Canadian Kindness + Renee Colvert Love Fest w/ Amanda Brooke Perrin!

Amanda Brooke Perrin

Excited to share this super fun episode with you! Was lucky enough to sit down with the hilarious and oh so kind Canadian, Amanda Brooke Perrin. We discuss DOOMSDAY MAGAZINE, how everyone needs a Renee Colvert in their APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL TRIBE and I break it to Amanda that her kindess has lead her to be douped by a shady oven-salesman. Stories from the time I slept on the couch of drug dealers and worked as a tour guide. We go off the rails then back on again! Climb onboard this weird ride! Easily one of my favorite episodes. Enjoy! Write to us at find us on Facebook. Please rate and subscribe! It makes a huge difference. Thanks! -Andie