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Tights and Fights Ep 31: She kept the receipts

Hal, Danielle and Mike
Hal Lublin
Danielle Radford
Mike Eagle

This week Smackdown and RAW both took turns on the road to Wrestlemania… And the Nation of Conversation was not in favor of all of them.

The team explains their frustrations with Seth Rollins and Randy Orton and how they're divided on how much they’re looking forward to John Cena & Nikki Bella versus The Miz and Maryse.

Plus, a celebration Ring of Honor's 15th anniversary and a look at what the latest departures from Impact Wrestling could mean for the show as it continues to fight for an identity.

Ring Tones

To kick off our brand new segment, we're doing a deep dive into the music of none other than The Rock. We go into his time from Rocky Maiavia to the Nation of Domination to Hollywood Rock to today.

The Three Count:

Danielle put over Paul Heyman’s feud with CW Anderson.

Mike put over Bruce Prichard’s explanation of how Vince McMahon helped him at the Houston wrestling territory.

Hal put over Dean Ambrose’s promo on Smackdown.

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Hosted by Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford and Mike Eagle

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

TS276: Oscars, Dr. Daniel Dopps, LGBT Hollywood

Throwing Shade

This week Bryan shares his latest Postmates trauma, while Erin shares her DVR mishap from the Oscars. Also, Dr. Daniel Dopps a Chiropractor in Kansas created a new vagina “lipstick” to help stop menstrual leakage and rid the embarrassment of menstruation! Plus, out actors and actresses in Hollywood are consistently overlooked for awards while straight actors and actresses are often awarded for playing LGBT characters.

March 8th is National Day Without A Women!

Sawbones: The Purification Rundown


Last week, we took you through detox. This week, we're going WAY deeper with a single treatment: The Purification Rundown. Strap in, folks, this one GOES PLACES.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

Pop Rocket Episode 112: Facebook Grab Bag with Chris Schleicher

Pop Rocket
Guy Branum
Margaret Wappler
Karen Tongson
Chris Schleicher

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. After the craziness of the Oscars on Sunday, we needed to calm down and talk about our favorite Facebook discussions from the official Pop Rocket Facebook group! Guy, Karen, Margaret, and special guest Chris Schleicher are here to talk about traumatizing movie scenes, TV shows that make them cry, and films that are better than the books they're based on. Plus, perhaps the best Jams so far in the history of Pop Rocket (imho)!

By the way, if you want to hear the panel's thoughts on the 2017 Oscars ceremony, check out our Bonus episode released earlier this week!

With Guy Branum, Chris Schleicher, Karen Tongson and Margaret Wappler.

That’s My Jam:

Margaret Wappler - Intro - Mica Levi (from "Jackie")
Karen Tongson - Hello Stranger - Barbara Lewis
Chris Schleicher - Ne Me Quitte Pas - Michel Legrand (from "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg")
Guy Branum - Someone in the Crowd - Justin Hurwitz (from "La La Land")

Each week we’ll add everyone’s jams to this handy Spotify playlist.

You can let us know what you think of Pop Rocket and suggest topics in our Facebook group or via @PopRocket on Twitter.

Produced by Christian Dueñas and Kara Hartfor

Adam Ruins Everything Episode 21: Jan MacKell Collins On How Prostitution Built The Wild West

Jan MacKell Collins

So much of what we've seen on TV and film about the Wild West depicts the rugged cowboy who is always ready for a showdown. But the Wild West was much more nuanced than that. In fact, many of the towns in the Wild West thrived because of the women who ran the towns - specifically women in the prostitution industry. While prostitution was at times extremely dangerous, it also gave women economic agency which was rare for the period. It allowed them to build brothels, schools, and stores and even yield political influence in the region.
Jan MacKell Collins, who appeared on Adam Ruins The Wild Westjoins us on this week's episode to unpack this 'not so polite' (although just as crucial) section of our history books. Jan is the author of six books and is the contributor to Backwoodsman Magazine, Colorado Central Magazine, Frontier Gazette and True West Magazine.
Adam is on Twitter @AdamConover and you can find past episodes and bonus content from the TruTV show at Produced by Shara Morris for

Judge John Hodgman Episode 302: Live From Philadelphia, PA 2016

Robert Hicks
Cynthia Hopkins

"Un Chien En Deluge" and Swift Justice taped in front of a live audience at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, PA on September 20, 2016 during the Tour of Live Justice! Plus, Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn catch up with Robert Hicks of the Mütter Museum and Nick and Sara from Episode 94: Bleached and Mounted Bones of Contention. And songs from Cynthia Hopkins!

For Cynthia's music and podcast Moving to Philadelphia, visit! If you're in NYC, she'll be performing her new show Articles of Faith from June 15 through the 17 at The Kitchen.

Here is the Dogville short the Judge had Bailiff Jesse watch during the show:

Listener Melissa wrote in about this week's episode. She is the training director New England Dog Training Club and had some thoughts about dog footwear. She wrote (emphasis ours):

Salt on sidewalks in cities, specifically, can literally burn the pads of the feet. That funny dance the dog does when it is in contact with salt is a dog trying desperately to stop the burning on their delicate paws. Secondly, sidewalks are not insulated so my veterinarian friends see several cases every year of frostbite on the paws, burns on the paws from sidewalk chemicals, and slices on the inside of the dog paws from ice that gets into the paws -- injury that only gets worse when salt literally gets in those wounds.

In the summer, again, sidewalks aren't insulated and were designed for we people to walk on said sidewalks with shoes. These sidewalks can literally burn the pads of dogs' feet (I've had students walk dogs in the summer and end up with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on their dogs feet). If you can't hold the back of your hand on the sidewalk for a count of 10, it's too hot or cold for the dog to take a walk without appropriate barrier protection - boots.

I grew up in a dogsledding family in rural Maine, so when Jesse said "Who here has run the Iditarod," I laughed because I sort of did! I was only shoved in a locker once as a result of that nerd-badge :) We used boots on our dogs to protect against ice, sticks, and rocks slicing open their feet. But the chemical burns were not a concern. Running through puffy snow wasn't as much of a concern (snow is insulating), but packed snow tends to have ruffage, sticks, nature poking through - this stuff can really slice open those feet.

So yes on sweaters on those that need it. Yes on booties for all dogs in the city during the winter at least.

Thanks Melissa for this important information!

Thank you to Nick Marritz for suggesting this week's title! To suggest a title for a future episode, like Judge John Hodgman on Facebook. We regularly put a call for submissions.



Weddings: Receptions (pt 2)


Hello Internet! As promised, here's PART 2 of our WEDDING RECEPTION episode! If you haven't, be sure to check out PART ONE! Enjoy our answers to your questions! And special guest appearance by a VERY chatty Bebe Lee!

Lady to Lady EP. 215 "March 1" ft. Bethy Squires

Lady to Lady
Bethy Squires

Bethy Squires (@BethyBSQU) joins the ladies to discuss stretching, science and fucking, popping zits, pot dreams, Obamas, beer pong, tarot cards, slutting it up and more! Produced by David Janove, booker Marie Colette, theme song Zach Ames.

Email us your Lady Problem at
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Ep 115: Didn’t Even Consider the Bangers (S5E16)


Worf’s run of bad back luck continues, and this time it’s a prognosis worse than death for the carpet-clad warrior. Now Dr. Crusher is desperate to stop another space Mengele from using Worf as a loafy Guinea pig, and Riker is disgusted with the Klingon’s fatalistic belief system. Is the ‘bay the only thing Worf hates more than doors? Are all spinal surgeons this Sajaky? Why are all of Picard’s opinions so chill? It’s the episode with the Ron Canada drinking game.

#105 - Pirates or Vikings with Carlos Alazraqui LIVE at Pensacon

Carlos Alazraqui

Hagar or Blackbeard? Erik the Red or Captain Jack Sparrow? Vikings and Pirates are two historical groups that have huge fan bases in pop culture. But which group will reign supreme? Mark and Hal are joined by their friend Carlos Alazraqui to help them choose. Recorded live at Pensacon 2017!

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