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A final pledge drive thanks.


Wow, this pledge drive really exceeded my expectations, and I thank you so much for your support.

Here are some more folks that gave:
Carol M, Jacoy Y, Matthew H, Ellen S, Patrick M, Aniruddah C, Matthew F, Ian M, Jeff, Emily T, Tim H, Marcia L, Eric F, Patricia R, Andrea K, Michelle B, Michael M, Steven C, Kon S, Roy B, Brian D, Guy W, Andrew K, ACCPicks, Anders O, Kyle B, Steven I, Chris W, Ben E, Michelle K, The Burnside Review, John R, Nate H, Kathi G, Matt B, Amy R, Rick P, John P, Bryan E, Scott M, Bryce B, Margaret C, Adam B, LW, Mark I, Ron D, Megan B, Adam S, Harold C, Jeffrey T, Fred C, Matt B, Jason S, Josh A, Jeffrey G, David B, Katie W, Ted H, Paras M, Brian G, Simon F, Paul L, Jude L, Matt M, Brian D, Patrick K, Lance G, Gary B, Brenton F, John Day, Ian B, Jeremy Q, Andy Harwood, Emily H, Adam H, Jason H, Elisabeth R, M Jeffrey B, James O, Brian G, and Ann B.

I tried really hard not to miss anybody, but I was doing this by hand, so if I messed up and left you out -- thanks to you, too.

And of course, thanks to the folks who've been giving for months before this. All of you, your support has been really essential, and I thank you.

So Three Disparate Musicians Walk Into An Exclusive Upper West Side Condo...


So Bono, Billy ("The Stroke") Squier and Mitch (Sing Along With Mitch) Miller all live in the same building in New York. And they're all upset about smoke. This really is the best of all possible worlds.

Shrek 3 is coming!


Have you heard about this great family film? If it weren't for Tim & Eric, I might have missed Shrek 3!

Further viewing:
Eric's Testimonial
Tim's Testimonial
Puppeteer David Lieve Hart's Testimonial

Flight of the Conchords Contest


I know, I know, I'm not supposed to be blogging. But it's a cool contest!

We're giving away two of the ever-popular "prize packs" including a DVD, poster, t-shirt and postcard, PLUS A ROBOT STRESS RELIEVER.

If you have one of these relievers and Old Glory Insurance, there's really no reason for Robot Stress.


Upload a picture of you rocking out to our Flickr group, and tag it maxfunflight. I will pick my two favorites next week when I return from the Yay Area!

Below: from the Conchords' HBO special, "Issues (Think About It)"

Classic television: Oprah on Letterman


Nick Adams here.

Every now and then, television transcends basic entertainment and becomes an event. Jon Stewart’s famous bitch slapping of Carlson and Begala on CNN’s Crossfire immediately comes to mind. As does this other gem from the recent past.

After sixteen years of a supposed feud, Oprah Winfrey finally made her way back to The Late Show with David Letterman back in December of 2005. Witness two television legends at the top of their game.


*The legendarily acerbic Letterman talking about reading Runaway Bunny to his son.

*Oprah’s present to Dave, which I won’t spoil for you.

*Oprah’s shock at Dave’s desire to talk about her efforts to build the much-discussed Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls.

But the big finale takes the cake. In an incredible bit of showbiz collusion and producorial foresight, Dave literally escorts Oprah outside, down the sidewalk, down the red carpet and right to the Broadway premiere of The Color Purple. It’s not very often that I find myself using the word classy without a hint of sarcasm. Enjoy.

Right under the wire.


MaxFun Drive, our little pledge drive, ends at midnight tonight. Thanks to the many folks who've committed to supporting the show so far -- I feel like this has been an unqualified success.

If you haven't yet pulled the trigger, there's no time like the present. We're of course giving away lots of cool prizes, but I know that there's an even better reason to support maxfun: you care about the shows, you care about this blog, you care about this site, you care about independent media.

There are support levels large and small. It's the last day of me begging (thank goodness), so please donate now.

SCTV/SNL Actor Jailed


It's a pretty sad story.
(thanks to Don Smith for the tip)

Check check


Hello! Joe Garden here. Despite the fact that I have let my own blog lay fallow for a month, I agreed to do this as soon as asked. Such is the depth of my respect for Jesse and my desperation for attention. To get to know me, start here. The main changes since then are that
1) I have moved.
2) I still don't have a Wii.
3) The stray kitten in my backyard (seen here) is now a full grown cat in my house.
4) My car appears in the credits for Kurt and Kristen's SuperDeluxe show Penelope, Princess of Pets driven by Mister Reggie Watts (whom I have never met in person, but he didn't leave any garbage in my car, so he's definitely all right in my book). Take a look!

So drop in, say hi, and if you have a suggestion, feel free to share. I may need the help.

Swamp Dogg Totally Destroys Your Mind: Live


I was talking to Swamp Dogg on the phone today... seeing if he might be able to perform at a certain event that may be in the works (no comment). Looks like details may preclude a liver performance, but he mentioned to me in passing that he had a full live show on the internet. Not only is that true, but it is GREAT!

Here it is -- Swamp Dogg live in Europe.

You're not up on the Dogg, you say? Well, here's a post on him from a year ago. That one's got some great downloads from Swamp's first couple records. You can also check out our interview with Swamp Dogg -- which was now (I can hardly believe it) five years ago.

Welcome Your Guest Bloggers


I'm headed out of town on Wednesday, so I certainly won't be doing any blogging from Wednesday through Sunday, and will be working my butt off and unlikely to blog today and tommorow.

Luckily for you, you won't have to forgo your regular awesomeness installments, because we have two awesome GUEST BLOGGERS to tide you over: Joe Garden and Nick Adams.

Joe Garden is the features editor at The Onion. He's been on the show a couple of times, once talking about The Onion, and once talking about his campaign to replace Conan O'Brien in 2008.

Nick Adams has also been a guest on the show. He's a comedian and TV writer here in LA, and the author of the book "Making Friends with Black People."

So, please welcome Nick and Joe!

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