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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 123: Do I Sound Like A Musical Robot?

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Jim Real
Mariel Reyes

Jesse and Jordan discuss the Sundance Film Festival, play Would You Rather with Jim Real, "The Master of Would You Rather," and decide what can Hang It Up and what can Keep It Up with outgoing intern Mariel Reyes.

Huell Howser and the Avocado-eating Dog


Huell is an amazing man, and a Southern California treasure. He's every bit as nice in real life as he appears to be on TV. If you haven't subscribed to his video podcast, get on it.

Sade - Soldier of Love


Stone cold jam.

MaxFunCon Podcast Ep. 9: Andrew WK at WNYC


We guarantee the always epic Andrew WK will be ready to motivate and inspire you at this year's MaxFunCon. Need to get pumped up now? Head over to the MaxFunCon site to hear his live interview and performance on an episode of The Sound of Young America in NYC.

TSOYA Classics: Zines! (November 17, 2006)


This week's guests are two writers. First, we welcome V. Vale, legendary underground publisher behind Re/Search Publications, a series of zine-like books on the counter-culture, including ZINES! Volume One: Incendiary Interviews with Independent Publishers.

We also talk to acclaimed author Josh Karp, who wrote A Futile and Stupid Gesture, an exploration of the history of National Lampoon and how it changed America's comedy scene.

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Jeff Robinson from our Salt Lake City affiliate KCPW was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk to me while we were out there for Sundance. Sadly, the David Hyde Pierce interview I allude to was canceled at the last minute, but it may be rescheduled.

Sundance shows start February 9th!

MaxFunCon Podcast Ep. 8: Al Madrigal


Al Madrigal is a super guy. He's hilarious, for one: You've probably seen him on Conan or on Craig Ferguson, and he was the Jury Award winner for Best Stand-Up Comedian at the Aspen Comedy Arts Festival.

We've actually known Al since our college radio show days... and even then he was always helpful, friendly and all-around awesome. And that is the kind of folks we want to surround ourselves with at MaxFunCon. He was recently a guest on Jordan, Jesse Go! - head over to the MaxFunCon site for a sneak of his standup as "Smiling Al Madrigal" at MaxfunCon. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

TSOYA: The AV Club 2010 DVD Recommendations

Tasha Robinson
Nathan Rabin

Our pals from the AV Club: Nathan Rabin & Tasha Robinson join Jesse to recommend a few great films which are new to DVD.
Tasha's picks were the scifi tale Moon starring Sam Rockwell, and the drama/thriller Julia starring Tilda Swinton. Nathan's picks were the dark comedies: World's Greatest Dad Bobcat Goldthwait's newest film, and Extract which is Mike judge's newest film.



This is my first day back from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. It was our first time out - we set up camp a few miles east of town (thanks to a couple serious snowstorms, it was a nightmarish few miles), and put up a studio in a bedroom generously donated by Insignia Inc.. Nick White, our editor, flew in from Chicago, and Benjamin Harrison was kind enough to volunteer his time to shoot video. My wife came a long for the better part of the weekend as well, helping with setups, takedowns and logistics.

Scheduling was incredibly complicated. Publicists were often surprised that I wanted to see the films before we talked to the artists involved, and many films didn't open until several days into the festival. We did talk to some amazing people, though - Kevin Kline, Jeffrey Blitz, Taika Waititi and others.

Of course, it wouldn't be a roadtrip unless I got a million migraines - I ended up having three in five days. That's life, I guess.

Ben and Nick did amazing work, and we'll have all kinds of great stuff for you in the coming weeks. Our shows from Sundance start February 9th with our interview with Kevin Kline.

Salmon Grab


Our pal the great Andy Daly hams it up on Late Night.

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