Jesse Dissects "Watch the Throne"

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Jensen Karp of The Hype Men was kind enough to invite me on his new Kevin Smith-affiliated podcast Get Up On This to talk about Jay-Z and Kanye West's new album Watch the Throne. It's a solid ninety minutes of rap nerdery, and features not just Jensen and me, but also 88 Keys (who produced a track on the record) and hip-hop legend slash past TSOYA guest Bun B of UGK. I had a lot of fun getting in deep on a very interesting record, and I hope you'll give the show a listen.


Dude, Made in America is a

Dude, Made in America is a great track.

I really don't think they are comparing themselves to Jesus or civil rights leaders, but rather thanking them. Why you think they have to explicitly say "thank you" is bizarre.

I see nothing weird about listing Malcolm X and MLK in the same breath as the baby Jesus. Both Malcolm X and MLK were men of God. Both were revolutionary figure who were killed for their beliefs. Remind you of anyone?

Also, the phrase "sweet baby Jesus" is probably a nod to Will Ferrell's Talladega Nights. The extensive sample of Blades of Glory earlier in the album is evidence of an ongoing Will Ferrell influence.

Neither Kanye's or Jay-z's origin story in particularly new, but seeing them compared side by side is what is interesting.