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David Crabb
Tara Clancy
Danny Hatch
Rachel Rosenthal

David Crabb, Tara Clancy, Danny Hatch, and Rachel Rosenthal share stories about dicks, dongs, and dildos.

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MaxFunWeek Day 5: MaxFun Meet Up Day


Make a MaxFun friend or several! We want to see MaxFun meet-ups popping up all over the world at 7 PM local time on this day. You can find a current list of planned meet-ups here!

If you want to know what other MaxFunWeek challenges we have in store for you, you can find them all here! Start figuring out your favorite episode to share with the world tomorrow!

Today's Reddit Ask Me Anythings

We'll be updating this page with links to the AMAs once they're up. A full list of the week's planned AMAs can be found here.

Sunday, October 19th
Dave Shumka and Graham Clark (Stop Podcasting Yourself) - 1:00-2:00 PM PDT
Dan McCoy and Stuart Wellington (The Flop House) - 3:30-4:30 PM PDT

MaxFunWeek Day 4: Draw the Adventure Zone Adventurers


Who can forget the legendary exploits of Taako, Merle, and Magnus? If you missed it, the McElroy brothers played Dungeons & Dragons with their dad, and it was great. We challenge you to draw/paint/sculpt/or otherwise visually represent those brave adventurers. The winning artist gets a D&D Player's Handbook (5th Edition), signed by the McElroys. Tweet your work to @MaxFunHQ, or email it to for consideration!

If you want to know what other MaxFunWeek challenges we have in store for you, you can find them all here! MaxFun Meet Up Day is tomorrow -- do you know where your closest meet up is? You can find a full list here, and there's almost certainly one within driving distance!

Today's Reddit Ask Me Anythings

We'll be updating this page with links to the AMAs once they're up. A full list of the week's planned AMAs can be found here.

Saturday, October 18th
Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson (Throwing Shade) - 1:00-2:00 PM PDT

The Flop House: Episode #163 - Dracula 3D

The Flop House

Shocktober continues/ends with Dario Argento totally forgetting everything he knew about filmmaking (and we don’t even like him that much) with Dracula 3D. Meanwhile, Dan reveals the alternate, director’s cut ending to Escape (The Pina Colada Song), Elliott out-pervs the pervazoid with his demands for more nudity, and Stuart once again astounds with his facility for accents.

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Wham Bam Pow Ep. 72 - Killing Them Softly

Wham Bam Pow
Marcella Arguello
Sarah Morisano
Dan McCoy

Happy MaxFunWeek! Ricky is joined by two hilarious guest panelists, Marcella Arguello and Sarah Morisano to review the 2012, Brad Pitt-packed crime film, Killing Them Softly. Plus, in honor of MaxFunWeek, we are joined by Dan McCoy! Dan is a writer for The Daily Show and co-host of our sister podcast, The Flop House, and he shares a seasonally appropriate movie that made him.

Follow our guests on Twitter! Sarah is @thesarahbellum, Marcella is @marcellacomedy, and Dan is @dancmccoy. You can find The Flop House on Maximum Fun or wherever you get your podcasts.

Cameron's album is available RIGHT NOW on iTunes -- be sure to pick it up!

Next week, we will be watching Galaxy Quest, which is currently available on Netflix Watch Instant.

Follow us on Twitter! Cameron is @cameronesposito, Rhea is @rheabutcher and Ricky is @rickycarmona. Discuss the show using the hashtag #WhamBamPow!

Don't forget about our Facebook and Tumblr pages. You can also email us at

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MaxFunWeek Day 3: For Immediate Summary Judgement Day


This one is for pop culture experts and Judge John Hodgman superfans. We'll post an audio clip of one of the Judge's signature interpretations of a culture artifact on Twitter, and it's up to you to guess the reference. The first correct answer gets entered in a drawing for a prize. What's the prize? Your pick of any poster or t-shirt from the newly restocked MaxFunStore over at Topatoco! We'll be posting them at the top of every hour, so make sure you're following @MaxFunHQ.

If you want to know what other MaxFunWeek challenges we have in store for you, you can find them all here! Do you know where your local meetup is on Sunday? You can find a full list here. And don't forget! We're giving away a signed 5th edition D&D Player's Handbook to the best artistic interpretation of the Adventure Zone adventurers, so break out those colored pencils/paints/marble slabs.

Today's Reddit Ask Me Anythings

We'll be updating this page with links to the AMAs once they're up. A full list of the week's planned AMAs can be found here.

Friday, October 17th
Justin and Travis McElroy (MBMBaM) - 12:00-1:00 PM PDT
Barbara Gray, Tess Barker, and Brandie Posey (Lady to Lady) - 2:00-3:00 PM PDT

One Bad Mother Episode 77: Forgiving Ourselves, plus guests Dave and Abby Shumka

One Bad Mother
Dave and Abby Shumka

On a Very Special MaxFunWeek episode of One Bad Mother, Biz and Theresa seek forgiveness. Why is it so easy to forgive the people we love, but not ourselves? Plus, Katy Belle is in love, Theresa is not a monster, and best of all we talk with Dave Shumka of Stop Podcasting Yourself and his wonderful wife, Abby, who is her own person, about life with their brand new baby.

Stop Podcasting Yourself, from!
Check out the Everybody Loves Grampa tumblr
Follow Dave Shumka on twitter
Follow Abby Shumka on twitter

Upcoming listener meet-ups!

AUSTIN: Potluck on Saturday, October 18 at 11 am @ Little Stacy Park. The meet-up organizer will have a star-shaped balloon so people can spot the group.

LA / SoCAL: Playground hang with Biz and Theresa on Saturday, October 18 at 11am @ Brookside Park (aka The Pirate Park) right behind the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center in Pasadena.

NYC: Hecksher Playground (bottom of Central Park, near Columbus Circle) on Sunday, October 26 at noon. Look for the OBM tee!

Interested in having a OBM meet-up in your area? Email theresa at maximum fun dot org.

Let the world know YOU are ONE BAD MOTHER! Get a OBM tee from the MaxFunStore!

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Stop Podcasting Yourself LIVE with Jon Dore from the Northwest Podcast Fest

| 1 comment
Jon Dore

Jon Dore joins us for an episode recorded live at Vancouver's Biltmore Cabaret as a part of the Northwest Podcast Fest.

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TS155:Heat Wave,Vibrators,Nicholas Sparks & Alabama Abortions

Throwing Shade

The last moment of the heat wave exposed Erin to a man with a masturbating tattoo and Bryan to a move in situation with his boyfriend. In importanter news, Nicholas Sparks, soft focus romance purveyor, opened a school only for white straight Christians in linen and Erin reads Alabama to filth for going too far in the pro-life battle. 



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RISK! Live in Seattle

12/12/2014 - 19:30 - 21:00
Seattle, WA
Venue Name: 
The Vera Project ; 305 Harrison St

RISK! Live is going to be in Seattle with The Vera Project. Our theme is "Fucked Up." Featuring Kevin Allison and more!


Buy Tickets

RISK! is a live show and podcast “where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public” hosted by Kevin Allison, of the legendary TV sketch comedy troupe The State. The award-winning live show happens monthly in New York and Los Angeles. It’s featured people like Janeane Garofalo, Lisa Lampanelli, Kevin Nealon, Margaret Cho, Marc Maron, Sarah Silverman, Lili Taylor, Rachel Dratch, Andy Borowitz and more, dropping the act and showing a side of themselves we’ve never seen before. Rolling Stone Magazine featured it on their list of "25 Best Comedy Podcasts In The Country" and called it “jaw-dropping, hysterically funny, and just plain touching.”

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