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Overheard on MUNI


The head of the theater department at my high school, School of the Arts in San Francisco, asked me to come visit the department the afternoon of the live show we taped in San Francisco this week. Someone who was at the live show just emailed me this conversation she overheard on the bus the next week between two stoney-looking teenage boys.

Guy 1: Hey you remember that guy that came into our theater class last week? The one with the radio show?
Guy 2: Oh yeah...
[I pause ipod to hear better]
Guy 1: I went up to him afterwards and his eyes were hella bloodshot!
Gau 1: He must smoke so much and then just keep talking forever!
Guy 2: Dude, he interviewed Patton Oswalt.. that guy smokes a lot...

Nah, I was just tired. Live shows are hard.

Bill Hicks' Mother on Letterman

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Fifteen years ago, Bill Hicks performed a routine on Letterman that never aired. The content wasn't appropriate -- maybe he didn't do the material he said he was going to do -- maybe some censorial types objected. A few months later, Hicks passed away from pancreatic cancer -- a condition he'd hidden from all but his closest family members. Last night on Letterman, Dave apologized to Bill's mother and aired the never-aired segment.

The Dark-ish Teal Ribbon for Maximum Fun Awareness


Turn on the news, and you can hear the talk of the many problems facing our world. Childhood poverty, disease, economic depression. All of these weigh heavily on our conversations.

There is one problem we face, though, that to this point has been unspeakable. A problem so terrifying, we're afraid to bring it up in conversations, on our blogs, or otherwise in the public discourse.

Across the world today, literally billions of people don't know about

To raise awareness, and in so doing fight this international scourge, we introduce to you The Dark-ish Teal Ribbon for Maximum Fun Awareness.

The Dark-ish Teal Ribbon is a powerful symbol that you're unafraid to share the good word of Maximum Fun -- that you are uncowed the in the face of ignorance. Also, that like Dan Marino, you look great with tropical-colored accent pieces.

How you can use the Darkish Teal Ribbon

We here at World Headquarters want to encourage you to place the Darkish Teal Ribbon on your website, blog, forum signature, email signature, or anywhere you think you can help raise awareness of and our fine media properties.

Below you'll find graphics suitable for wiping clean the soil of Maximum Fun ignorance in our time. Place them on your website, link them to our first-time visitors page

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Best Friends


Did you know that Jordan Morris, "Boy Detective," is basically best friends with Don Draper and Ted "Theodore" Logan?


A beginner's guide to


Hi! Welcome to, new person! I'm Jesse. I make this website, which I realize looks like it was designed in 1999. That's because it was actually designed in 1999. We put a lot more effort into our content than we do into our design. At least there's no annoying flash music playing in the background, right? is all about stuff that's awesome. That means comedy, music, film, TV, books, theater, art, whatever. Our podcasts have been chosen as "best of iTunes" every year since iTunes starting picking best podcasts, we've been featured in Time, the Wall Street Journal,, and most presitigiously of all, Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine. In other words, we are legit and worth your time. There's a bunch you can do here.

I blog here, at I try to share awesome things I come across on the web and beyond. Videos, music, links, occasionally text interviews. Once a week, we run a podcast review, and we have new episodes of our podcasts, I post them here. If you use a feed reader, subscribe to the RSS feed.

Speaking of which, we've got a bunch of podcasts, too. I like to think of it as a family of podcasts, really. If you want to jump straight to iTunes, you can find them all on one page there, just follow this link.

The Sound of Young America is our flagship show. It's a public radio interview show, hosted by me, with guests who I think are awesome. Subscribe to the podcast, and once or twice a week, you get a new interview with someone from the worlds I listed above -- comedy, music, whatever... we even did a show about donuts once. You can use this link to get the show (free) in iTunes, or this one for the show's RSS feed.

Here are a few of our favorite recent TSOYAs to get you started:
Comedian Louis CK
Singer-Songwriter Nellie McKay
Writer Dan Kennedy
"This American Life" host Ira Glass

You can find all of our old episodes here, in our archive. If you want, there's a feed of older episodes of the show, to help you catch up, called The Sound of Young America Classics. The feed is here, and this is the iTunes link. If you feel like really going whole-hog, you can download whole years of TSOYA shows via bit torrent.

Jordan Jesse Go is our fun talk show. It's sort of like morning radio, if morning radio wasn't dumb. OK, maybe JJGo is a little bit dumb, but in a fun way, I promise. It features me and co-host Jordan Morris (who you may have seen on Fuel TV, especially if you are a 14-year-old boy who loves Xtreme Action Sports) talking about goofy stuff. We also feature guests from the world of alternative comedy joining in on the fun. It's an interactive show, too. Call in on one of our "action items" sometime -- the number's 206-984-4FUN. You can get the show via iTunes or RSS.

Here's a few favorite JJGos:
"Octopus Suprise" with special guests The Sklar Brothers, in which we eat bizarre Japanese snack sticks, discuss Paul Stanley's battle with the laser pointer, and do other cool stuff.
"Old-Tyme AIDS," which was recorded live before an audience of about 500 at UMass Amherst, in which we demonstrate our oldness by interviewing a teenager about what the kids are into.
"Hot Tubbin", the episode that cemented rapper Ashkon's role as a regular guest on the show. Featuring his earth-shattering performance of his hit song "Hot Tubbin," among other things.

If you enjoy JJGo, you might want to check out The College Years, our podcast of Sound of Young America episodes form our college days. Back then, TSOYA was a lot more like JJGo. Also, we were less competent. You can get that in iTunes or via RSS.

We also do comedy podcasts.

Kasper Hauser are the brilliant sketch comedy group behind SkyMaul and Wonderglen. Their podcast, The Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast, features audio, video and even PDF comedy in very bite-sized pieces. You can check it out via iTunes or RSS. Check out "Phone Call to the 14th Century," or one of the group's amazing This American Life parodies.

Coyle & Sharpe: The Impostors is our podcast of 1960s street put-ons conducted by Mal Sharpe and James P. Coyle. In the early 60s, these two guys walked around San Francisco with a microphone, roping people into some of the most bizarre, surreal and hilarious schemes and ideas you can imagine. Check out "Maniacs in a Living Hell," in which they convince a man to work in a pit of fire, pursued by maniacs and eating nothing but bats he must catch and roast himself. Again, you can check it out via RSS or iTunes.

Also: let's chat! The forums are a great place to talk about culture, the arts, and (of course) our shows and blog.

My email is, and I always appreciate hearing from you. Let me know what you think of the site. And finally: if you like what we do, donate to support it. That's how I eat.

The Thrills - "Santa Cruz You're Not That Far"


When I get nostalgic about Old Times, I think of this song, from the Thrills' excellent album So Much for the City, which is all about the California coast. Then I remember that when I first heard it, I thought it was called "Santa Cruz You're Not That Fun," which is even better.

Elephant Larry's Optical Illusion Date


A brand-new and delightful sketch from our pals at Elephant Larry. Jordan, Theresa and I saw them at Sketchfest on Saturday night, and they blew the crowd away, as always.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Brandon Bird


Our old pal Brandon Bird has posted some new Law & Order: SVU valentines on his website. If you're looking for a special way to say that you are defenseless against your partner's love prosecution, this is a great way to do it. Check them out in sets or alone here.

Meshell Ndegeocello: Revolutionary Soul Singer; interview on The Sound of Young America


Meshell Ndegeocello is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her work in the early to mid 1990s presaged "neo-soul," and she continues to push boundaries today, recording everything from rock to jazz. We talk with Meshell about coming up in DC's GoGo scene, imagining the sound of the bass, and much more. Ndegeocello's most recent release is "The World Has Made Me the Man of My Dreams."

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Monsters of Podcasting


Monsters of Podcasting
Originally uploaded by Nicole Lee

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show last night. And thanks to the great Dennis Richmond for providing moral and visual support for the Jordan, Jesse Go! portion of the program.

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