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The Dana Carvey Show - Technofuture


A classic from the Dana Carvey Show. Our friend Ian Brill has posted a potpourri of such clips over at The Brill Building, thus breaking my stranglehold on the "posting Dana Carvey Show clips" market, not to mention the "remembering the Dana Carvey Show at all" market.

(thanks Matt)

You should almost certainly buy this car.


Our friend Mike from Hard N Phirm is selling his 93 Honda Accord.

Turns out it's not only a car... it's a megastar.


Charles & Ray Eames' "Powers of Ten"


Way better than their dumb old chairs.

A truly remarkable film -- awesome in the literal, traditional sense. If you never saw it in science class, find 9 minutes to watch it now.

This film was one of the primary inspirations for SimCity creator Will Wright's new game, "Spore." Here's a great profile of Wright from this week's New Yorker.

Since Bill Hader's on this week's show...


...and he talks about his Al Pacino impression, let's all get together and laff it up at this.

Tim & Eric: Awesome Show, Good Job


Some news we had to sit on for a while, but are proud to now announce... Tim & Eric are taking a break from Tom Goes to the Mayor to produce a new program, called "Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" It premiers February February 11th on Adult Swim. Expect less animation, more insanity, not unlike their podcast.

The First Six Minutes of The Pick of Destiny


Featuring Meatloaf, Ronnie James Dio and of course... Tenacious D. What a cream dream.

Thanks Darryl!

Will Franken's "Things We Did Before Reality" Podcast


Our friend Will Franken has been plugging away at the podcast mills, and the result is the wonderful "Things We Did Before Reality" podcast. Will's a standup comic whose style is best described as "one man sketch comedy." He passes in and out of voices and characters with astonishing fluidity, creating a bizarre and compelling comic pastiche.

His podcast is similar -- strange characters weave in and out of bizarre situations to hilarious effect. Highly reccomended, particularly for counter-culture enthusiasts and Python fans.

Here's an MP3 of his most recent episode, "Whose Dick Do I Gotta Suck to get a Blowjob Around Here?" In it, a rose-tinted version of 1950s Brooklyn is recast with Islamic terrorists, among other hilarious scenarios.

Previously on TSOYA:
Will Franken performs on our "Goofaround Gang" episode

Elsewhere on the interweb:
Will Franken interviewed by SF Standup

In real life:
Will's coming to LA on the 13th and 14th to perform in Garage Comedy and Comedy Death Ray (plus See You Next Tuesday!). He's also performing a solo show at the UCBT on the 29th.

David Letterman, dressed in a suit of chips, is lowered into a vat of dip.


I think he should be the president, or if not, king.

Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast: Hitler Turning Into Werewolf Nightlight


As part of The Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast, I'm posting weekly pages from their upcoming book (now in stores!) "SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From a Plane." If you subscribe to the podcast, you'll get them automatically, but you can also see them here at

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