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Jesse on the Metafilter Podcast


The Sound of Young America's gracious underwriter, Metafilter, has a podcast. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the show's host (and MetaFilter's owner), Matt Haughey about how I use MetaFilter on said podcast. I had a great time, and as I've mentioned before (I think), I was a MetaFilter member and fan before they started underwriting the show.

You can find the interview here.

Podthoughts by Ian Brill: "Poltical Lunch"


With the presidential primaries trudging along here in the United States I decided to see if there were any podcasts beyond the big media names covering this race. I found a video podcast, Political Lunch (iTunes link), hosted by Will and Rob. It’s an alternative to the big guys but not necessarily in what they cover. Rather, it’s how they cover it.

For those of us who have found the 24-hour news channels tiring, the way they fill up time by having talking heads go on and on about precipitations so wrong that you’re thankful they’re not in charge of telling you the weather, Political Lunch is a nice alternative. Each of the episodes, one each weekday, are roughly five minutes long. What’s amazing is how much information is provided in such a short amount of time. Will and Rob have a sense of timing you would think only belonged to veteran broadcasters. When they perform their “10 in 3” segment, ten news items in three minutes, it’s quite an amazing feat. Nothing sounds rushed. What we get is just no-frills precise news copy being spoken clearly and firmly. It’s nice to know that some journalists still care about trimming away the fat, rather than stretching for time and bombarding us with graphics.

While Political Lunch doesn’t go down the Fox News route it certainly isn’t a placid viewing experience. Graphics from websites scroll across as the pertaining stories are being discussed. Video clips are sometimes used, usually at the end of a show. Will and Rob themselves are interesting hosts. They are broadcasters not unlike Anderson Cooper or Keith Olbermann who can manage to sound both authoritative but still have the slightest sense of irony or suspicions when going over certain items. They realize they aren’t just competing with Brian Williams but also Jon Stewart.

Political Lunch’s truncated format means that it offers news for people who follow the election only for the dograce aspect. At that goal it’s very good. If you want to learn about the issues the candidates are either talking about or running away from you will have to look elsewhere. But if you’re interested in quickie lawsuits that will decide whether Dennis Kucinich will debate on NBC or not, and I must admit that I am, than Political Lunch is a great show to keep up with.

Hey, there’s a thread on the message board about Podthoughts suggestions. If you want me to review a show here head on over there and tell me something.

Podcast: Soul Music Legend Swamp Dogg


Jerry Williams recorded several hit records in the 1950s and 60s, before re-christening himself Swamp Dogg at the end of the latter decade. His albums, starting with 1969's "Total Destruction to Your Mind" merged social concerns, humor and the psychadelic spirit of the times into a beloved chapter in soul music history. When Swamp wasn't recording himself, he wrote hit records for artists like Betty Wright and even country star Johnny Paycheck. His new album, "Resurrection," has received rave reviews in The New Yorker and Rolling Stone.

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Podcast: TSOYA Classic: Hedberg, etc.


We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Sound of Young America Classics.

On this week's show, we talk with a couple of comedians, and discuss the life and career of Mitch Hedberg on the day of his passing. Also, listeners send in their tributes to the show.

Our Guests: Al Madrigal is an up-and-coming standup comic who toured with Mitch on his Comedy Central tour.

We also talk with Marc Maron, veteran standup comic and host of Air America Radio's "Morning Sedition". He shares his thoughts on drug-use in the profession and life as a morning radio host.

Please share your thoughts on the show in the comments section!

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You can use it to listen to podcasts. This is particularly useful for those of you who'd like to listen to podcasts on your stereo, which is in a different room from your computer.

Four hour standup sets


For the record, I am against them.

"I wanted to do something to explicate what America is."


Randy Newman performs "A Few Words in Defense of Our Country" for the benefit of the MacWorld keynote audience.

Yeah, I know. I posted this song before. I also made a whole post just for the lyrics. I just think Randy Newman is the greatest, OK? Sheesh. Don't like the Newm? Go listen to the new Cam'Ron song.

Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO!: Ep 49: Conventions

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This week on the show Jesse and Jordan are joined by Quannum Projects recording artist Pigeon John. There is discussion of a lot of different stuff, including Jordan's trip to the CES and the porn convention.


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