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Here are some of the most interesting conversations currently going on in our forums. The ones that make us do the pygmy goat happy dance:

Thoughts on where to find great music by female rappers (with input from our resident expert, Jesse);

Discussion of the the funniest non-comedy podcasts (led by Podthoughts author Colin Marshall);

Lively ongoing exchange about the show Community; and

Folks are still sharing their favorite moments from the recent JJGo! episode "Cool Papa Bell with Rob Huebel". Including lots of great suggestions for the official MaxFun hand signal.

March (of Time) Madness BEGINS!


Don't look now, but on the Showdown Forum, March (of Time) Madness has begun!

We're determining the greatest historical era of all recorded history, and over the next few weeks, the entire first and second rounds of the battle will unfold. Forum moderator King Greebo has helpfully included links to Wikipedia and elsewhere if you aren't knowledgable about the Vedic Period, say. But who can resist battles like Old West v. Civil War?!

So get your butt into the forum and start voting! Only one era can be the best!

Fantasy Baseball League?


Word has started to leak out that I am a baseball nerd. I'm comfortable with the fact that I've read several hundred books on the subject, have in the past belonged to a special nerd club and attended it's conventions, and ran a rotisserie baseball league from ages 11-16.

Well, some intrepid Young Americans have suggested a fantasy baseball league, and I am an active supporter of the idea. Interested in participating? Get in on the discussion here.

And even if you don't want to participate in this league, you can still listen to our baseball show, featuring Tim & Eric, Will Carroll of The Baseball Prospectus, and Bill "Spaceman" Lee, the former Red Sox and Expos lefty who once wrote a letter to commissioner Bowie Kuhn stating that he (Lee) did not smoke marijuana (though he did eat it on his pancakes every morning).

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