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Stop Podcasting Yourself 424 - Lori Gibbs

Lori Gibbs

Comedian Lori Gibbs returns to talk crafting, Paul McCartney, and Crocs.

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MBMBaM 301: The Pirate King


Here it is, our first episode of MBMBaM Vol. 2. What's different in this bold new chapter of our podcast? Viiirrtuuaallllyyyyy noooothiiiiiing.

Suggested talking points: Twitter Defense Force, Frutopia Curse, Dunk Etiquette, Dog Park Visitor, Buried Treasures, Yahoo Apologies

Shadi Petosky / Paul Danke

Baby Geniuses
Shadi Petosky
Paul Danke

Hello babies! Guess what? We saw some movies with anthropomorphic animals! Beyoncé is working on a few projects, and none of which are a multicam sitcom. Have you ever drawn on your bellies in suds while showering? Send us pics of your masterpiece! In Chunch Chat, we discuss a listener proposed Ben Chunch origin story. We’re joined by Shadi Petosky (Danger & Eggs) to talk about some really spooky twins. Ooh I just got chills! Boat Naming expert Dennis Camp sails into the studio to save us from clichés and to tell us who his dad is.

Emily Heller
Lisa Hanawalt
Shadi Petosky
Paul Danke

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 426: Masked Musk with Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness from Funny or Die's Gay of Thrones and the MaxFun podcast Getting Curious joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of MTV in the 1990s, Jordan's experience ripping his pants, and Jonathan's hypothetical thruple for Jordan.

Sawbones: Goofy Medical Questions Vol. 2


We're back with answers to more of the medical questions so goofy you're afraid to ask your doctor.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

Gambling: Casinos


Step up to the table and lay down your bet! You can't win if you don't play! This week we're talking gambling, specifically casinos! Learn a little history of Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Atlantic City! Learn about casino loyalty programs! You also will learn how to play BlackJack! You'll learn how to play Baccarat! You'll learn how to play Craps! By the time this episode ends, you'll be an honorary member of the Rat Pack! So load up the episode and let 'er ride! Enjoy and tell a friend!

Sponsored Bonus Episode: Livin' That CALI415 Life

Rhea Butcher

BONUS: Judge John Hodgman, Bailiff Jesse Thorn and Expert Witness and Automotive Enthusiast Rhea Butcher clear an all-automobile-related docket in a sponsored bonus episode of Judge John Hodgman. They'll weigh in on whether you can avoid being a jerk with a vanity plate, how to decide whose car to drive to the malt shop, new-car advice, and more!

Rhea Butcher's upcoming show Take My Wife will be available on Seeso.

Here's an amazing extended list of best practices from listener and car expert Nick:

* Warming up your car in the winter. In the vast majority of instances, this is unnecessary. This is something that people typically do for their own comfort. They claim that the warm-up is good for the car, but they tell themselves that to assuage their guilt about wasting fuel, polluting unnecessarily, and perhaps doing more harm than good to their car. The crux, for most of these people, is dishonesty and laziness. The car is designed to be warmed up by driving gently until normal operating temperature is reached.

Exceptions include: older carbureted vehicles, sub-zero temperatures, some turbocharged vehicles

* Proper air conditioning use. The proper way to cool a car’s interior quickly after it’s been baking in the sun is to turn the A/C to the coldest setting, set the blower motor to high, be sure the intake is in the fresh air position (not recirculate), and roll all the windows down. This is the fastest way to get the car comfortably cool. I have a friend who refuses to believe this, claiming that the best practice is to keep the windows up. He is wrong and will stay wrong.

Exceptions include: rain, insect swarm, otherwise foul circumstances

A note on fresh air vs. recirculate: the best strategy is to keep the setting on fresh air, using the recirculate setting sparingly as conditions dictate. Keeping the selector set to recirculate all the time can lead to the car smelling stale, making the car’s owner “that guy” with the gross car. The smell comes on slowly enough that “that guy” is the last one to know how gross he is.

* Fast lane etiquette. The primary purpose of the far left lane is passing. Cruising in the left lane is not only rude and entitled, it often leads to clusters of traffic and encourages frustrated drivers to attempt to make up for lost time by speeding. Furthermore, the fast lane is no place to prove a point to the car behind you. The proper thing to do is make way for faster cars should they approach from behind, helping to prevent traffic clusters. The faster car, after remaining behind the slower car for a sensible amount of time, is permitted a quick flash of the headlights to signal the driver in front. That driver’s responsibility is to make way without taking offense.

Exceptions include: HOV lanes, heavy traffic, surface roads

* Clearing snow and ice before driving. All piled snow should be removed from the vehicle in a way which doesn’t cause damage to the paint. In most cases, a brush will suffice. Once bulk of the snow has been removed, every window and mirror on the car should be cleared entirely, along with every exterior light (brake lights, headlights, turn signals, etc.).

No exceptions.

Thanks, Nick!

One Bad Mother Episode 152: Sand. That's Also A Thing. Plus guest Ben Hatke

One Bad Mother
Ben Hatke

SAND! Biz and Theresa dig deep to talk about how sand is everywhere and probably full of cat pee but we're going to keep going back for more regardless. Plus you're going to hear Biz roar, Theresa is a brand new person, and we talk with artist, writer, comics creator and father of five, Ben Hatke.

Zita and more on Ben Hatke's Amazon page
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The Galaxy of Super Adventure Podcast

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Lemonade, Anti Military Girl, Politics Round Up, Justin Trudeau


Hello there Cool Kid and welcome to our brand new bacon podcast! Might we interest you in Lemonade? No, not the drink! We're talking about Beyonce's new enigmatic album/short film! A young woman's anti-military rant went viral this week and we have some thoughts. In this week's Politics Round Up: primary results, Cruz and Kasich team up, Cruz announces a running mate, and Trump makes a bold claim about Clinton. Speaking of politics, let's have an in-depth discussion about Justin Trudeau, Canada's new and trend-worthy Prime Minister! All that, plus a Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

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