Ross and Carrie and Travis Make Running Harder: Elevation Training Mask Edition


Ross and Carrie invite their friend Travis McElroy over for a classic friendship activity: running through Carrie's neighborhood with a mask that makes you look like you're about to rob a bank. But not just any old, scary mask. This one restricts your oxygen intake, making breathing difficult, and causing rubber to stick to your sweaty face. Don't worry, it's good for you! (Apparently.)

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Adam Ruins Everything: Episode 8 Hydration and Hyponatremia with Tamara Hew-Butler

Adam & Prof. Hew-Butler
Adam Conover
Tamara Hew-Butler

You've heard the phrase plenty of times in your life: "Drink more water!" But our guest on this week's podcast dispels that myth.

Professor Tamara Hew-Butler, who appears on the Adam Ruins Football episode of the TV show, studies how too much water while exercising can actually be dangerous. Her research at Oakland University specifically focuses on excess water and hyponatremia, a potentially fatal condition when your body holds too much water.

Adam and Tamara discuss the myth of drinking eight glasses of water a day, Adam's lessons from his very long, first marathon, and Tamara's hilariously unorthodox lab experiments.

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