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Iron Comic in LA Friday, Kasper Hauser in SF Tonight!


"Iron Comic," a show in which comedians are must deliver material only on a specific subject (a "secret ingredient"), has been burning up San Francisco for quite some time. Word filtered to me that it was coming to LA (and bringing Brent Weinbach and Maria Bamford with it), and I hopped on board. The Sound of Young America is proud to be a sponsor of the show, which is Friday night (3/9) at the M Bar in LA.

The show was so hot in San Francisco, it merited a profile in the Chronicle. Anything that gets Brent Weinbach holding a meat tenderizer into the MSM is something I support enthusiastically.

And hey -- don't forget San Franciscans... Kasper Hauser are reading at Modern Times on Valencia Street tonight at 7PM. Go, buy a Skymaul, and hear from SkyMaul CEO Jerry Pondo.

Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO! Episode 14: The Race for the White House


In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!, we get exceptionally serious.

Jesse and Jordan visit a bar in Iceland. Also: a discussion of nintendo and class tension.

The Presidency Pt. 1

We speak with Brian Feldman, presidential candidate and Hollywood legend.

Person Questions
We talk about gay uncles and hairplugs.

The Presidency Pt. 2

We return to matters presidential, and speak with presidential candidate (and regular Cheers guest star) Harry Anderson.


Our High Five Contest continues with some awesome entries. Blah blah blah.

* Enter the HIGH FIVE CONTEST on FLICKR: special prize will be a copy of Project Gotham Racing for the person with the most people in a single five, or for the most X-box-related five.
* Got questions for the candidates? Call the hotline and spill the beans!


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Our theme music: "Love You" by The Free Design, courtesy of The Free Design and Light in the Attic Records

Special thanks this week to Neil Campbell and Paul Rust.

The Sound of Young America and Jordan Jesse GO! are supported in part by Project Breakout!

Podcast: The College Years: Dustin Diamond Day

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The College Years is a look deep into the vaults of The Sound of Young America. Take a journey with us every week as we post a new program or two from our salad days.

This week, an interview with one of America's favorite icons, Dustin Diamond. Jesse, Gene and Jordan talk with Screech about how he chooses work, his band and the Milwaukee Metal Fest as Gene tries to derail "Choo Choo!".

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Brule's Rules


I think I am in love with Dr. Steve Brule, and with Tim & Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job!

What would Newt Gingrich do?


I don't have all that much good to say about Newt Gingrich, but I do enthusiastically support his apparent hobby: reviewing books on


New York, New York!


I have to admit I listened to myself on the radio today. Well... the internet radio.

The Sound of Young America's debut on WNYC is a very proud moment for me and for the show. My girlfriend's best pals called from Jersey City to put their phone up to the radio. It was really great.

If you live in New York, please listen, and please let WNYC what you think of the show. If you have any money, make a donation to them. I did... and not just out of self-promotional interest. I look forward to listening to "On the Media" and "Studio 360" every week. It's a great station, and I think that taking a chance on TSOYA is indicative of a larger vision to be awesome. So support that.

"Let me tell you something, New York City is dope. Please make a f**kin’ note of that one."
- Billy Danze of M.O.P.

The History of Total Annihilation


As some of you know, my younger brother Brendan, best known as Eddy Demon, is a rock star. This is the story of his band, Total Annihilation. They are a punk rock band, Brendan (11) is the lead singer and guitarist. Pete plays drums (he's 14), and Damon and Comte play bass and guitar respectively. Those two are in their mid-30s.

My name is Brendan thorn or Eddy Demon and I am eleven years old. When I was five I used to entertain my mother and father. I would stand at the end of the bed make skits. I demanded attention, with a big orange bat.

When I was one I'd struggle to get out of the car seat and only listening to muddy waters on the car tape player would tame me. At age eight I'd fantasize of having a rock band, at age nine I looked for a worthy stooge, and dorkmisterhormonyact or Damon squire was worthy of such title.

Damon squire is 35, plays the bass, and knows how to… What's the word ah yes ANNIHILATE. I gave dorkmister all the CD's I made, and that's how stooge number 1# fell in to place.

I searched the long dirty road for a drummer, not a lot out there that wants to take the job. I walked far (a block) I didn't know my shoes could take the beating; I heard a familiar sound, a sound I learned to love, the sound of a drum. I hurried to the door of the house of music, I knocked three times, a woman answered the door, and she took one long look at me, and said "take off your shoes." I did what she asked, ran down stairs, and looked at the unused power of ROCK, Pietro D'amato. Pete D'amato is fourteen and knows how to ANNIHILATE. I told the magical boy of my journey, and asked "if you and I could ANNIHILATE together?" He accepted with out another word, I slipped on my shoes and went home.

To rock in a basement, is hard work. You see we like to jump around, and with hardly any space, it was not probable. Denied space, yet denied rocking never. A year passed and the neighbors complained so we moved to a Lennon's studio, a month went with continuing ANNIHILATION but the prophesy was not for filled for internal rocking and finally the last stooge fell into place Camo Spice or James Comte.

He plays guitar like me, he's 35 and he knows how to ANNIHILATE thus ending are lovely experience of TOTAL ANNIHILATION.

You can hear Total Annihilation on MySpace at, where you can message them to buy their debut EP.

You can catch the band live March 17th at The Lab in San Francisco. They'll also be playing the Maker's Faire in San Mateo May 19th. If you'd like to book them, especially in the Bay Area, email me and I'll send it along to them.

Kasper Hauser: Free in SF Tuesday!


The world-famous comedians of the Kasper Hauser Comedy Group will be presenting their book, "SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From a Plane" Tuesday at Modern Times Books in San Francisco. This is a really great bookstore down the street from where I grew up that I can't recomend highly enough.

The event is 100% free, and things kick of at 7PM.

"The group will talk about sketch comedy and parody writing, and their attempt to break the Guinness Book world record for throwing a checker the length of the Queen Mary. "

Even if you're not in San Francisco, you should tell your friends who are. And even if you don't know anyone there, you should buy this book, which is one of the funniest I have ever read.



KRS-One, Rakim, Nas and Kanye on a DJ Premier beat? Classic.

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