TS144: Wheel of Fortune, The Pope, Sen. Mike Lee, The Atlantic, Guest Sharon Van Etten

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What are you doing this summer? Well, if you’re like Bryan, you’re totally ignoring Erin’s suggestion of going to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor aka the world’s most exciting cesspool. Also, the Pope says dumb stuff about women in the church. And Pat Sajak meets a gay person for the first time on Wheel of Fortune. Plus, the amaaaaaazing singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten sits down with us to talk harmonies, Working Girl and the toddler from The Passion of the Christ.

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Wheel of Fortune

There have been other Fabulous Americans on WOF before. During the Bonus Round the contestant introduces a family member in the audience. I remember more than once a man saying "That is my partner..." guy name. I watched a talk show once (Jenny Jones, I think) about a hooker that wrote a book. She said at Playboy mansion she had sex with Vanna White. It was called "You'll Never Make Love in this Town, Again." (Yes, I knew this stuff off the top on my head.)