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Now this is insight.

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Merlin Mann ("hotdogsladies") wrote earlier today on twitter:

"NPR : Sports Coverage as Barney Fife : Law Enforcement"

That's called INSIGHT people!

Mitchell & Webb: Sir Digby Chicken Caesar


Since we're on the subject of Mitchell & Webb, here's a favorite from "The Mitchell & Webb Look." BBC America is holding a marathon of the show on Sunday, by the by.

Podcast: David Mitchell of Mitchell & Webb

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David Mitchell is half of the British comedy duo Mitchell & Webb, with partner Robert Webb. The pair star in the acclaimed UK TV series "Peep Show" and "That Mitchell & Webb Look," the latter of which is running Friday nights on BBC America.

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"Fire in the Hole" on WBAI


This is pretty far off the usual TSOYA fare, but since it's radio related, I thought I'd share it. My apologies if the political content differs from your own feelings and opinions.

My father is a Navy veteran and longtime veterans' activist. I'm very proud of the work he's done both to help vets and to help the cause of peace. He shared this request for help from some folks who are starting a vets' radio show on WBAI, the New York flagship of the Pacifica Radio network. Regardless of your politics, or how you feel about Pacifica, I think in time of war it's vitally important for those who are serving on our behalf to have a platform to be heard.

Here's what they're promising on the show:

On Fire in the Hole Iraq-era veterans and service members will speak out. Too often our voices are marginalized and even left out of conversations about the military. Fire in the Hole is OUR program; thru it we can intervene in American radio while service members see conflict overseas. Here we'll discuss questions of war and peace without placing race, class and gender on the sidelines. Above all our mission is to provide a platform for veterans and soldiers to express themselves. We want listeners to join our conversation here on WBAI 99.5, GI Resistance Radio!

I know from my email that there are service members and vets both at home and overseas listening to TSOYA, so perhaps you can share your feelings on the show:

We would like to include your voice and your sentiments in this first program as part of a collage of veterans recordings that will paint a picture of some of the issues veterans are facing at home and abroad. The phones are open until Thursday, April 10th at 12noon please call our voicemail at (212) 209-2948 and create short recording saying:

Hello, my name is _________ (optional), I'm an Iraq vet/ I'm a vet of Afghanistan/ I'm a service member/ I'm a former service member etc., and details of your service you would like to provide (dates, or where you're from) and I would like people to know__________________________________________.

Your answer can range from one sentence to 90 seconds (the voicemail will cut you off at two minutes) and can be personal, political, controversial, there's room to be creative here, but do try to be as concise as possible. We may not be able to use everyone's response at this time but will try to include your in this or future programs.

The pilot will air on WBAI this Saturday; keep your eyes on their program schedule for more information.

Now, back to Human Giant clips and whatnot.

Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO!: Ep. 57: Icelandic Candy

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Jesse, Jordan and guest Rachael Cantu enjoy some Icelandic candy, talk about Jordan in high school, and Cantu serenades us with a couple of songs. We also finally learn what Wii game Ira Glass bought.

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Genius and a Wizard
Make A Name For Me And You


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Elephant Larry - Your Mother


Great new stuff from Elephant Larry. As usual.

Jay-Z and MJB - Can't Knock the Hustle


Lovin this. Mary is even on pitch for much of the song. I would say they have the US Open - advantage Jigga.

One question, though: what's the story with the horn players pretending to play horns while the keyboards play the horn parts? Did they run out of microphones? Did they accidentally have a casting call for dancers when they meant to have one for saxaphonists? Oh well.

Slick like a gato, fuckin' Jay-Z.

Merlin Mann Goes Steampunk


Steampunk DIY from Merlin Mann on Vimeo.

Will someone please take away Merlin Mann's video camera?

Thank you.

PS: I love that guy.

Clooney on The Daily Show


It is alarming how charming and delightful Mr. George Clooney is. It's a good thing he made friends with Sodebergh and became a star just when it looked like he might go back to being a non-star all those years ago. Now he can make sweet-ass movies, of which I hope Leatherheads will be one.

Also: he had a pet pig for many, many years which slept with him in his bed.


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