goddamn hurricane or something as I sit down with comedian, actor, writer, radio host, and much more Tom Papa (The Marriage Ref, Come to Papa on Sirius XM, The Tonight Show, Conan, Letterman, and more). Cancel all other plans as you listen to me and Tom talk about stuff like his new comedy special on Epix TV and Netflix, the importance of dressing well whenever possible, scotch, working with Rob Zombie, how great it is not having a goddamn regular job where you gotta show up somewhere everyday, the new Liberace moving that he is totally in, the professionalism of Michael Douglas, standup comedy, and about 500 other things that most people can't even handle. I also beg/remind you to support this podcast by donating to MaxFunDrive (Go to now!) so I can get new microphones/my tits done, check in with my secretary Shaina Feinberg, answer important listener questions, and hand the baton to Ian Ball so he can once again deliver the Hot Jamz from London. In short, this one pretty much has everything. Thank you for being a part of it. You think I don't notice but I do, I do.

Still street,
Dave Hill

Tweet about MaxFunDrive to Win a Wand Essentials Massager from Extreme Restraints! PLUG IT IN!!


***The above video is NSFW!***

Dear MaxFun members and supporters: maybe you already have a personal massager that you enjoy - but does it have a TURBO drive?

If not, LISTEN UP!!

Our good pals at Extreme Restraints [link is NSFW! ;-)] have made an amazing donation to us in support of the ongoing MaxFunDrive. They have given us 24 brand new 8-speed turbo pearl wand massagers (once again, link NSFW) to give away to our members for FREE!

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We will give out the last ten wands during the show - based on random criteria to be determined by our hosts at that time.

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MaxFunDrive Update - 701!


You, dear donors, have been officially judged as "AWESOME"!

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What Is Commercial Media Costing You? What's MaxFun Media Worth?


Opportunity cost is a core principle of economics. It essentially means the money you lose by doing one thing instead of another. If you get paid $20 an hour to sort mail, and take an hour off to file your nails, you lost $20. So filing your nails cost you $20. That’s opportunity cost, very broadly.

Like Mad Men, produces a bunch of weekly shows, mostly an hour or so in length. (Ours are on average a little longer, actually, but we’ll let that lie.) When you watch ad-supported media, there’s opportunity cost - the time you spend with the commercials is time you could have been making money. Or doing something else that you value as much as making money - say playing ball with your kid.

What if you donated to MaxFun an amount that matched what you “spend,” in opportunity cost, on the commercials in Mad Men?

Every episode of Mad Men features about 15 minutes of commercials. There are 4 1/3 weeks in a month, on average. So a little math shows us that you “spend,” in opportunity cost, your hourly salary * 1.08 every month watching Mad Men commercials.

Make ten bucks an hour? That’s $10.83 every month.
Make twenty? That’s $21.65.
Make fifty bucks an hour? $54.13.

And if you’re salaried, work 9-6 and get two weeks off a year…

$30,000 a year, and you’re “spending” $16.91.
$50,000 a year, and you’re spending $28.19.
$80,000 a year and you’re spending $45.13.

That’s EVERY MONTH on ONE SHOW. And don’t forget - you pay for cable so you can have the privilege of watching their ads. (And there’s ads built into the show! Conrad Hilton! That whole storyline! Bought and paid for! Seriously!)

So what if you gave that to support our shows every month? Or even half? If you did, it would go straight to the people whose work you love. Not execs or ad guys or shareholders or whatever.

Why don’t you? It’s easy. In fact, click here, and do it now.

I don’t think you shouldn’t watch Mad Men. I love Mad Men. I just think this is a great chance to think about how you’re paying for your entertainment. I think it’s worth valuing your time and attention, and valuing the content you care about.

(And yes, pedants, we sometimes have a couple brief ads in our show. Why don’t we call that and the advertisement-storylines a wash :)?

MaxFunDrive Update - 404!


Here on the lovely fourth day of the MaxFunDrive, we have another big update: we've gained 404 new members!

Also: the weather in LA is still beautiful and puppies are still very cute. Your donations make all these wonderful things possible.

Seriously, it is going well - but we still need your help to keep our programs running. Please donate today.

Progress: 404/1000 new donors - 40% of the way!

MaxFunDrive Update - 307!


So here we are - blasting off the third happy day of the MaxFunDrive! It's a beautiful day here in downtown Los Angeles . . .

Why? Well, for one, it's delightfully sunny and warm. But also: we have 307 new friends / members! Yay!

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Stop Podcasting Yourself 211 - Charlie Demers

Charlie Demers

Comedian and writer Charlie Demers returns to talk about book clubs, Adele, moving, and Bob Balaban.

Download episode 211 here. (right-click)

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Stop Podcasting Yourself 210 - Alicia Tobin

Alicia Tobin

Comedian Alicia Tobin returns to talk about sexy music, neighbourhood drunks, and eating with strangers.

Download episode 210 here. (right-click)
And don't forget to donate to the MaxFunDrive.

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