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Paul Rudd's Computer, from Tim & Eric

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Jaheim - Fabulous

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Jaheim has a new video, and it's cool and everything, but it just made we want to listen to this song.

I have plan.


The only problem with my plan to marry Sade is that I am already happily married.

Peter Sagal on Craig Ferguson

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Good to see our pal and long-time Sound of Young America booster Peter Sagal on the Late Late Show. It's too bad most of public radio is too insular to participate in the larger media world.

Wisenheimer Author Mark Oppenheimer: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Mark Oppenheimer

Mark Oppenheimer is the author of Wisenheimer, a memoir about growing up verbally precocious and finding himself in organized debate. He's also religion columnist for the New York Times and professor of English and Political Science at Yale.

Stop Podcasting Yourself 112 - Bita Joudaki

Bita Joudaki

Comedian Bita Joudaki returns to talk pop starlets, Freddy Krueger, and beer with ice.

Download episode 112 here.

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Van Morrison - Domino (Live in 1977)


I have in the past mentioned that I am no great fan of the music of the whites. My people have made great contributions to musical culture, certainly, but mostly it's not for me. A little country music, Randy Newman, not much else. Van Morrison, though? Yeah.

My stepmother is from Belfast, and I think Van Morrison and Sinead O'Connor are pretty much the only two musicians I've ever heard her say an admiring word about. You know why? Because they kick ass.

I'm not really that into the folky hippy-dippy Van Morrison that a lot of other people seem to love, but this right here is some serious, kick-ass soul music. You could put on this or TB Sheets and just listen over and over.

Future Tense Launches

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Our pal John Moe has done a lot to bring good humor and curiosity to public radio, most recently as the host of the now-canceled Weekend America. He's been secretly developing a new project over at American Public Media every since that show got canceled, and now it's launched. It's a technology show called "Future Tense."

When you think cutting-edge, you probably think "public radio," so it'll be interesting to see how this goes. You can listen to the first episode at or with the handy player below. John's a funny guy, too - you can follow him on twitter @JohnMoe.

Everything by Everyone

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Last summer, Nathan Kuruna interviewed me for his documentary Everything By Everyone. It's about internet media, and particularly Newgrounds, a website which hosts independent flash games. As you might guess, he didn't ask me about flash games - he asked me about the future of media, and particularly independent media. It was a pleasure and an honor to be included in the project... and now he's got a trailer! Note the appearance by internet luminary Kevin "Sprinkles" Pereira.

Conan O'Brien on 60 Minutes


Sweet beard and all.

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