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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Best Comedy of 2014 Special


Today we're spotlighting what we think is the greatest comedy of the year. The Bullseye staff has poured over plenty of records, including industry veterans, newcomers and lesser known talents. Now we're ready to showcase what we think is the best stand up comedy of 2014.

You can find all of these albums available for purchase, except for the set from the Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival.

Patton Oswalt - Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time

Cristela Alonzo - Some Of The Hits

Cameron Esposito - Same Sex Symbol

Jasper Redd - Jazz Talk

Jim Gaffigan - Obsessed

Hannibal Buress - Live From Chicago

Tommy Johnagin - Stand-Up Comedy 3

Nadia Kamil at the the Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival

Chris Gethard - My Comedy Album

Andrés du Bouchet - 20-Sided Guy

Bob Odenkirk - Amateur Hour

Jackie Kashian - This Will Make an Excellent Horcrux

Sarah Silverman - We Are Miracles

Hari Kondabolu - Waiting for 2042

Did we miss your favorite stand up special this year? Add your recommendation to the list! You can discuss this episode on our forum. You can also talk about it at Maximum Fun's sub Reddit, or join our lively discussions in the Maximum Fun Facebook group. Or you can just Tweet us -- @Bullseye.

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International Waters: Episode 33 Edición Español

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Danielle, Nadia, Dave, Brent and Shawn
Brent Forrester
Danielle Ward
Nadia Kamil
Shawn Pearlman

American Office and Simpsons writing legend Brent Forrester and Shawn Pearlman take on Brits Danielle Ward and Nadia Kamil for pop-culture quizzing and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes with Dave Holmes.

Everyone’s together in the MaxFun LA studio again and we sample seasonal coffee, learn about buttsteaks and test our teams’ TV detective knowledge.

Written by Sarah Morgan and Asterios Kokkinos.

Other useful links this week:

Shawn Pearlman’s going to be at the New York Comedy Festival with and runs The Comedy Palace, every Thursday at the Palace restaurant in LA.

Brent Forrester thinks you should check out comedian, Paul Rust.

Danielle Ward has two of the musicals she took to the Edinburgh Fringe up on Soundcloud and recommends fellow British comedians Bridget Christie and Sara Pascoe.

Nadia Kamil will be touring the North Eastern United States in October as part of the International Grown-Up Lady Tour, and is currently enjoying the books of Margaret Attwood.

And finally, The Friday Forty at LA’s Meltdown Theatre on September 12th and recommends
Whit Stillman’s new show on Netflix.

Let us know what you think or suggest guests on the forum or Facebook page and please follow us on Twitter, ya goof!

A podcast.

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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 305: Mama Egg Nog with Nadia Kamil

Nadia Kamil

Comedian Nadia Kamil joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of holiday drinks, Catherine Zeta Jones' piano, and Wales.

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International Waters Episode 8: Crocodile Dun-don't

F. Tompkins, Esposito, Thorn
Andy Zaltzman
Cameron Esposito
Craig Brown
Nadia Kamil
Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Zaltzman, Cameron Esposito and Nadia Kamil join host Jesse Thorn and special guest Craig Brown for the pop-culture quiz show where land laws do not apply.

There’s a lot of harking back to the Olympics, talk of various celeb's "outside the beltway" credentials and do you know which film features "Dennis Quaid as Steve Martin as Bill Clinton"?

Plus British Satirist Craig Brown calls in to talk about his new book which is either called One on One if you’re British or Hello Goodbye Hello: A Circle of 101 Remarkable Meetings if you’re American.

Our theme music is USA Vs. White Noise by Ladytron and we’ve used

"Haul on the Bowline" (dead parrot) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

under Creative Commons license. Thanks to both for letting us use their work.

For extra photos and occasional outtakes please sign-up to our Facebook page.

Engineered by Nick White, Lindsay Pavlas and Chris Morris, guests booked by Julia Smith, development by Theresa Thorn. Written by Sarah Morgan and Jordan Morris, produced by Colin Anderson. Special thanks to Rosanna Arbon for helping to mix this episode.

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