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The Great Straight Men of Comedy


Bob Newhart... Dick Smothers... Zeppo Marx... Lionel Richie?

The State on iTunes September 26th


From their mailing list:
"After ten years of popular demand, The State is available again! The first season of the critically acclaimed 1993-95 MTV Series will be released on iTunes Music Store, starting Tuesday, September 26th. Depending on how many people download, MTV will release subsequent seasons, and then eventually, hopefully, a DVD.

The first season includes introductions of favorite State characters Doug, Louie, Barry & Levon. From the minds that brought you RENO 911!, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, and STELLA: Kevin Allison, Michael Ian Black, Ben Garant, Todd Holoubek, Michael Patrick Jann, Kerri Kenney, Thomas Lennon, Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino, Michael Showalter and David Wain."


Weird Al - White & Nerdy


When it gets down to brass tacks, you have to admit that this man is the world's greatest entertainer (of 12-year-old boys). God bless him.

Podcast: Sticking it to the Man with Maz Jobrani and Bitch Magazine


This week on The Sound of Young America, three folks who are sticking it to the man.

Maz Jobrani is a standup comic and actor. His film credits include The Interpreter and Friday After Next. On television, he's been seen on Curb Your Enthusiasm and 24. He's currently on tour with the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour, and is one of the co-stars of the upcoming ABC sitcom The Knights of Prosperity. We talk with Maz about what it's like to be Iranian-American in both the worlds of comedy and acting. Check out the bonus tape of Maz discussing why he's glad he grew up in lily-white Marin County, California.

Lisa Jervis and Andi Zeisler are the founding editors of Bitch Magazine, which they bill as "A Feminist Response to Pop Culture." The magazine combines high-minded criticism with pop culture subjects and frequently biting wit. They founded the magazine when they were just 22, and it just celebrated its 10th anniversary. To honor the occaision, they've released "Bitchfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of Bitch Magazine." Also: bonus audio below of Lisa and Andi on what's better and what's worse in pop culture, 10 years after they started the magazine.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Maz Jobrani

Bitch Magazine

Incidental Music by DJW

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TSOYA: Home of Certified Geniuses


Congratulations to past Sound of Young America guest and all-around awesome guy George Saunders, who won a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship (aka The Genius Grant) . He'll get a hundred thousand dollars a year for the next five years, which he can use to (and I'm quoting directly from the grant language here) "do whatever the fuck he wants."

They probably heard about him on The Sound of Young America.

(thanks, Emily)

Podcast: The College Years: The D


It's pledge drive time on the show, so we desperately whore ourselves in the name of public radio. Will someone really make a $50 pledge to go on a date with us? Also: a visit from Petey the Penguin (candidate for president)'s running mate, A Dinosaur. Additionally: Dating for Dullards.

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First Look: Christopher Guest's "For Your Consideration"


(thanks to the great Brian M Palmer for the heads-up on this one)

Anyone watch "Talk Show?"


Fox is entering the Late-Night Wars (as I like to call them, since I have no sense of perspective) with a new show called "Talk Show with Spike Feresten." They've been working on it for quite some time, and just premiered it this past week. Anyone watch? Thoughts?

Merrill Markoe, Lifestyle Reporter

| 1 comment

When Merrill Markoe left New York for LA in the 80s, she became a lifestyle reporter for a local TV station. Here is one of her pieces.

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