Maximum Fun is hiring a producer for FANTI and other projects

UPDATE: We are currently reviewing candidates for this position. At this time, we’re no longer accepting new applications.

Background & what we’re looking for

Maximum Fun, the home of Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, The Adventure Zone, Heat Rocks, and Judge John Hodgman is looking for an LA-based producer to work on FANTI and other projects. 

FANTI, hosted by Tre’vell Anderson and Jarrett Hill, is a weekly show about the things that we love in culture that sometimes don’t love us back. Named one of the Best Podcasts of 2020 by Apple Podcasts, the show is an engaging, thought-provoking, funny exploration of the grey areas in our lives.

The ideal candidate for this role will, of course, be organized, professional, and know their way around a DAW. In addition, they will be up-to-date on current events, and have a strong, considered point-of-view on a wide range of topics, from the White House to the Real House(wives). Their work on FANTI will benefit from an understanding of issues of representation and equity, and an appreciation for the genius of Beyoncé, Oprah, Iyanla and Fantasia (note: we’re not talking about the movie).

Most importantly, the producer will take ownership and pride over the shows they work on, from soup to nuts. They’re a champion for their show both in meetings and on social media. A MaxFun producer listens with a careful ear, writes with a clear sense of purpose, and always keeps an open mind. 


  • Collaborate with hosts and senior staff on show topics, direction, and tone
  • Assist in booking guests for the show, and booking the hosts on others, when needed
  • Schedule, arrange, and engineer recordings (mostly remote, for now)
  • Efficiently edit conversations and assemble episodes, keeping to a weekly schedule
  • Write and post episode notes to the blog, and promote new episodes on social media
  • Work with video producer to identify episode highlights for weekly promotional videos
  • Work independently and in collaboration with the rest of our team to help your show find and grow its audience


  • 2-4 years experience in audio production
  • Demonstrable experience editing audio in a DAW (we use Hindenburg, mainly)
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • The ability to write clear, concise copy for audio and print
  • A passion for independent, audience-supported content
  • A proactive, accountable and creative attitude
  • Respect, empathy and kindness
  • A bad food take (or two)

While we are currently working remotely, the producer should be based in Los Angeles or able to relocate to the area.

Maximum Fun is an equal opportunity employer, and actively seeks applicants from a broad variety of backgrounds. Diversity of experience and perspective is essential to our business. We want interesting and distinctive candidates, not cultural homogeneity.

Compensation and Benefits

The rate of pay for this role will be between $24.75 and $27.50 an hour, generally working 35 hours per week but sometimes up to 40. Hours over 40 per week will be paid as OT (infrequent but it happens). The position includes paid holidays and a benefits package that includes fully-covered health insurance and dental for the employee, a 401(k) plan with employer matching, sick time, personal time, YMCA membership, and more.

How to Apply

We’re currently reviewing candidates for this position. At this time, we’re no longer accepting new applications.

About Maximum Fun

Maximum Fun is a pioneer in the world of podcasting, and remains a vital home for artist-owned, audience-supported podcasts. Founded by Jesse Thorn in 2008, the network has grown to roughly forty shows, with recent additions including FANTI, Depresh Mode with John Moe (recently named one of the Best New Podcasts of 2021 by Mashable), and Tiny Victories with Laura House and Annabelle Gurwitch.

MaxFun’s many podcasts are united by a common purpose, backed up by a unique business model. Our goal is to make shows that have a positive impact in people’s lives, and that matter to their audience. We rely primarily on audience support to make this happen. We are independent, kind, and try to be thoughtful about the value of our work and its impact on the world.